New Moon in Aquarius- Surge

I got no prosperity but yo I’m a piece of it. So let the guilty hang in the year of the boomerang. And now it’s upon you.” – Rage Against the Machine, Year of Tha Boomerang

Effective Date: January 27th 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Aquarius– Can’t stop this flow… Can you feel the currents churning within you? Our world is changing, and we are changing along with it. We are not the same people we were a month ago, and tomorrow we will not be the same as we are today. Everything is happening so fast that there is no way to keep track of it,  and it is becoming harder and harder to keep your head above water. When this happens there is only one thing to do- Dive.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Aquarius-  Welcome to the twilight zone.  Here, in the year of the Star – which is ruled by Aquarius – we reach a land that is upside down.  Or is it right side up?  We emerge from the Year of the Tower alchemically transformed.  We have seen our nightmares manifest, our beliefs disintegrate and erupt from the ashes as new entities – fiery inspired phoenixes ready to burn away the outdated trappings of dusty old paradigms.  We started the first day of Aquarius season with one of the largest protests to ever grace American soil take place against the new emperor of the “free world.”  And the planet of the libertine, Uranus, has swung direct, letting us know that his influence has been highly prevalent in what has transpired for us collectively.  Do not forget that the outer planets influence the collective.  This full moon in the Uranian sign of Aquarius is here to make it very clear; give me change or I will become the agent of change myself.


The Sun, Moon and Neptune– I tell you one thing, this Moon is PISSED. This whole chart reeks of the Sacred Feminine rising up to correct a grave error- And you know I tend to avoid even mentioning anything woo-woo like that (I say as an astrologer… *rolls eyes). The protests that we have seen take the world? That’s just the opening act. With Neptune here you would think that this would be a potent Lunation, but this is coming together in a different way- Neptune is the dream that fuels this whole chart, enabling the Sun and Moon to get things done. This configuration (and the chart in general) is indicative of some seriously major change incoming. This is the real change, change from the ground up. No matter where this Moon falls in your chart, you will feel this in your life. Those obstacles to your success will start to crumble, one by one. This is the time to move forward with your efforts. Quit trying to half-ass your progress, keeping one eye fixed on the past. That is only weighing you down. You need to be free from the fetters of your feelings, and nostalgia to the way things used to be is cutting you off at the knees. Focus on what is, focus on the now. You keep trying to retreat to your nest- That is the LAST thing that you need to do. You need to get out there! Get into the world, shake things up for yourself. I don’t know how many times I have to keep telling you that no one is going to do it for you, but apparently it bares repeating. You will be amazed at the doors that will open should you only be open and communicate your hopes, dreams and challenges to others. There may be someone listening that has a solution- or even better, you might be theirs! (Minor Planets used: Mors-Somnus, Circe, Isis, Pandora, Lachesis, Eros, Osiris, Asclepius; Asbolus, Chariklo, Altjira, Diana, Hybris, Orpheus)

The Sun (Ace of Swords), The Moon (Queen of Pentacles), Neptune (9 of Swords)-  Fuck yes, Ace of Swords.  6 months ago, during the Aquarian full moon, we were given the weapons we needed to battle the jabborwocky in our personal lives.  Now we are being given a weapon to defeat the collective’s phantoms.   Eclipses have a bit of a staggered effect.  Whatever you manifest into your life during one will pop out 6 months later during the next lunation in that sign.  That means whatever efforts you put into place – whatever demons you slayed and whatever demons you let escape – will karmicly manifest now.   During the Full Moon Aqua back in August, we had a giant cluster of planets sitting in Virgo.  Inversely, we now have a cluster of planets sitting in Pisces.  The nitpicking and correcting of the late summer has now allowed us to learn how to manifest.  It is now our duty to manifest.  We are all ready.  Can’t you feel it?  There is electricity in the air, and we are all plugged the fuck in.  Smoke signals are being sent by the tribe, and we must answer them now.  The Moon is directly channeling the Queen of Pentacles, the mother of the earth, and the nightmares we have manifested due to our faulty paradigms must be tackled.  This is a very revolutionary moon, and definitely the marker of the times to come.  The key to the next 6 months will be the Ace of Swords – truth.  We must all trust in each other and in ourselves, that we are more than capable of demolishing the old world and birthing a new one collectively.  Remember, order is an emergent property of chaos…  At this time, we have the opportunity to create a new world.  We just need to do it together.  Aquarius is the rivers and tributaries that connect the larger bodies of water.  Start networking; networked revolution.  This is the Leo/Aquarius polarity; when our leaders fail us, we rise up as a collective to fix the imbalance.

Mercury and Pluto– It’s another Magic Moon! Mercury and Pluto together have this fascinating ability to transform literally anything. I call them the Philosopher’s Stone aspect. You are putting in the work that you need to, and that is great; The only problem is that the changes you see happening are minuscule, and not taking place nearly quick enough. You must be patient, more is happening beneath the surface than you can see. Keep on your work, in fact double down on it- Change your mindset and the way you are thinking from waiting on the magic to work into living your life like the changes already have happened. Yes, this is another fake-it-til-its-real trick, but once you put it into action, and if you convince yourself, then all of a sudden the changes you want to see will catch up to you. But them that’s magic for you! (Minor Planets used: Bienor, Panacea, Phaethon, Karma, Heracles; Echeclus, Deucalion)

Mercury (King of Pentacles) and Pluto (4 of Cups)-  So this essentially tells me, “Quit whining about what could have been and start manifesting what could be right now.”  The planets are brimming, absolutely spilling with opportunity for us right now.  We are looking at all of the things that are going to shit right now (and trust me, that is a lot of stuff in both our personal lives and in the collective).  But what we must realize is that in this chaos we are being offered an opportunity we should not refuse; to manifest our own destiny.  We are at the precipice now, Heretics, where we must choose either to continue handing our power over to the puppets of our collective shadow, or to take responsibility and duty back into our hands.   This idea may be spreading around to everyone’s minds right now; how can I provide for my friends?

Oh, and never forget – resistance is necessary for flight.  

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus– Remember how I said the Sacred Feminine was pissed? Well its gobsmackingly obvious here as well. It literally reads like the women of the cosmos are abandoning the men because they have overwhelmingly had it with the boys’ shit. Who can blame them? They only have two true aspects represented in the sky, The Moon and Venus, aka The Mother and The Consort. That isn’t enough– Not when then men have the Scholar, the Teacher, Warrior, Golden Child, Elder, Inventor, Magician and the Tyrant! Well I guarantee that even though they have less seats at the table, their strength is that they have all the backing of the thousands of female asteroids and minor planets standing behind them. Their voices ring in unison, compared to the fractured shouts and squabbling of the boys. And what is it that they want? They want liberation, and so do you. No matter what your gender or race, whether you are able-bodied or who you love, everyone has faced some form of marginalization, and this configuration makes it so you want your struggles to be heard. This is a big aspect, and a potent one. You see the possibilities around you and you see an opportunity to create something different for yourself, AS WELL YOU SHOULD! There is nothing wrong with trying to change your station in life, and reaching upward is so, so human. Do not allow yourself to feel guilt for wanting more from your life. The interesting thing is, you can just have it- Don’t listen to Saturn. He respects a well-thought out plan. Jupiter and Uranus are more concept guys, and when they are together you can make some serious magic happen. You cannot force Jupiter, nor should you ever try- In working Jupiter, you kind of have to ignore him. Impress him with your own efforts first and then he will come to shower his golden gifts upon you. Once that happens, you have to capitalize on them, boldly and fearlessly. That needs to be your approach to this time. Fear has no place in your future, and you must defeat it now, with grace. (Minor Planets used: Sedna, Astraea, Atropos; Eris, Niobe, Atropos, Narcissus, Damocles; Haumea, Siva, Hephaistos; Chaos, Hygeia, Magdalena)

Venus (Page of Swords), Jupiter (Page of Wands), Saturn (Hangman), and Uranus (Empress)-   Venus is embodying the political activist of the tarot; the page of swords.  Her values are in the collective as she burns through the final degrees of Pisces – heading into her fiery, Aries version next.  When you speak out right now, you are speaking out with the force of generations behind you.  This can also be extremely useful in your personal life.  If there was a time for art, it is now.  Especially art that has a political bent to it.  Saturn is looking away right now, letting us manifest destiny as we please.  If you needed a worm hole to another dimension, it is surely right now.  Jupiter is manifesting new projects left and right; allowing you the creative fire you have been desperately clawing for.  He is a proponent of the arts, and a social life stirrer during this time.   You will be graced with even more opportunities if you put your energy into your creative projects, and the renaissance we spoke about in our Jupiter in Libra post is signaling that it has in fact begun.  Look around you, this chaos is the perfect soil to plant our intentions.  Uranus is The Empress, implying that the revolution will come from the earth itself, the sacred feminine, the arts, and our collective need to care for each other.

Mars– The Warrior is all alone, out in the cold. You probably feel shunned right now, having gone into kind of a self-imposed exile. You feel that you are unwanted and unloved, and that you are nothing but a burden to those around you. You feel that they are lying to you when you are brave enough to confess this to them and they try to assuage your fears. No one feels secure in their place right now, as if at any moment we could all be swept out to sea. With Mars at the Anaretic of Pisces, no one is sure of who they are or where they belong, and indeed this can cause you to hermit pretty severely, or change your group of contacts drastically. Your values and your moral code are undergoing a rehaul right now, and after it happens you may not recognize your life. You will have a challenge to face, and you are your own opponent. You have to kill what is old and has outlived its time within yourself. To do this, you must seek solitude even though you want to be surrounded by those who care about you- you are not in a position to return that love at this point. Defeat yourself so that you can rise again. (Minor Planets used: Varuna, Quaoar, Salacia, Vulkanus, Siwa, Persephone, Achilles, Apophis)

Mars (Magician)-  Well well well, it looks like we are being given a super power.  So this New Moon happens literally the day before Mars moves into Aries.  This is it, it’s time to let your old dreams die and start using the tools you have been given.  Again, we are being told that we are in a state of chaos so that we can create.  Use that anxiety that has riddled your life and channel it into the energy needed to birth your dream into existence.  We have all felt like we are floating in the ocean, unaware of where up is or down is.  We are panicking and clawing at our throats, freaking out over the fact that we can’t figure out which way to invest our energy to find the air we need.  At this time we must remain still and trust in our intuition to push is through this lunation.  If we push in the wrong direction, it can be disastrous for us.  Aim for your target using your heart, because right now we are blindfolded to our future direction.  Aim true, because once Mars goes into Aries the day after this lunation, the chariot begins its roll through the battlefield.

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