Jupiter Retrograde- Soldier of Fortune

Before the fruits of prosperity can come, the storms of life need to first bring the required rains of testing, which mixes with the seeds of wisdom to produce a mature harvest.” – Lincoln Patz

Effective Dates:  February 6, 2017 (23 Degrees Libra) – June 12, 2017 (13 Degrees Libra)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Jupiter Retrograde in Libra
– Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to another fabulous retrograde! Time to place your bets and spin the wheel! Never mind all that nonsense about the house always winning… You can’t win big unless you bet big!

Are you ready to bet it all? That is what Jupiter wants to know right now. This transit is going to make you feel like your luck has run out, and you are being kicked out of the casino on your ass. I’m sorry, but this transit will take you low- Real low. Right down to the gutter. I’m even more sorry to say that you’ve done this to yourself. You have taken advantage of those who care about you and extended yourself too far.  More importantly, it shows that you don’t respect yourself enough to treat them with dignity. You are focused on your own gain and survival, and are ignoring the ways you can help others. When was the last time you gave a damn and even TRIED to make someone else’s life better? Now you are all on your own, and have no one to bail you out of trouble. No matter who you are, this is a rough place to be in.

The good news is, you can in fact get yourself out of this. You can make your own luck during this transit. In fact, you have to- The bad news is that you have no other help coming. It is all on you. “But wait, Helios” you say, “Isn’t this transit taking place in Libra? Doesn’t that mean that relationships are the focus?” Well, educated reader, you’re right! Libra does focus on others, but this is a retrograde- This will focus on your relationship with yourself- It is seriously out of balance, which is why you keep scaring off those who seem like your perfect match. Once you do the work of these incredibly difficult transits then you will have a chance at what it is you really want again.

Jupiter is not alone in this transit. In fact it takes place in the middle of a lot of other Outer Planet drama and shenanigans. Most notably, Jupiter is opposed by Uranus and Eris. Doubling down on that intensity is Prometheus. This is not going to be easy for you, but you were the one talking about how you wanted to be more independent and live by your wits- This is what independence looks like. Jupiter is no longer holding your hand, because you think you are ready for the big leagues. This is your chance to prove it.

Jupiter gives you the chance because he loves you- even though you keep rebelling and demanding things before you are truly ready for them and what they entail. Saturn will be there in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign) to remind you of these, and come in like a loan shark, collecting on that credit you said you were good for. You can’t talk your way out of Saturn, or run away- you have to face him. Moreover, you have to pay him. Pluto is affecting this as well, the mob boss running the casino that Saturn reports back to. He cannot allow you to slight him and his name by letting you off easy, oh no! Then how would he command respect? All Pluto sees in you is some punk who is in his debt. You are going to have to pull off some serious magic to get out of this, and wouldn’t you know the cosmos is fresh out. Overdrawn on your magic account. Sorry bout it.

If you can get through this with all your teeth and both your kneecaps intact, you get to the true magic of this transit at the end- Neptune. The angel comes to you from the gutter, reaching out to save another lost soul and get them back on the path to heaven. You need to take the help that is given to you. Be grateful for it, and in fact be grateful for everything that you still have, regardless of what the cosmos throws at you during this transit. No it will not be easy, but if you shift your focus off of what you lack into what you still have, then you will find it much easier to make it through. Not to mention the bad guys HATE IT when you refuse to take them seriously. Nothing pisses them off quicker. Something to remember while you’re being tortured.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Jupiter Retrograde in Libra-

Cards:  8 of Cups, 4 of Cups, The Devil

I know, I know.  It is fucking horrible to start over again after all of the work you have put in.  Has something come out of fucking nowhere to fuck up all of your plans?  Whatever house Jupiter will be retrograding through is about to get a big fucking audit, and no one likes a fucking audit.  No one.  And what will this review be on, exactly?  Well, Jupiter wants to check that your outer world is matching your inner world.  AKA, he wants to know if you have actually been making steps toward justice and manifesting your true will into the world.  We have all been lazy in some way.  We have all failed giving ourselves justice.  That is, we have failed ourselves when it comes to committing to a higher calling and a refinement of the self.  If you have been expanding yourself without checks and balances – if you have been spending like a motherfucker – Jupiter retrograde is here to correct that behavior before it destroys your opportunities and ability to gain prosperity.

Jupiter in Libra is extremely concerned about balancing the scales; and this includes balancing the integrity of your actions.  Are you really performing at the capacity that you are capable of?  Are you slacking off?  If the opportunities Jupiter is offering you have been “saved for later” or completely passed over, you will be receiving the karma of these actions during this retrograde period.  Jupiter wants you to be prosperous.  Fuck, he is throwing chances your way, but weakness of will, self esteem issues, fear and anxiety will clog up your doorway of opportunity just as quickly as it opens.  Jupiter wants to make sure we don’t get lost on our way, so these adjustments are extremely important for our higher work.

8 of Cups.  So you moved on from shit.  Good job.  It’s not over.  You know tough love is how we do it here at Heretical Oracles, and I’m not to lie to you and tell you that you are going to be the beneficiary of some good fortune if you just believe.  No, that’s not how it works.  You may want things very badly, or fuck you may even be in a delusional state believing you have them,  but this Jupiter retrograde is here to make sure you are on the right fucking path because you are surely missing something (4 of Cups).

You’ve been so concerned with future aspirations that you forgot the adjustments in your present.  But don’t worry, Jupiter retrograding is going to give you a chance to snag back all of the things you have missed but he wont be offering any of his sheer strokes of good luck this time around.  This time around it is all you, baby.  You must be a soldier of fortune and fight for your opportunities – prove yourself after all of the shit you have missed because of your own personal inconsistencies.

So yes, this will be humbling, but it will also be the refinement you need.  Whatever contemplation and adjustments happen during this retrograde period, we will reap the rewards for them once Jupiter comes back to 23 degrees Libra (so expect your hard work to really pay off September time, before Jupiter enters Scorpio and other people’s money haha).  Until then, you have to be very careful not to slip back into extravagant temptations (the Devil).  Remember, you choose to remain a victim.  Jupiter wants to know that you will fight for what you need before he gives it to you (and extra, because he always loves adding the extra).  As Helios so famously says, “The best way to work with Jupiter is to ignore him.”  Well, it’s time to ignore divine grace, because this god only saves those who first attempt to save themselves.

One more quick warning before I go; those with high amounts of greed will feel this transit tremendously and feel empty because of it.  Therefore they will resort to more and more ruthless behavior to fuck people over and receive their “due.”  Pay attention to your money, and pay attention to people in positions of power who may be able to take that from you.  This can be especially concerning due to our political climate.  There is a high potential for corruption during this transit, but you must remember that justice will be served for this shitty behavior once Jupiter goes direct on their asses.  We always pay the toll for our actions.  Don’t ever forget this.

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