Lunar Eclipse in Leo- Libertine

Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”  – August Wilson

Effective Date:  February 11, 2017 at 1:43 am UT at 22 Degrees Leo

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the Lunar Eclipse in Leo–  Okay, so this Eclipse. Lordt. This Eclipse is absolute magic, wrapped in a screaming anxiety attack. You will fear it at first, and who could blame you? Honestly it looks like a flaming car crash barrelling towards you, and trying to run headlong in the other direction is a perfectly natural reaction to that! Eclipses are always viewed as Harbingers of great change. This time it’s a Lunar Eclipse, so the change is internal and emotional. How fitting is that? After all we have been through lately? We are all emotional right now, sometimes for absolutely no discernible reason. It is totally normal. This eclipse is very much focusing on the completion of a cycle that was started last year. You did the work, and now you need to take another big step. What it also represents is that you are taking yourself far too seriously– Relax and stop believing your own hype! Your fear is ruling you, and holding you back. The only way to beat your fear is to take away its power by laughing at it- fear requires you to take it seriously in order to rule you. Embrace the path of the Fool, the cosmic jester. Life is not so serious- in fact it’s the biggest joke there is!

This Eclipse wants to save your life, and you have to let it. Let go.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Lunar Eclipse in Leo- Eclipses are powerful things, and they compel us from far, far away – like the moon itself.  You may have been wandering, stuck and alone in your head for the past few months.  You thought you had things figured out and then BAM something hit you out of nowhere and you are back at what you believe is square one.  Once you let go, once you allowed yourself to follow some strange path that seemed to make no fucking sense the further you walked along it, the closer you got to that land-marker that lit up the whole god damn world for you.  I know the last few months have been emotionally crushing, but we NEEDED to cleanse before we walked through the fire – or we wouldn’t make it through with all that residual muck of our past clinging on like a parasite.  Unfortunately we have to pay the toll for all our mistakes before we can cross the bridge.  A lot of you have left behind lives of convenience for lives lived from the heart.  This lunar eclipse will be your reward – your crown – and your divine grace.  This full moon will remind you why you did what you did.  So get ready for some divine inspiration.

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus– It sounds trite, but this eclipse is all about illumination. Wherever it falls in your chart is where you are going to get this major insight, and it is where you will finally wake up and get it right. A fog will be lifted with this eclipse, and you will realize what you have been doing wrong and how to fix it. This eclipse is not unkind, not in the least, not even with Saturn and Uranus being the main players. No, this eclipse sees the planets in some of their most compassionate roles we have seen in months, maybe years. I am honestly not sure what broke with them, but it is most definitely a welcome change. There is a real air of purification here, showing that the way forward is by refining and perfecting your life. This may feel like it is a heaven-sent message, but it truly comes from within you. Everything about this eclipse is self-centered, meaning becoming centered in oneself is the way to win here. Once your inspiration hits you, hold on to it. Do not forget, and keep trying to bring yourself to that place. Remember how it feels, that awakening within you, and keep that feeling. Coming from that emotional place will guide you through the storm that surrounds you, enabling you to avoid that which seeks to pull you under it’s waves.

Stop trying to destroy yourself. Where has self-flagellation gotten you? Your penance is served, and your debt is erased. It is time to move on from your punishment, and it is time to truly live your life. This is classic re-invention of life type of Astro, and as with all astro, the magic only works if you choose to use it. If you let this opportunity slip you by, don’t come crying to me when the lessons start up in Scorpio season, saying how you missed out! Let what needs to die, die already! Quit trying to give it CPR! Your frustration is coming from change not coming fast enough, but without you making room for it how can the change come about? You cannot keep striding your past and your future, you have to give yourself permission to jump into your destiny with both feet. Quit dithering and get to moving! You know what it s that you need to do, now give yourself permission to do so.

For this eclipse, you need to learn how to stand on your own two feet, instead of using those around you as a crutch. You do not have to cling to others in order to succeed. Stop being a parasite, you need to evolve. You are the real deal, my friend, and it’s high time that you started acting like it! You’ve been talking a big game, now you need to put your money where your mouth is. At the moment, no one takes you seriously, and this is the only way to change their opinion- prove them wrong. Do better, and the people who you want to notice, will. Becoming the change you want to see in the world starts within yourself.  (Minor Planets used: Eris, Hekate, Atropos, Damocles, Haumea, Ixion, Hygeia, Sisyphus, Narcissus, Echeclus, Chaos, Orpheus)

The Sun (The Chariot), Moon (Queen of Swords), Jupiter (2 of Cups), Saturn (3 of Pentacles) and Uranus (The Fool)-  So this entire full moon is reminding me of a giant flaming ball of inspiration.  There will be a grand trine in fire between Uranus, Saturn and the Moon, and there will also be a delightful sextile between Uranus and the Sun and Saturn and the Sun – fire and air.  I’m betting some creative energies, along with the sexual energies (see Mars and Venus below) will be turned up to 10 this weekend.  I can’t tell you enough how fucking happy I am to look at this chart after the hell-fire we have been experiencing since Scorpio season.  This is DIVINE fire, the good kind.  The kind you need in order to take on major challenges, boost your self esteem, and cut through the bullshit.  The sun will be motivating new ideas, fresh perspectives, and an air of rebelliousness.  This sun/Uranus sextile is like an alarm clock in our ears telling us it is time to GET TO WORK.   But a sextile is easy energy.  You will WANT to wake up.  And the sun sextile Saturn; you will WANT to get to work.  Your intellect (sun in Aqua- air) will get that fire injection is so desperately needs from both the father of rebellion and the father of restriction.  So we will have both of their blessings to move ahead (fuck yes).

You will realize that you have been sleeping – aye dreaming – long enough and it is time to get on with your day.  The Chariot and The Fool are clearly indicating that we must ignite our engines and jump into our future, no matter how much anxiety may be brewing underneath.  Hopefully the other planets will give you enough fire UMPH that you don’t even think about taking that step – you just do it.  Fuck, things will look TEMPTING and exciting for once, and you’ll want nothing more than to liberate yourself form the wreckage of your former life.  This is the final step of our grieving process.  Remember, as Yoda said, there is no god damn fucking “try,” only “do.”  This is the kind of moon this is.  We are about to spill our lifeblood (2 of cups) into the chalice of higher understanding, and for once we are not going to sit back and be told who we are.  “YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE”, roars the lion.  Even if you weren’t planning on starting a project, it is going to land on your lap (seriously, probably out of fucking nowhere).

Even though everything is inspiring, the moon is still about her tough love (thanks Queen of Swords).  Your inner world wont stand for laziness, wont stand for you sitting in the background, and wont stand for you not taking a stand.  Even if you didn’t think you had to stand up for yourself, you’re gunna have to (Leo full moons are also very, very DRAMATIC).  Take your crown, don’t think too much about it, and ACT.  If you see injustice, you will be called to ACT.  Leo takes care of his own, and he will devour you if you cross his friends.  This is the kind of force this moon is asking for.  You must stand up for what is right, and there you will receive grace and the map to your next destination.  Fire signs are all about action, and with the Sun in Aqua beneficially aspecting innovation driven Uranus, your mind will be quick to hop on board with no arguments this time.  This moon is giving us our DESIRE and PASSION back if we purge the last of our dead weight.

Mercury and Venus– Anxiety is kind of the hallmark of an eclipse, and this one is no exception. You can blame Mercury for that, and Venus isn’t helping matters much. The anxiety comes because there is something coming up for you that you do not wish to face, and you know exactly what it is. You cannot live your life in the shadows, you must own all of who and what you are. It lies and tells you that it is the safer route, the better choice, but these two are not having any of it. What you want and what you are doing have to align, and if they do not, then you need to rebalance yourself. Make yourself a priority in your own life for once! You need to choose what it is that really matters to you and chase after it with all that you have. No half-stepping! Have the courage to show the world who you are. (Minor Planets used: Crantor, Elatus, Sphinx)

Mercury (Page of Pentacles) and Venus (6 of Cups)-  We have another lovely sextile here between Venus and Mercury, and finally a sort of pleasantness to life even though shit is going bonkers.  Venus is telling you, “FUCKING ENJOY YOURSELF.  I am giving you lots of opportunities for this, and I am amping up your sex life.  What else do you mortals want from me?”  The ability for joy is so transient, and any time you are not in direct conflict should be a time of ease.  Your mind wants to get to work, and Venus wants to play, and I see no conflicts here…  Work doesn’t have to be dull and dreary.  Fuck, Mercury will be in Aquarius and Venus will be in Aries, meaning fucking try something new.  Experiment a little with your work, have fun with it, and ideas will flow like they have never flown before.  I don’t care how routine your existence seems to be, it is literally your perspective that makes you melt into that routine instead of engage in it.  Look at the world through the eyes of an excited child ready to experiment with everything she touches.

Don’t dive so far into the pleasure that you forget the work part.  There is always a warning not to be “naive” when the 6 of Cups is pulled, and in the realm of Venus, that means don’t let momentary pleasure get in the way of your values and future goals.  It is time to express your desires (hello Venus), but remember to bring your brain (Mercury) along for the ride.  It should also be said that the mind (Mercury) will get dull and far too cold without the infusion of passion from Venus (So yes, heart and mind playing together, neither leading the way, like tag team wrestling or some shit).  These two are essentially our “checks and balances” of this lunation.

Mars and Neptune– Inspired action. That is the keywords for these two. Big changes are happening for you, and you must rise to meet them, even if it feels like an impossible task. Your natural reaction is going to be to hermit and try to hide away from this eclipse, because it is going to bring up some hard truths for you. This will scare you, and you are not going to want to face it. You must.  What needs to happen is that you need to stop being afraid of your own shadow. Your self-imposed exile has to end NOW. What the astro wants, no demands from you is, total participation in your own life. Trying to skate through like a car on neutral sliding on a patch of ice is death, and that is what you are doing. If you shift gears, you can save yourself still, but you aren’t making any moves to as of yet! This astro is scared for you, and wants you to succeed, but you are unconsciously holding yourself back from doing so. You are your own worst enemy right now, and if you can accept the truth in front of your face that you are not making the right moves and resist responding with a bruised ego, but instead choose to adjust yourself, than you will get the crucial guidance that you need. (Minor Planets used: Asbolus, Amycus, Altjira, Circe, Terpsichore, Kassandra, Icarus; Chariklo)

Mars (10 of Pentacles) and Neptune (High Priestess)-   Well well well, why are all the cards so god damn archetypal?  It seems like everything is calling on it’s higher form, and things are actually working in our favor right now…  uh, too good to be true?  Sometimes amazing things do happen, Heretics, and brushing them off as fantasy when they are here because of YOUR making is dropping an opportunity.  Neptune is being kind of quiet during this chart, but the High Priestess reminds me that so much is going on underneath the surface.  The things that are going on cannot be spoken of…  This gives me both the chills and a sense of divine orchestration.  The High Priestess as Neptune tells me that dreams have been getting a bit strange or intense for everyone, and that we should pay very close attention to them.  We are receiving a fuck ton of messages from our subconscious right now, and this will come in flashes of insight, through the dream realm, or from our intuition.  Again – pay very close attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you right now because it is tapped in for sure.  Life around here has gotten, well, strange, and everyone is full of an ambition of a different nature.  People are starting to realize that the idea of redemption and success that they have been fed are far from satisfying.  It is becoming very apparent that real hard work with integrity gets you nowhere in a society that celebrates undermining your peers to get ahead.  Mars is outraged, and he is coming for what is his – just like you are.  We may not know exactly what it is that has been taken from us, but we are damned if we aren’t going to fucking find out.  

Pluto– Here we have the unsung hero, maligned as a villain. While Pluto has been the source of our problems in the last few years, here he is providing us with the strength that we need in order to survive the times when he doesn’t have all the power over us! Pluto has become our backbone, the foundation of who we are. What he has done is exposed our souls, and enabled us to see who we are, by ripping away the false idols and ideas that we tried to cling so desperately to. Pluto showed us the truth, and we wear him as a shield now. The truth that we accept can never hurt us. In one of my favorite book series, there was a Macguffin called the Sword of Shannara (the same title of the book it made its debut, imagine that), which would pass right through flesh if it was tried to use to cut or hack away at someone. You would think such a thing was worthless, save for a neat party trick, but it had the power to defeat the big bad and avoid a war- What it had power over was truth. The big bad cloaked himself in fear and lies, and used it as his power; He became what he was because of his fear and sought power to rid himself of fear, but he used fear as a weapon. The sword cut through those lies and revealed what was beneath, but before it could be used, it always showed the user the truth of themselves first. Sometimes it broke those who tried to use it because they could not accept the truth of who they were. Make peace with him, and yourself. (Minor Planets used: Cyllarus, Deucalion, Eros, Phaethon)

Pluto (King of Cups)-  Talk about a guy that is viewed as a bad guy but is really just trying to help…  Fuck, all of this pressure to confront ourselves and confront those around us may seem like it is making things worse, but it is actually peeling off the ugly top layers and giving us a juicy center.  Pluto is attempting to expose – pull off the emotional layers even further – and he asks you to keep your cool and trust him.  Uh, are we going to trust this guy?  Pluto?  Of all the planets?  Why yes.  Pluto wants to give us redemption.  He is our “hero’s journey,” and without his trails we wouldn’t be refined enough to step into our path.  We would literally be crushed by the weight of what we are suppose to be if we do not go through the trails of stripping ourselves of what we are not.  So yes, keep it together, says Pluto, keep the storm of emotions under check because this purging by fire is necessary right now.  He wants us to inspect our shitty views on essentially everything, so there will be plenty of situations that will come your way that will give you the opportunity to do this.  It will be up to you if you retreat back to habits and empty idealism, or if you actually see why you are making the particular stand you are making.  Fuck, this is good, we can’t educate ourselves enough on the stances we take.  Even though things may turn into a post modern soup because of this, trust in the process.  Trust in each other as well.  We are all going through this though some of us are far more vocal about it than others.