Psyche Retrograde- 7 Year Itch

“So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.” -Sylvia Plath

Effective Dates: January 9th- April 25th, 2017

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Psyche Retrograde in Virgo- Cards:  8 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 5 of Cups

Projection is easy when we wrap ourselves up in tunnel-vision.  This transit is going to be for all ya’ll who are in committed relationships that aren’t serving you.  Psyche is swinging back into retrograde, going over the relationship choices we have made with a fine toothed Virgo mind made for combing detail.  Expect an incredible amount of over thinking muddled with episodes of ego induced blindness.  Psyche is all about our dedication, but she wont just dedicate herself to anyone.  Oh no.  Psyche’s dedication runs deeper than Hades, and her reversal into retrograde will have you questioning the things that you have long held to be important enough to commit yourself to.

Now, it is a wonderful experience to be in a healthy relationship that is also dedicated in a profound way.  What is not wonderful is being committed to a relationship that is rotting you from the inside out.  This transit will jostle you, but not without a good long fight from your ego first.  For those of you who consistently ask yourselves the same question, “Should I be with them?” – your answer is coming.  Fuck, your answer has been there all along.  If you need to constantly ask yourself the same question, then you know the answer you are giving yourself is not satisfying.  For the longest time you may have thought you got out ahead.  Fuck, you worked so hard on this relationship.  You sacrificed so much and have spent so many years together… but nothing you can do can make that itch go away.
It’s easy to keep going in a relationship when you have found a security in the routine.  Hell, breaking habits is one of the hardest things a person can do, but Psyche in retrograde is going to push us out of those comfort zones.  Unfortunately, when we start to feel uncomfortable in these weak relationships during this transit, there may be a lot of “projection” that will go on.   When we run from the things we don’t want to see – when we ignore the fact that deep down we really aren’t comfortable with the person we are with – we start lashing out at them in cycles.  What is clear during these lashing outs is that we attempt to blame the individual we are in a relationship with for all of our choices.

Unfortunately, Heretics, this transit is here to tell us it was our choice to get into the relationships we are in, and it is our choice to get out of them.  You wont make it through Psyche in retrograde without instances where the cracks in your relationship will be magnified, so if you are going to commit to something- commit to integrity (fuck, this is a Virgo transit, so if you shy away from integrity and truth, you will be cut to pieces).  Good luck out there, because it’s going to get rough…  And just when you think you can just ignore this itch, Eros, Venus and Mars will be transiting into Aries and giving your libido a power jolt.  So if you don’t actually want to be committed to your partner, it will become almost impossible to hold on to a relationship full of holes.

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Psyche Retrograde– Oh, lord- This is the last thing we need. First we are in Aquarius season, while we have so much moving from Pisces into Aries, and on top of that we have to deal with a retrograde planet in Virgo? Ugh. These are strange tides we sail on my friends, and the stormy seas are coming from within you. Get ready to ride the waves!

Psyche is representative of relationships in astrology, specifically the types of partners we choose (not necessarily who we are attracted to) and the challenges we face in those relationships. During this transit, she will test us on our commitment to our relationships (whether they be romantic, business or friendships) and most importantly challenging to see if our needs are being met in those relationships. Virgo is a challenging sign for most of the planets, but Psyche is right at home here. She is long-suffering, used to impossible challenges, and will move mountains for those that she loves. In Retrograde however, she goes on strike. She has had enough, and is not taking any more of this shit. She wants a little attention and pampering from those that she gives so much to- why shouldn’t it be reciprocal?

Retrogrades tend to work like this- the planet in question gives too much of its energy, and then it pulls back quickly, like a rubber band stretched too far. In Psyche’s case,  she has been giving and giving, being taken for granted and she is just plain sick of it. You feel put upon and undervalued by your partners, maybe even unseen completely. You feel like you are doing all the work and they are just coasting off of your efforts, taking you for granted. The thing is, they are feeling the exact same way right now! Each of us fights these battles in a different field and sometimes those are not seen by our partners or understood, simply because they are taking place in different ways with different players. The way to rock this transit is to double down on making sure the lines of communication are clear and you are making your frustrations heard in a way that doesn’t start a fight. Recognize that each of you has a valid, but different, viewpoint and work to bridge the gap between those.

Now say you’re single- this transit will be rough on you. During this time you will have far fewer relationship options all of a sudden and you won’t know why. You will agonize over why this is happening, especially since before things were going so good! Prepare to have your potentials ghost on you. Your mind will throw up every single flaw you have and why you scared your potential match away, wondering which of your many, many, many imperfections did the job. This is nothing but your insecurities playing up and your mind playing tricks on you. Stay calm, cool and collected and for the love of god don’t send them 392 drunken messages on a Tuesday night, crying into your phone about how no one loves you. Focus on yourself and maybe correcting one or two of those flaws since they are bothering you so much. Honestly this is a great time to make your health a priority over these fears, assholes and insecurities. Its great to work out all of those, punishing the iron and shaping yourself. Use the frustration that you would turn inward and let it power your new paradigm.

You must reject feelings of unworthiness and unloveability (is that a word? Whatever it is now. Get into it). Just because you are not feeling loved now, whether you are in a relationship or on your own, you are worth it. Your life must not be defined by others, and that is the true message of Psyche Retrograde. You must make your own life count, and not look for meaning or value outside yourself. Once you realize your own worthiness and start showing yourself some love for once in your damn life you will attract the right partners and your life will start to match the ideal within your head. Psyche will show you the way, but you have to go down the road alone.

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