1992 QB1 in Taurus: Silent No More

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Helios– So y’all know how I’m a Minor Planet/ Deep Space Astrologer? Somehow I managed to miss something HUGE in the field- The prime minor planet (past Pluto, that is…), 1992 QB1, has just switched signs. Now as I’ve lost my shit over in the past, a Deep Space planet like 1992 QB1 ingressing (moving into) a new sign is BIG. Just look at Pluto or Orcus– Tell THEM they’re not really planets. Go ahead, I dare you- then come see me after you get raked over their coals (no, seriously- come see me. I could do with a new consult or two to keep me busy!)

So why am I making a huge deal over a body that doesn’t even have a name? Well, for starters, because it doesn’t have a name and I’m nothing if not contrary as! Secondly, its high time I make good on my word to do a proper post on this amazing and underrepresented body. You see, there are a lot (Hell, even I can only claim to work with a few!), but 1992 QB1 was the first substantial one to be found past Pluto. This somehow never became news, much to my dismay, (despite my only being all of 2 years old when it was discovered) and this body was all but forgotten.

Til we started finding more out there, that is…

Once that started happening, we needed different nomenclature and categorizations for different families of objects. 1992 QB1, despite not actually having a proper name, lent itself to a whole class of objects at the edge of our definition of the Solar System, the Cubewanos (say it out loud). That is pretty damn cool.

Now, being that this body doesn’t really have a name, we cant really do much in the way of shaping its identity, now can we? No, but that’s a great thing- we aren’t hindered by any assumptions or ideas about its function, which lets us shape her from her actions, and effects, rather than her story. She is truly free. That’s right, 1992 QB1 is a she. And she’s amazing. So why am I doing this post on her now? Well, lets look at the headlines-

Cop cars burned, 40 arrested at Canada fracking protest

Malala Yousafzai: A ‘Normal,’ Yet Powerful Girl

Even the World Bank understands: Palestine is being disappeared

Why A Swiss Proposal To Give Every Citizen $2,800 Each Month Is So Radical

Water: Canada’s Most Valuable Resource

See those and you start putting the pieces together. Its by no means enough to make out the picture yet, but when you remember that Taurus rules all things having to do with Resources, and control of such (along with Scorpio), and not forgetting the rampant income inequality that plagues our world and is hindering us from making true progress, even though we know more than we ever have in history and use that knowledge to make thinner phones so that we can have a mobile porn receptacle in our pocket and look up stupid trending videos. Dare I say that 1992 QB1 is becoming a galvanizing force after sticking to the shadows for so long? Possibly- Remember its still Champion Astro, and its an Eclipse…

But it is intriguing, that is for sure…. I’m definitely not done with her, so look for more. And if you feel like investigating yourself, head over to Astro.com and draw up a chart, and stick 15760 in, her number, and explore possible themes in your life. By all means feel free to message me with any questions on this process, 1992 QB1, or anything really!

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