Venus in Aries- Hustler

Desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving.” – Nayyirah Waheed

Effective Dates: February 3rd- June 6th 2017 (Retrograde March 4th- April 15th)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Venus in Aries: Gird your loins, boys and girls- We’re in for a rough ride. Yes, not only do we have a cosmic fuckton of relationship drama going on in the skies right now, but on top of that we have Venus retrograde to deal with! In Aries, no less! This makes the duration of this transit even more intense, as Venus is traditionally badly placed in Aries (I should know, I have this one in my natal!). It makes sense- the planet of harmony, peace and pleasure is not exactly happy in the sign of conflict, force and aggression.

That being said, this is a pissed-off Venus, and she has damn good reason to be. Not that she cares if it’s a good reason or not- She is a woman, after all! All she knows is that she is pissed and she is going to rage until she isn’t pissed anymore. Prepare to be in combat mode for the next three months- Peace is for the liars.

On that subject, Venus is about to awaken a major crusade in you to accept nothing less than the truth. You will view anything that is less than authentic as a personal assault and will be quick to react as such. Try and avoid this, what you view as a lie might just be a perspective you haven’t considered. Now I’m not telling you to not act on your instincts, I’m advising that when in doubt, give them just enough rope to hang themselves with. The truth will win out in this transit, it ALWAYS does. The true motivations of those around you will become sharply clear, and there will be no more fucking around.

Speaking of fucking around, this is a sexy, sexy transit! People, your libidos are about to be cranked up to 20, and you are going to want to find some way to let off some steam. Obviously there are good ways of doing this when you are partnered up, or well-versed in hookup culture, but what do you do when you have no one to take care of those needs? That’s when you run into trouble. A gym membership or some physical activity will help alleviate this issue. Insecurity will be your achilles heel during this long transit and it will be your challenge- You have to rebuild your broken ego from the ground up. Also, when did you decide that having fun was a luxury? You need enjoyment from your life, and you need to make it a priority NOW. At the end of this transit? You are going to be happy, hot, and radiating a joie de vivre. All you have to do is choose to make it happen!

 Artemis’ Tarot Take on Venus in Aries:

Cards-  Hermit, Queen of Wands, 10 of Cups

Don’t lose faith, my friends, for a new hope is coming soon.  But in order to get there, we must undergo another purging.  This time, through the element of fire.  We went through an emotional purging like no other since Scorpio season in late October.  We took to the “mountains” and have been hiding.  Those of us who have been most effected by the transits the past 2 months have hidden like Hermits, nit picking our entire existence or learning a new craft – depending on our disposition.  This transit is here to tell us to “come out, come out wherever you are,” for a great temptress has entered our midst.   The waters have been fierce, and just when we thought we were making headway for fucking once!  A beautiful autumn crept into an obliterating winter, and we went from feeling on top of the world – almost manic – into a world where we can’t tell up from down or if the next wave of this insufferable emotional ocean will do us in for good.

The thing is, Heretics, we are not perfect beings.  We are full of cracks and flaws, and these cracks and flaws allow us to mold ourselves differently and configuration in ways we couldn’t see before.  We are not immortal, perfect and unchanging.  We are chaotic ooze with a core made of plasma – ready to erupt into new states of being at any time.

You’ve got to get it right, so you are about to enter the land of temptation.   So Venus hasn’t gone retrograde since 2014, and she was the only planet that was not retrograding during The Tower Year (aka 2016).  Venus Retrograde is coming for the first time in years, and it is going to be in the sign that she is in determent in (Aries).   Now Mars is the ruler of Aries, making this sign full of “conquest.”  This means that during this transit, you will get a lot of fiery sexual energy thrown around – and almost indiscriminately.  When armies pillaged a village, part of the conquest was taking all they wanted.  Think of this transit in this way.  People – including you – will see something that they want and there will be nothing that can hold them back from it.

This is definitely “player” energy, so if you are interested in experiencing this – go out and flow in the debauchery.  Sometimes that debauchery in itself can be cleansing for those of us who are too reserved, but like everything else – moderation is key or you will mistaken the transient experiences for meaningful ones.  This energy is very volatile and can go in either direction – ruin or strength depending on how secure you are in yourself.  It will be easy to be carried off, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity to siphon off some delicious creative energy and joy.  If you are in a shit relationship, this transit will be what shakes you out of it.  Even if you don’t actively try to get yourself out of it… the temptations will come, and they will be far more interesting than whatever you have settled for.

This can be fantastic energy for pursuing your goals, but those of us who can’t handle this energy will express it as anger and outrage toward those we despise – and even those we love.  We will attempt to cut them out of our lives, thinking we can do better on our own.  This is just the Aries mania talking, and you should keep in mind that Aries energy is not lasting.  It is the initial spark, but it doesn’t know where to go once it has been sparked.  It will take great will to mold this into something useful, so stand your ground and bend the energy to your will – don’t let it bend you.  (I will be writing more about this in our upcoming Venus in Retrograde post)  

We will also have Mars and Eros transiting in Aries – and all 3 of these planets will transit past Uranus and Eris in Aries, implying there will be some fiery innovation – “I just need to be bad” behavior – and impulsiveness like you’ve never felt before.  If you are the type that can’t seem to give avoid temptation, this transit will not be easy for you.  The thing is, if you can survive the retrograde and the temptations it brings – if you can harness this energy and use it as fuel to propel yourself toward your goals instead of dissolving in hedonism.  If you channel this energy into the things that you know you want to go toward, you will come into a great emotionally elated state.  You will know that your will is far more powerful than any temptation, and you will come out with a solid determination that will guide you through the rest of 2017 like a blazing chariot.

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