Mars in Aries- Outrage

“They grew up thinking that all conflict is injustice.” – Madam Secretary

Effective Date: January 28th – March 10th, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars in Aries: THIS IS THE ONE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! I love, love, LOVE Mars in Aries! Finally, we get to leave the Pisces merde behind, with the second guessing and insecurity, the mental turmoil and stress; in order to unleash a primal yell at the heavens and cut through all the bullshit so that you can actually make some damn progress for once.

Mars and Aries (especially Mars in Aries) both have a bad reputation, and not one that is altogether undeserved.Mars scares people, because he represents that pure, unfiltered masculine energy. Mars is force, he is action, he is drive and he is power. Mars is piss and vinegar, he is the fire that burns within you to go out and conquer the world. Now, in most mainstream spiritual philosophy, Mars and the active masculine force are not welcome. In that mindset, the active masculine force is to be suppressed and revilied, something to be overcome and treated as nothing more than a stumbling block while the “Divine Feminine” is to be celebrated. Now I get it, typically this comes from a place of hurt, where these people have been hurt and victimized by the masculine force. In life and in astrology you cannot remain a victim, no matter what happens to you. You must keep going, and Mars is one of the forces that enable you to do just that.

Fear of what this represent should not prevent you from working with this powerful transit– And honestly that is good advice for any of them, whether you’re sweating an Eclipse or a Mercury Retrograde. This transit lends fearlessness to those who are bold enough to work with him. No matter who you are and what your situation, this will be a boon to you. Who doesn’t need to be a bit more bloody, bold and resolute in their life?

What Mars wants is to shake you up and wake you from your indolence. He is the friend who knows you’re in a funk, and while you’re sitting at home hiding from your life, he storms in and drags you to the gym with him. You have had your time to recover. It is time to get back up and get to work. Quit moping and get off your ass! Work with Mars instead of resisting him- He will win anyway. It reminds me of the scene in early Game of Thrones where Dany learns how to please her man- “You are no slave, and you should not fuck like one”. You need to see that you are your own force in life, and regardless you of your situation you need to reclaim your power in a bad way. This is your life, start acting like it!

 Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mars in Aries: (Cards-  Hermit, Knight of Pentacles, Justice)

This transit is an intense one, Heretics, full of blood and toil and rage.  We have witnessed so much this year; we have gone from feeling on top of the world to utterly helpless.  We have risen to heaven and fallen to hell, and finally we are becoming enraged.  Things are going to start happening, and not just from one side – but all sides.  I don’t know about you, but I am already beginning to feel this fiery Aries war energy coming in.  We will have a big push coming from multiple planets throttling into Aries (including Eros and Venus), so things are going to start getting far more impulsive (this could be a bad thing when we have a temperamental child in charge of USA right now).

This spontaneity can be both good and bad, just like any energy really.  It can get you to finally start on projects you have been letting collect dust.  It can get you off of your ass and into the streets. With a new moon in Aquarius happening the day before this transit, this Mars in Aries transit has a lot of political umph behind it.  With the Knight of Pentacles charging straight for the Justice card, we are finally willing to put in the work it takes to get a fucking fair outcome for once.  Let all of that rage, let all of that disappointment, fuel you for the fight to balance the scales- both in your personal life and in the life of the collective.

We have finally come down off of our mountain after an intense year of personal work, and the cards are telling me that we have all of the tools we need now to do the work that we need to do.  We literally just need to get to work.  This energy is going to be fickle, but if you can continue feeding the fire and maintaining it so that it doesn’t consume you and the people around you.  This energy can be dangerous as fuck, or it can be the literal life blood that you need to get yourself out of a deep well of misery.  It all depends on how you use it, how you channel it, and how you maintain it the next few months.

Fire energy is best channeled into art and sex – which seriously is some fun advice to follow.  If you feel like the rage is about to consume you, that is a clear indication that you need to funnel that energy into some art or hot, passionate sex.  That fire inside of you is pure creative force – the combustible energy a star needs in order to birth itself into existence.  Don’t let it destroy you, but use it as the primordial chaos that can manifest any of your dreams into existence.  Good luck out there, Heretics.  The world is about to set itself on fire.