Full Moon in Cancer- Atonement

“And here, shipmates, is true and faithful repentance; not clamorous for pardon, but grateful for punishment.” -Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

Effective Date:  January 12th, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Cancer– Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to the greatest show in the universe- The Cardinal Crisis! That’s right, you thought it was all over, but here we are, back for ONE! LAST! SHOW! I promise you it will be one to remember…

That’s right Heretics, the first real Lunation of 2017 is the last gasp of the Cardinal Crisis. Sure, there’s a bit of a shuffle in the cast of characters and the title bout doesn’t exactly have the stars we thought they would, but in essence and function? Its all the same. All that matters is who wins in the end, not how you get there. The Cardinal Crisis was many things- Amazing, Terrible, World-Destroying, Eye-Opening, Exhilarating and Exhausting all at once- but the one defining factor of the Cardinal Crisis was that during it, anything was possible. If anything is possible, and anyone come out on top of this giant steaming clusterfuck that is a future, than why not you? After all, it has to be someone.

Gear up- You’re heading back to the front lines, soldier.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Cancer- “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”  Good Lord, this full moon is brimming with big Cancerean tears and begging to be forgiven for something.  The awkward emo of the zodiac has turned viscous, nailing us to the heavens via “cardinal cross.”  The absolution will not come until the confessions are made, Heretics.  The confessions will come in many forms, and most will seem almost out of the blue (this moon is volatile)… yet not so much.  You were expecting these things, weren’t you?  You had them stewing at the pit of your stomach; a sickness rising like smoke to strangle your heart.  These are the things that have been following you like shadows that now have taken on substance and must be reconciled with.  This moon is about atonement, Heretics, but not with the gods.  Oh no.  We must atone with each other.

The Sun & Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus– You do not have to be all right right now. Not everything has to make sense to you. What is real and what makes sense are not going to fully align from your perspective. The danger here is trying to bury your head in the sand, and trying to avoid what it is you have to do. We all have obligations in our life, you can’t just ignore them forever- Certain things just need to be done. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. This astro demands a level of interaction and engagement that you are not prepared to give just now, which is too damn bad because nothing less will do. It’s all or nothing under these skies. There is a part of you that seeks punishment for some secret shame you carry- You seek to unburden your soul. The problem with that is that when you do so, you turn to those closest to you; If they reject you because the shame is too great, the sin too much to stomach, then you are forever changed- There is no way to unsee who you really are when you take off the mask. This is what the Cardinal Crisis planned for you at the very start: To show us who we were, underneath it all. The need for punishment, confession, all of it? It’s because you are holding yourself to an unreachable standard in your head. Of course whenever we are purposefully doing that, its because we are refusing to accept our humanity, and who could blame you for that? Accepting our humanity means accepting our inherent weakness and individual unimportance in the grand scope of the history of this planet, let alone the greater universe around us. Capricorn focuses on our limits, playing the cards we were dealt, and acceptance of one’s lot in life. Cancer focuses on ways around those limits, making the most out of whats in between the extremes. Cancer is our emotional self, that secret humanity that we seek to deny ourselves. Wear it, and that ‘weakness’ that you see in yourself as a shield. If you hold your secrets out for all to see, your scars and flaws, then they cannot be used as ammunition against you and lose their power over you instantly. All of a sudden your weakness becomes your strength. (Minor Planets used: Chiron, Eris, Juno, Chaos, Sila-Nunam, Manwe; Siva, Damocles, Eurydike)

The Sun (The Chariot), Moon (Queen of Wands), Jupiter (The Lovers), Saturn (6 of Swords), and Uranus (9 of Wands)- Cancer is fretful by nature, and avoidance just makes that anxiety swell during this time.  This moon demands that you carry through with your ideals and make some moves.  Things can happen rapidly surround the full moon, and you will get washed under the tides just as quickly as you believe you have made it to safely to shore.  Swift justice must be dealt as Jupiter squares the Moon and the Sun during this transit – opposing Uranus and Eris.  You cannot wait any longer to do what you need to do – to make the connections or cut the cords.  Words of advice: you must accept the consequences of your actions this year and step forward to receive all that is necessary because of them.  If you shy away from this or wish to be forgiven once again for your mistakes, you will not go through the incredibly necessary emotional transformation that is required for you to digest your Tower Year.  The confessions of the Gemini Full Moon in December will solidify here, and we will seek to make amends and follow new paths.  This Moon demands change, and it doesn’t give a shit if we are already tired.  We must confess.  We must move on.  We must become better.  I know, there is a lot of apprehension in the air and we have all been boxed into a corner, but you know how to do this.  You have been training since the Cardinal Crisis in June, and now it’s time to swing full force and not let up.  Cancer’s shell protects the tenderness they hold inside; their pincers hacking away at enemies who dare to defile that tenderness.  Do not destroy that tenderness inside of you.  You built your fortress in order to protect that that emotional gold.  Do not forget this.  

Mercury– You are facing down issues with your own worthiness. You keep calling out to a higher power to give you the answer and are given nothing but silence. That problem that you are trying to solve you already have the answer to. You literally have it right there in your hand. Is it the fault of the cosmos that you have not risen to the challenge ahead of you? Is it up to them to do ALL of the work? You were chosen to do this job, and  it is YOURS to do. No one else’s. Are you saying that the higher power you believe is more or less omnipotent made a mistake? Because I know those guys- they don’t make mistakes, they make investments.  You may not feel like you can do it or that you are right for the task but that is a luxury you cannot afford right now. Even though you think you have failed, the only way you fail is by giving up. Don’t give me crap about how you give up because you’re not strong enough- BULLSHIT. You made it through this all before, and worse is ahead of you. you are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be. Stop running from who you are. Run TO it! Embrace it! Right now, you are struggling to see the truth that is right in front of your face. Everyone sees it but you. Open your eyes, wise up, and get your shit together. The sooner you quit running from yourself, the faster you can get to what it is you really want. (Minor Planets used: Quaoar, Salacia; Vesta, Pelion, Orius, Rhiphonos, Siwa, Orpheus)

Mercury (6 of Wands)- We have been avoiding to remedy some very important things that Mercury in Retrograde hopefully shook out of us.  People think of Mercury Retro as a time of mis-connections when in fact it is Mercury hot wiring quicker connections.  Your world will get shocked and you’ll come face to face with things you have been desperately avoiding (reasons people hate Mercury retrograde).  Mercury will be going direct only days before this Full Moon, remaining in shadow during the lunation.  So yeah, everything is out in the open, and we are left dealing with the emotional gunk of 2016’s wreckage before descending into the utter chaos that is 2017 (oh yeah, pressure cooker style year – and the heat is being turned on NOW).  This is heart gunk, guys, and Cancer will not let you sleep until the heart is sanctified.  If you can manage to deal with what Mercury has sent your way, this will be the victory that begins your momentum for 2017.  Even if you met your Mercury Retrograde challenge, the 6 of Wands reminds us that all victories are ephemeral and a bigger battle is on the way…

Venus and Neptune– Okay so you are going to want to take advantage of this one. It’s not creepy if the planets want to be used! Venus will be conjunct Neptune, and in astrology Neptune is considered a more pure, refined, higher expression of Venus. Mix the two and you transform your base emotions into something truly sublime. This is some really incredible astro for starting a new romance, or reinvigorating an existing one. The danger in the new relationships is that the other person’s flaws could be hidden from you, or you may just not want to see them. In existing relationships, it allows you to overlook those parts of them that drive you crazy, and reminds you why you love them. If you’re in the unenviable position where you are caught between an old love and a new one, I don’t know what to tell you as this astro is not great for decision making. Either way, allow yourself a bit of romance- Just be careful who you take home. (Minor Planets used: Orcus, Altjira, Mors-Somnus; Chariklo, Circe, Dionysus, Itokawa)

Venus (Queen of Pentacles) and Neptune (Queen of Swords)- This moon is highly psychic.  If you sit quietly enough, I’m sure you could just about hear the thoughts of others around you. We are setting out on a new year, and although we are tired, it will be far easier to understand each other now, so make sure you use this chance to atone.  There will be a Venus/Neptune conjunction happening during this full moon (and a fantastic trine between the moon/Mars/Chiron), so you will feel a lot more bravery than usual to confront situations head on.  Seriously, use this energy before shit starts descending into chaos later (remember, we have a Venus Retrograde in Aries coming soon – 40 days and 40 nights of temptation right around the corner).  The cards are telling me to make sure that although emotions are raging, you stay grounded and keep your eye on the prize.  Whatever it is that your heart truly desires, make sure that you stay keen on that.  This is a “rose colored glasses” warning, so make sure you do what you set out to do before you get swept back into the ocean of Maya.  Other than the doom and gloom, this will be a tremendously nurturing time for all of us if we allow it – even if the emotions we end up dealing with are “difficult.”  If we push through and act with integrity and bravery, we will lay exceptional groundwork for the rest of 2017 and have at least some stability going in.  Neptune says “stab through the illusion” that you have participated in weaving around yourself, and reach for the realness that exists below it.  Do not be afraid to shatter fantasies, for we need to solidify ourselves in what we really feel before we can ascend the mountain of this year.  Capricorn sun demands for the fantasies of these two planets in Pisces to create the “great art,” but to remember the difference – art and fantasy can illuminate a truth or it can take us far far away from truth.  Your choice, Heretics.  Do you want the truth of it or do you want a fantasy that will surely crumble in the near future?  Remember Tower Year.  All Towers Fall.  Make your choice wisely.

Mars and Pluto– Finally! These two together is just what this astro needs. First, we unburdened our soul and spoke our truth aloud. Then we got up and moved on, and the world opened up with sublime new possibilities for us. Mars and Pluto are telling you “Go out and get them”. These two can mean many things, not all of them good- but what they definitely mean is decisive action. Be sure, swift, and ready to pounce. This whole chart stuck out to me, not because of the Cardinal Crisis back from the dead, but because there are no retrogrades- it is all forward motion (albeit there’s a shadow or two in there). Sure, you do not have the world on a silver platter YET, but you can absolutely have it- Mars and Pluto want to work, and you do too. You have the fire within you to get your piece of the pie. Why are you twiddling your thumbs and waiting for it to fall in your lap? This may be a strongly Neptunian Lunation, but this is goddamn Capricorn Season! If you want your reward you have to show up and earn it! Get out there, hustle, and demand that the world recognize you. You may deserve it already but you won’t get it until you go and collect it. Make them pay you your dues. (Minor Planets used: Deucalion, Borasisi, Varda; Echeclus, Klotho, Ophelia, Astraea, Arachne, Sappho, Magdalena)

Mars (Ace of Pentacles) and Pluto (Knight of Wands)- Networked Revolution.  Don’t you forget that term, because that will be the theme of this year.  Although Mars will be in illusive Pisces, he will be super powering this moon with his presence.  He has been diving through the waters of illusion looking for something soft to plant the seeds of intent into.  That softness, Heretics, is your raw heart.  Here is where we plant the intentions of our year, and they must come from your deepest desires.  Set things out in motion here, but do not fret if they do not unfold immediately.  Whatever intentions you cast during this time must be nursed throughout 2017, but remember that they will surely unfold as your life progresses through these months.  You may feel stuck since the last full moon, struggling to figure out exactly where the fuck you should go (all this Pisces energy surely isn’t helping with that), but you have to remember that the past month hasn’t been about going anywhere.  It has been about digging deep within yourself and seeing exactly who you are and what you are made of.  Now you must muster that bravery and actually act with it – actually make the transformations inside of yourself that are necessary for you.  Do not dismay, Heretics.  We are warriors, and we must find stability and peace within the fight.  You have a warning here.  Although you are eager to move ahead and actually get shit going – essentially being pushed by the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to this moon – you will be slugging through a lot of planets in water signs.  This means that you are going to be forced to reconcile with emotional roadblocks – with the things that have been transpiring since June 2016 – and you will finally have to put a lid on Tower Year’s emotional challenges.  Have fun with that.  But remember, once you atone for whatever it is that is holding you back from “becoming,” you will be set in motion so quickly it will be like a blaze of fire.  June-Dec 2016 showed you exactly what you needed to see.  Now that you are down to your foundations, there is nowhere for you to go but toward the flickering star of hope in the future.

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