Pallas Athene in Pisces- Acolyte

You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?”  Jodi Picoult

Effective Dates:  December 28th, 2016- March 30th, 2017

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Pallas in Pisces: Cards-  Two of Wands, The Star, Page of Pentacles

“Step outside of your comforts,” the Tarot is exclaiming, “And have some goddamn hope.”  Opportunity is about to knock, and Pallas is demanding battle schematics if you are to go ahead.  Here is the thing, Heretics – we are having Pallas move into Pisces the day that Uranus goes Direct (and yes, the same day as our New Moon in Capricorn).  It’s time to make some serious intentions about our mode of attack for the coming year.  In Pisces, Pallas is very spiritual warrior.  When soldiers fight with a religious zeal, they can tackle almost any obstacle.  There is nothing that can trump that conviction, and a spiritual warrior is willing to risk it all for the greater glory.  Pallas Athene is the goddess of courage and just action, and she is inspiring us to follow our life path via an almost spiritual yearning for it.  This is both good and bad, depending on who you are and what your goals are.  This transit may spike the zealotry found in radical groups, and it may also light a spiritual fire under you to go after what you truly want.

There is a sense of moral superiority to this transit.  Athene will be transiting over both Neptune and Chiron before she gets to Aries, so expect people to believe their vision to be the one true way, or some crap like that.  And expect some zealotry to come out related to emotional wounds – holes in people’s lives.  Opponents will challenge your decisions with fervor, but remember to keep your eye on the prize.  You know that people will use moral superiority as a weapon against you, so don’t fall into this trap.  Remember, their world is not your world.  We are all swimming in a grand illusion.  Traverse their moral system like water seeps around an obstacle.  In the end, Pisces knows we are all draining into the same ocean, so plug your brain into that paradigm.  Don’t take their words personally.  You’ll know the truth – you’ll feel it when you are presented with it.  

How can you show your opinion holds solid ground to those that follow a different vision?  To those who have chosen a different path?  You show them a truth so raw and real to you that they cannot deny it is true for you.  They will feel it and thus know it.  Pallas Athene may be a warrior goddess, but in the end she is defensive before offensive.  What will make an enemy drop to their knees before they have even begun to fight you?  By getting them to realize that they have somehow destroyed something sacred – tread on something real.   Athene is known for “pattern recognition,” and in Pisces she will help you recognize emotional patterns that are holding you back.  This will allow you to come up with a strategy to get yourself out of these horrible emotional cycles.  Remember, the only way to break through is to charge with something solid.  Although Athene pushes defense before offense, she asks me to remind you that if you do attack – make it swift and severe the head.  Or, you know, you’ll get sucked into the depths…

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Pallas in Pisces– How far are you willing to go for what you believe? Would you fight for it? Would you die defending it? These are the questions that Pallas in Pisces is asking of you. Trouble is, if I took a poll today of a random group of people I doubt I could find many people willing to do ANYTHING for what they believe, let alone the hardest act of all- living for it. For better or worse, we are in a state where there are very few people who believe anything: Some might argue that is a good thing, but… why? Belief gives us purpose, structure, and a goal to aim for. While I will admit that belief has been used to the overall detriment of humanity, I cannot seem to fully extinguish what I believe in within myself- even when my life depended on doing so.

So if we are hard-wired for some form of belief, and determined not to let that trip us up, what do we do? Enter Pallas Athene, clear-eyed and unbeatable goddess of strategy and victory. As she moves out of Aqua and into Pisces, she finds herself surrounded and outgunned. She is tired, seeing her fight as hopeless and pointless. She is looking for a way out of a no-win situation, as are you. Your external struggles are secondary right now, as the true battlefield is within you.

This transit will require you to wield emotional intelligence as your aegis, like Athene wore Medusa’s visage. You will have an increased aptitude to understand the sensitivities of those around you and what it is that they want. This can be a shield that protects you from situations that threaten to spill into open conflict, or it can be used as a weapon of devastating effect as you will know exactly where to strike to make it hurt the most.

More than anything, this transit will have you anxious. This will feel as a lull in the fighting to you, and you will feel… off-balance. Not that you are particularly eager to jump back into the conflict, but more that you are unsure of what to do without it. You will feel as though you are wasting time, that there are more battles that need to be fought than can ever be won. You must understand that by not being on the front lines, you are not running away from your mission. No, during this time you need to reclaim the person you are, not the soldier you became. More importantly, this transit will remind you what it is that you are fighting and bleeding for. Your respite will not be easily won, as the moments of peace will be tinged with their own battles, and you will find no rest in your sleep, or any other way you try to escape. In fact, your usual escape will more than likely only reveal an unbearable clarity that you cannot run from. After all, how can you run from the monsters in your own head?

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