Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn- State Secret

Effective Date: December 19th, 2016- January 8th 2017 (In Shadow til January 27th)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn– Here we go again. If 2016 didn’t suck enough, we have to end it on a retrograde, which means we enter 2017 stumbling and falling flat on our collective faces. Never let it be said that we don”t know how to make an entrance!

So we’re already starting with a deck massively stacked against us. How in the world do you rock this transit? Well, like with any Mercury retrograde, you need to be cautious and have as much in your favor before you act, if at all. Typically this would be a time to wait and plot, planning your moves and being ready for the next time the starting gun goes off, but this is anything but a typical retrograde- The future will not wait, and it is barrelling down on you HARD. You are going to need to suit up, and get your game face on.

During this transit, you are going to be assaulted with information on all sides. It will seem like it is tailored specifically to enrage you. You will feel as though nothing you were banking on is solid anymore. Once it pushes you past your breaking point, then the secret magic of this transit kicks in. Once you are broken, then you can move forward in true blessed savagery, moving past your emotional boundaries. This transit needs a cleanup crew, and so does your life. This transit demands a professional.

You are going to have to approach this like a hitman, coldly assassinating your challenges, choosing to cut them off before their mild inconvenience becomes a major stumbling block. It would be great if we could just stay back from a distance and snipe them out, but unfortunately the astro demands a more… engaged method. You will have to get up close and personal to each of them, and look them in the eye as you pull the trigger. To end these problems, you will need to control your emotional responses. Detachment and embracing the reality in front of you, without an emotional filter, is the only way to succeed. That does not say that it will be easy, not at all! In many ways this will be the hardest part of 2016 for you. Throughout this year we have been allowed to feel the full force of our emotions and let them run wild. Now we have to rein them in to clean up our mess.

Get to mopping.

 Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Cards-  King of Pentacles, King of Swords, The Chariot

Why do you continue punishing yourself, day by day, hour by hour, caged up in your high tower – separated, isolated from the rest of the world? Do you think someone is going to come galloping up in a white horse, ready to pull you down from the spiral of bricks you have built to protect yourself from something that will demolish you? Unfortunately, Heretics, the more you attempt to protect yourself from demolishment, the bigger your high tower gets, and when your tower gets so fucking high that it starts to sway, you have quite the monstrous fall. You will meet head on, times 10, the very pain that you tried to avoid in the beginning.

Re-visit, re-do, edit, throw away, re-gain. These are traditional Mercury Retrograde themes. Mercury is an ephemeral planet. Most of the time, his influence goes un-noticed because he is the very mind that permeates reality. It is often the hardest to see the thing that is most personal to us. Currently, Mercury is situated in Capricorn, the eternal skeptic of the Zodiac.

It’s is time to be critical. Mercury is also a planet of healing, so this unearthing that will happen is good for you in the end.  It’s time to assess what you have with brutal honesty. Do you have a project you have been meaning to start? Fuck, now is the perfect time to do it. We have the resources we need, we just haven’t started USING them. Capricorn’s motto is “I Use.” How can you learn to manipulate what you have into a solid plan? What do you need to cut away from your high tower in order to be grounded once again? This transit is urging us to move forward. It is super powered by conjunct contact with Pluto, meaning the projects we begin now will be critical to our self transformation. It also means that it is going to detonate your faulty plans.  Once you get rid of your self imposed obstacles, you can begin moving forward – full steam ahead.

There will be a massive unveiling going on at this time that will seem almost “cold” toward you. The conjunction with Pluto is surely going to bring out our shadows and vulnerabilities, so keep in mind that you may be “exposed” at this time. This also means that it is easier to see yourself, therefore easier to work on yourself. This is your chance to re-visit the underworld and make some adjustments – bring back parts of yourself you thought were lost or too damaged to patch up. And then when Mercury swings back into direct, you can meet the challenge of 2017 head on with far more solid foundations. This transit will teach us more about integrity because it will be incredibly hard to hide faults. It will also make synchronicities far more visible and lies far harder to commit to.

Picture this transit like C4 used to blow away chunks of earth so that tunnels may be constructed from one point to another. There, inside the earth, we will learn things about ourselves that we have tried to bury. This transit will test our courage to confront those things, and it will test our determination. When these ghosts escape their graves, they will be inspiration for our art – for our healing. I guess the one thing to remember is that ghosts can’t kill you. They are phantoms, and you are made of the earth itself. When you realize this, perhaps you will stop building up, and start standing your ground.

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