New Moon in Capricorn- Archon

Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him.”  -Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

Effective Date: December 28th, 2016

Helios’ Astrological Angle for the New Moon in Capricorn-Battle lines are being drawn. Two opposing forces, both camps wanting the same thing: Everything that there is. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to your New Moon. This is easily one of the tensest New Moons that I have seen in a long time, and there is a lot at stake on both sides. Essentially the cosmos has split into two factions, and both are racing the clock to get to the top of the mountain that is Capricorn. Inevitably they will reach the summit at the same time, at which point they will fight in what will be the most consequential game of King of the Hill that either side can remember. Looming over this Moon is the specter of Eris, who will be aligned with most of the heavy hitters.

Artemis’ Tarot Take for the New Moon in Capricorn-    We are all waking up new people right now, with new bodies we almost don’t recognize.  It seems that after this Tower Year gave us the opportunity to erode old roles in our life.  When you see something vastly painful – a great shadow manifesting in your life, be aware that this is because there is an equally large illumination happening at the same time.  Those of you who investigated the pain you were dealt instead of running from it realized that shadows are hallow.  Oh yes, the monstrous shadows this year had to feel crushing and all encompassing for us.  If they didn’t crush us, they couldn’t have brought us to our foundations.  Don’t you know what you really need now, Heretics?  Necessity, Heretics.  Capricorn teaches us about necessity.  And yes, this means the necessity of pain in our lives.  Capricorn is use to dishing out tough love and getting zero gratitude for it.  She is use to others feeling enraged by her lessons.  They are necessary, Heretics, or we wouldn’t be strong enough to “make it through the winter.”  The pain has stripped us to our raw forms.  There is no going back now, so it’s time to choose; will you hide your “exposed” self with a newly crafted mask or will you finally stand firm in your identity?

The Sun & Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune– No matter which way I slice this one, it has an extremely “Sins of the Father” type of vibe to it. Fitting, as we wrap up the year and go into Capricorn season (Capricorn is the sign of the Father, and the legacy one has to live up to). This is a very familiar energy to me: I grew up as part of a somewhat notable family, and there was always a sense that I had to live up to a legacy that was passed down from generation to generation. Hell, our family’s Scion earned himself a place in the history books, and there are three separate asteroids dedicated to him. I have never felt unimportant in my life, only unworthy of a name I was given. For better or worse, we carry the mantle of our Ancestors into the future, and sometimes we are crushed under that burden. At some point, we make the choice whether we are going to fall in line and live up to the demands placed upon us, or if we are going to reject the legacy of dead men in order to build our own. Both choices are available to you during this moon, and both are entirely valid expressions of the potential within this chart. It is the choice between the comfort of the known and the uncertain infinite. You will have to make that same choice during this moon, in one way or another. In this case you will be free from everything but the choice itself, and the internal discord over it will wreak havoc on you. (Minor Planets used: Orcus, Altjira, Mors-Somnus; Chariklo, Amycus, Urania, Tantalus, Minerva, Hygeia & Asclepius, Amor)

The Sun (9 of Wands), Moon (King of Pentacles), Mercury (9 of Cups), Mars (Queen of Pentacles), and Neptune (8 of Swords)-  Pick yourselves the fuck up, Heretics because 2017 is going to be fucking weird.  You’ve got to get some solid ground underneath you, or you’re going to be like an astronaut lost in space. Yeah, this means getting some sort of god damn plan in order for once (and ugh, during Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn as well – it’s going to get nitpicky but necessary).  You’re going to need to look deep inside and think about the things that you really need and transform your life to fit those plans.  Illusions will be spun to bring you back into your old way of doing things, but you must continue rebelling no matter how seductive old comforts may seem right now.

If you go back, you’re going to get another blow similar to the karma that effected you in 2016.  Trust me, you cannot withstand another blow like that – especially if you have cowardice in your heart.  And yes, you must have cowardice in your heart to seek comforts when you know what you must do.  There is a push and pull to Capricorn and her opposite, Cancer.  One sign knows that there must be comforts and nourishment in order to learn and grow, and the other knows that tough love is necessary for some lessons.  They are meant to balance each other, like a sea saw, unable to function without their opposite force.  Solidity and structure will be necessary for our emotional comfort at this time.  We need to know who will be there for us, what is expected of us, and where we are deciding to go from here. While we go about trying to gain control of our lives, greater forces will attempt to gain control of us as well. There is a looming danger in the air telling us to prepare (Mars as Queen of Pentacles).  With Mars in Pisces and the Queen of Pentacles, I sense a sort of “preparation for the revolution.”  The schematics for a new renaissance are being drawn somewhere, and there could very well be echoes of the plan in your own life.  As above, so below.

9 of Cups is known as the “wish card.”  So make a wish, Heretics, because whatever you decide to work on during this period is what you are going to see come into fruition.  I guess this also means I should warn you with the typical “be careful what you wish for.”  Yes, of course there will be setbacks to your plans, but this is just a test to your patience and dedication.  Capricorn needs to know that your intentions are true – that you are real.  If you are not approaching the coming year standing with integrity, then you will very swiftly fall into old karmic circles.  2017 is the year of the Star, yes, but numerologically it is also the year of The Wheel.  We are facing our karma head on – things we thought were long dead and gone – and the only way out of the wheel is to not play the game the same way this time around.

Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto– Everyone wants to be King. One of the driving, underlying forces of Capricorn is the urge to get to the level of success where you can tell anyone you want to fuck off and have them thank you for the privilege. Getting to the top of the mountain, no matter the cost- At the end of the day, the motivation is for personal freedom. That is the summit you are striving for. Everyone wants that crown, until they realize what it takes to get it. The sacrifice is immense, and to most it isn’t anywhere near worth it. Well, you’re not just anyone, and goddamnit it’s time you remember that! You are the Sovereign of your life, and no one can direct it but you! If you choose not to take the reins yourself you will end up adrift, and it will take that much longer to get to what you truly want. You can live a life unfulfilled if you want, but I could never stand for it. Neither can Eris, who is directing this camp. She is part of a complex arrangement: She is conjunct Uranus and Ceres, while trining Saturn and opposing Jupiter. What that means is that it is time for you to create a future that is centered around YOU and yours. There is no handout, no one is going to do it for you. You have to put in the work, and you have to make it happen for you. For all intents and purposes, that is the banner under which we enter into 2017. In 2016 we struggled, but in 2017 we are STRIVING. We have been forged and re-forged in a fire we never thought we would be able to stand, but we are still here! The throne is waiting for you- all you have to do is take it. (Minor Planets used: Sedna, Ixion, Haumea, Sila-Nunam, Manwe, Chaos; Eros, Achilles, Toro, Dionysus, Apophis, Icarus, Cyllarus, Echeclus, Isis, Nemesis, Damocles)

Venus (10 of Cups), Saturn (The Chariot), Jupiter (The Fool), Uranus (10 of Pentacles), and Pluto (2 of Swords)-  Mmm, now that we got the “get to work” part out of the way, it’s time for the fun.  Uranus + Eris + Ceres (opposite Jupiter, and Trine Saturn and Juno) are making a final conjunction on New Years Eve, only 2 days away from this New Moon in Capricorn.  You must know what the rules are before you can break them.  Your own personal rebellion in your life is a mirror of the greater rebellion that is beginning to take shape in your city, in your country, in our world.  It is easy for us to grow comfortable with authoritarian rule in our lives.  We may allow our past traumas the honor of sitting on the throne, or perhaps we give too much of our dignity to a viscous boss or abusive partner.  This moon will challenge you to take back your authority and break the chains that bind you.  This means you must let go of your self doubt.  You wont be able to climb a mountain with dead weight, and you can’t rule a kingdom if you don’t believe in you are worthy of your role.  Uranus is demanding we rise to our station – rise to our true role in life.  He wants nothing less from us, and Jupiter in opposition as The Fool is telling us the only way to do this is radical change.  This is rebel with a cause energy.

Pluto is telling me we are being given a choice to evolve or devolve, and we must find stillness in order to see where we must go.  This stillness will be found if we ground in the reality of our situation and fully acknowledge it.  Stop placing guilt on yourself.  Look at your lessons soberly, and decide to move forward with what you have learned – or the pain was for nothing.  This, in itself, will be an act of rebellion. This awareness of the established rules will become very important for you once you decide how you are going to break free of other people’s control over your destiny.  They will attempt to woo you into their idea of what this reality is, but please keep in mind what we have learned all year; all towers must fall.  You are the ruler of your own reality.  Once you know how others have built your “reality” around you, it is very simple to figure out where you must plant the dynamite.  Uranus is asking you to take a stand against the monstrosity that has been built while you chose to sit back and disengage with life (our current political climate is a direct shadow of our collective disengagement from life).  This moon will make us see just where this exploitation is taking place, and with Uranus in the mix, for once we wont just sit back and take it.  This time we may just actually stand up for ourselves.

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