Lillith in Sagittarius: The Wilds

He was no dragon, Dany thought, curiously calm. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”  – George R. R. Martin, Song of Ice and Fire

Effective Date: February 14th-November 10th, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Lilith in Sagittarius: Can you hear it? That beat, deep within your soul? That call to your true self, who yearns to be free above all else? That pull to reject expectations and obligations and shuck off anything that seeks to drag you down? That, my friends, is Lilith, and she is waiting for you to join her in the dark hollows of your soul.

Okay, so we made it through our dark night of the soul that was her trip through Scorpio, and now it is time to take her lessons on what we cannot abide and put them into action. It’s no good if we are slaves to our emotions all the time, no, we need to actually be able to do something with them. They need to not be stumbling blocks that stand in our way and trip us up, but instead we need to make them our guide to true liberation.

Lilith in Sagittarius is best thought of as Daenerys Targaryen, her Khaleesi aspect- Queen of the wild riders, and wild in her own right. This is the part of the show where she starts truly owning her own power, and stepping into the role that her destiny demands of her, and this transit will act in a similar fashion. We have to be honest about what it is we want, and not just honest but candid about our desires! Denial of our feelings and emotions keeps us chained in service to some other agenda or agency, and Lilith will not abide that any longer. She refuses to suppress her self in order to glorify someone else’s wishes. No, Mutha does NOT play that! Lilith is wild and free, and going into Sagittarius only exacerbates that. Now even though she doesn’t have things like Rulership, I would give her an Exaltation in Sagittarius. It is just such a natural fit for her, and it will be to us as well.

Now, I know we have been talking a lot about the upswell of activism, protests and outrage on the ground level after the U.S. Elections, but the astro keeps feeding it! Lilith is no stranger to protest- in fact if the bible is to be believed, she is the first human to ever do it! She stood up for her rights and literally refused to lay down and take it, being nothing but a vessel for another’s pleasure with no regard to her own. She refused, and was cast from paradise into the wilds. Now, on first glance that may be a cruel punishment, but in actuality, Lilith got exactly what she wanted. In Eden, she was a toy, a trophy, a slave; After she was exiled, she was free.

I must put in a word of caution however- If you seek change hard enough, you will most likely get it, and not in a way you would like. Often this change comes at great cost, after hard-won battles. To fight for your rights almost always means losing your paradise. You must choose what is most important to you- Comfort or Justice. You cannot have both. Choose well.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Lilith in Sagittarius:

Cards:  Ace of Cups, Strength, The Chariot

It’s time to get up on that horse and lead the charge.  This is Lilith at her wildest, and that is one reckless and devouring beast!  Do you know that little voice inside of you that says, “Sit down, this isn’t your time.  Just wait.”  Welp.  It’s about to go bye bye.  With Lilith in Saggo, you can expect your desires to rebel to become instinctual.  Someone asks you to lay down your basic human rights?  Fuck no.  Someone insults your lover?  Fuck no.  Someone asks you to turn the volume down just a little?  FUCK.  NO.

So, as you can see, this could uh kinda get in the way sometimes.  But it can also be that match the finally lights a fire under your ass (even after you have been begged by planet after planet to TRANSFORM since the goddamn mutable meltdown in June).  This is like a gang of rouges getting ready to stick up a banker and his wagon – pure raw rage and wild abandon.  I suspect a lot more “black box” anarchism may become a thing because of this transit.  All of the planets are gearing up in political activist mode, and Lilith is no exception to this.  She wants to fight for her higher ideals, and in Saggo she is far more dogmatic about this.  Be ye liberal, anarchist, libertarian, alt right, or whatever the fuck, your behavior due to ideological dogma will become amped the fuck up.

This entire reading is pushed forward by the Ace of Cups, meaning that it is very emotionally charged.  You’ve had it.  You’ve had it to the point that your emotions are spewing out like a fountain; bubbling waters so riddled with emotions it has turned black.  What is it exactly that we feel?  Dread? Anger?  Fear?  I would argue it is an interjection.  Yes.  It is that divine spark deep inside of all of us that refuses to be told it is a mere mechanism that is crying out.  We have been told that we have no power – or minimal power that they will grant us after we petition and ask ever so nicely.  FUCK NO.  We have so much power that we have forgotten about because we have been broken.

So here is what Lilith is going to learn; a herd of wild horses is better at fending off an enemy than just one horse.  Think of it like this: our enemies are trying to tame us, make us into playdough so they can mold us to their pleasing.  Lilith is here to liberate us from becoming broken in, harnessed and paraded around like clowns.  It’s time for some maneuvering.  Sometimes we need our ideals to be fired up – become solidified so that we can have the conviction needed to actually fight for what is ours.  When the whole world is melting the fuck down, you either dance in the chaos or you plow through it like a chariot.  This Lilith wants to brandish a spear and take her place on the battle field, and she knows she is stronger with like minded Amazons taking the charge with her.  Take your independence and help your sisters and brothers gain theirs as well – this is what Lilith in Saggo is demanding of us.  ONWARD!  

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