Mercury in Aquarius- Whistleblower

…a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…” – Herbert A. Simon

Effective Dates: February 8th-26th, 2017

 Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mercury in Aquarius- (cards:  7 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, Hangman)

There are those of us who are sitting back, sobbing about what has transpired in the world.  We are feeling hopeless on this mad dash toward new forms of psychopathy. We have to keep this wheel going; we have no choice.   There is a way out, though, there always is, and there is always a trail.  You just need to pay attention to the patterns beyond the artificial noise…

Here is what this transit calls for: You must stand up to the illusions being thrown your way. You must fight through the attempts to subdue you, and channel an inner rage for righteousness for all humanity (hello Aquarius season). The propaganda is like soma, making us feel as though everything will go away if we just hide in our hovels and shutter the windows and shudder our bones. But it wont go away.  Ignoring it will only make it worse. Distracting yourself will only hurt everyone else around you. This transit is begging for us to work together to figure out what is real and what is not. The more you ignore your obligation toward the rest of humanity – your role in the greater scheme of things – the more illusions you will need to build around yourself to keep the guilt at bay. This is not beneficial for anyone. Not yourself. Not the rest of humanity and the world.

You feel as though you need to clutch on to something (probably a material safety blanket) in order to make it through the rough times right now. What you are not seeing – what you can’t see because you are being pumped with disorienting noise– is that there is a major completion happening right now. When we are learning grand spiritual lessons, our world is usually not in any apparent harmony. The world looks sick or it looks broken, but what we must realize is that it has been consecrated. The world has become a fertile ground for anyone to plant seeds of intention. And if you sit back and allow all of the misinformation to leave you distracted and scared, you will lose the ability to see beyond the situation and find where you can actually make an impact. We have all faced diverse experiences that make us the unique individuals we are now. During this transit, those varying experiences will show us what kind of warrior for the greater whole we need to become.

You need to put yourself in the back seat for once.  And yes, this includes your fears and your tears. You have the responsibility of action and of speaking out when you know something is harmful. You cannot sit back and allow institutions, tradition, or cultural norms to keep you from voicing what needs to be voice (Aquarius would never). With the focus of a laser, you must cut through the bullshit and shed light on situations where you can.  We must all do this together. It’s time to come out of your safe space. The stars are calling for warriors and saints, especially with all of this Aries in the air. Little to zero sympathy will be had for those who cannot adjust to the new world that is coming our way. We have no space for dead weight when we are digging through the quicksand of information overload and propaganda. Speak out in situations where you need to. Put lies to rest in both the macro and micro sense. Don’t shy away from your calling, for your role is so very important for the whole (and there’s nothing more Aquarian than that).


 Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury in Aquarius– Yes, you are reading those dates right. Mercury is about to rocket through Aqua and Pisces, on his way to Aries. If you’ve been keeping score at home, that means only one thing- We’re coming up on yet another Mercury retrograde! Yes, yes, I know we literally just left a long one, but its bearing down on us real quick. Get ready. Now this one is going to come at you hard and fast. There will be revelations that you didn’t expect and will not be able to handle hitting you from all possible directions. In the 21st century, there is no time off from information, and this will become painfully evident to you. This transit is the poster child for information overload. There will be no way to hide from it, or to ignore it. The only option you will have is to face it.

In the global sphere, this is one of those textbook propaganda transits. Combine that with what is already going on in the American political sphere? Well, say goodbye to net neutrality, freedom of speech, and prepare for full-on cyber war. This is the first one we will ever see, and I see it fast approaching. Of course no matter what happens, there will be massive outcry from the populace, and big protests. We’ve already seen that huge swaths of the population are ready to mobilize, and to do so very quickly. Combine that with the increasing status of real news outlets being ridiculed and called “fake news”, while actual inflammatory fake news sources are given press credentials? The biggest fear of those in power is information- They dread the day that all their dirty little secrets are exposed.

This does not extend just to political and global truths- Aquarius also rules spiritual secrets, specifically those dealing with humanity and the real potentials we have, especially mental ones. Now we have had many pretenders rise up claiming that they have the answers we seek, the secrets of our origins- who we are and where we are going, and what it will take to get there. Hell, I have been caught up being involved in more than my fair share of those false prophets myself. This, I think, will start to herald a resurgence of those who are the real deal. Those who are called will face great opposition, and will not be readily accepted by those who they seek to enlighten. In fact, their story will almost certainly end in tragedy for them. This is nothing to romanticize or make light of- You do not want this, trust me. More on that in the Mercury in Pisces post…

For you, do not fear- this is not a retrograde, not yet. We have some time before then. Your challenge will be to weather this storm. You will be praying for that Pisces transit, and you will need it to recover from this. Of course, after that is Aries and a retrograde, but that’s future you’s problem! You will be tasked with discerning what is true and what is falsehood, and you will need to make near-instant calls on this. No matter what, remember that you are being fed information, and that information serves someone’s purposes. There is always information being left out of the equation, so that you will never have the complete picture. Connect with those who are informed and educate where you can. Stay strong, everyone.