Full Moon Cancer Tarot Spread- Sanctified

Artemis-  Most of the time we think of the rolling changes as our enemies.  How could we be uprooted from what we found so comfortable?  Why does it happen so constantly and can we just have a little peace?  This is the strange secret to Cancer; representing the home and where we feel comfortable, she is also a reminder that we carry our healing, home and comfort within ourselves.

When it comes to healing, we need to be in a place of comfort and security in order to begin such a transformation.  The problem is, there may be no real “safe space” for any of this healing to occur for you.  The tides come rolling in and your home is taken, your health is taken, your lover is taken – anything is possible when it comes to the pummeling tides of change.  Because of this, Cancer has built a shell of protection around themselves; a home they carry with them wherever they go.  Healing can occur at any time.  All you need is to trust in yourself, your home in the center of your chest, and the idea that you are always home.

This tarot spread is designed to help all of you find how you can heal from the emotional turmoil of 2016 and move on into The Star Year, 2017 – the year of hope and peace even in the midst of battle.  How can we purify ourselves so that we are ready to accept what is coming from our future, instead of latching on to and drowning in the past?  I hope this spread serves you well, and I hope you serve yourself just as well.

Full Moon Gemini Tarot Spread

1.  The Struggle –  What is it that has been emotionally blocking you from feeling peace and stability?
2.  The Reef – How is your emotional block influencing your external environment and the people in your life?
3.  The Shell –  What must you develop in order to protect yourself from emotional attacks – from feeling unstable?
4.  The Pincers – How can you attack your current emotional block so that you can flow more easily with changes?
5.  The Next Wave–  Where will the next destructive emotional wave come from?
6.  Peace Amidst the Changing Waves–  How will you approach this next wave with comfort and ease, no matter what it brings?

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