Venus in Pisces- Ambrosia

“If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.” – St. John of the Cross

Effective Dates: January 4th, 2017- February 4th, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Venus in Pisces: These skies are not like the ones we are used to. We have gotten spoiled on these apocalyptic, world-ending astro ingresses a la the events of the Cardinal Crisis, or the Mutable Meltdown. These skies aren’t like that at all. Venus now moves to join Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and all under the watchful Mercury Retrograde. Venus is considered to be exalted in this sign, which means that she its at her absolute best here, so we have that going for us at least.

All the players in this Piscean game seem to be… subdued? Its hard to get a true fix on them, or what it is that they want. It would be like a spy thriller, but there is a decided lack of tension or stakes. This can be dangerous in and of itself, lulling us into a false sense of security so that we do not see the true danger until it is far too late to do anything about it. There is a vague sense that there is more going on under the surface of your reality, but nothing concrete. It is entirely possible that you are just jumping at shadows. Well, not so much jumping as staring at skeptically with an eyebrow raised.

The challenge of this transit is to let it in– You are a weary warrior, a veteran of these times. The cosmos has transformed you into a weapon of the future, and the last thing you know how to do is put down your sword. Yet all you truly want is to stop fighting- You just cannot figure out how to. All the planets in Pisces will help with this, but especially Venus. You can pick up arms when they are needed later on, but for now you need to let go of the horrors you have faced before you become one yourself. You must not allow these times to make you lest than human, and that can be the greatest struggle of all.

The energies of this sky cannot be forced. Not at all. All you can do is flow along with these transits. They are taking you somewhere, and all you can do is keep your head above these waters so as not to be swept away. Even though you have no idea where you will end up, you have to pretend like this is all your idea. You have to walk like you can see. I am finding it increasingly hard to write this one, as it is something that cannot truly be vocalized, but it is a pervasive feeling that transcends the barriers of our personal worlds.

There is a softness to this astro. Fitting for Venus in the gentlest of signs. Yet neither are ever to be underestimated, as they have a tendency to stab you in the back when you least expect it. Still, there is little malice in these skies. If anything, this is the reprieve you have needed for years. Take your time, dive deep into the waters and let them restore you and brace you for the battles ahead. Let this transit refresh your weary soul.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Venus in Pisces: Cards-  The High Priestess, The Fountain, Four of Swords  (Using The Fountain Tarot)

I dated a Venus in Pisces once. I’m pretty sure the entire relationship happened in an alternative dimension that shifted and morphed in syncopated rhythm to her emotional cycles. Pisces energy has pulled me into vortexes like no other sign in the zodiac. One minute I’m walking down the street and the next my Pisces friend runs into me and we are talking inter-dimensional travel and her past lives. And then later that night I’ll be in a room full of Pisces, hippie energy galore and musical instruments blaring while a joint is being passed around. Yeah, sure, we Aquarians are just as fucking strange and feel quite at home in all of these wyrd conversations and radically out of the box thinking, but we surely don’t know how to handle the mutable hell that ensues when Pisces push open dimensions.  Aqua’s need some sort of compass, a constellation, something to guide us through the rushing waters of consciousness.  Aquarians are like radio towers that require being fixed to receive the information from the heavens that we must then give to ya’ll.  Pisces, on the other hand, jump right into the waters of the heavens and deep sea dive for treasures.  So Venus transitioning from Aquarius into Pisces may make us feel disoriented, suspended, yet eerily free.

So much overthinking going on, Heretics.  The mind, who’s purpose it is to navigate us through the geography of the external world, can also poison the inner knowing.  The High Priestess, making herself present in this reading, is indicating to me that there is plenty of real wisdom in this transit – if we open ourselves up to our intuition.  Even fiery Mars is currently bathed in Piscean energy, so our attempts at getting anything done comes out fruitless.  This seems like a time of debauchery, lots of sex, making art, and dreaming.  If you overthink through this transit, you will become very lost.  To our Virgo readers, please do not fret!  If you use your laser vision to make art instead of panic, you can get through this transit.  You’ve just got to accept the craziness right now – shit is being rearranged and we are so sorry you don’t get to pick where everything goes.  Pisces is not conducive for logical inspection, even if Mercury is in Capricorn (and in retrograde as we report this).  Things will be elusive, worlds will be created, and your only compass out of those worlds will be your inner knowing.

The Fountain card makes it’s presence known here.  It’s symbol is the infinity loop, carrying us, like Pisces, back into the eternal collective.  We will be able to find our deepest emotional values here, but we must keep in mind that we need to choose something and leave or we will get lost forever.  4 of Swords indicates a single mindedness that must emerge for us to make it through this transit.  Pick a project, pick a goal, and hone in on that.  You will get lost in daydreams otherwise.  Getting work done will seem almost… impossible when you are lost in the astral all fucking day.

There will be a great need to “play martyr” in this transit.  Don’t give me any of that “woe is me” bullshit.  Mars is about to transition into Aries, and you’re going to get your ass handed to you if you don’t keep your inner fire going.  Don’t engage romantically if it feels intuitively wrong.  Don’t let your mind fall for the delusional traps that are very present during this transit.  Follow your heart, that is the only way through this.  Yes, it will be hard as fuck with all of this water energy going on – bogging us down and slipping through the cracks in our trauma- but we need to emotionally purge 2016 from our hearts before we can move on to the actions required for 2017.  There is a great potential to heal here if we sit back, listen, and trust in the divine plan.  Drink up the inspiration, follow the current – don’t fight, just observe.  You’ll get to the mouth of the river once you let go, and there you will find something precious.  What treasures will Venus in Pisces dig up from your depths?

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