TNO Watch: Teharonhiawako

Helios– Within all of us is a struggle between good and evil. When it comes to which one wins? Well that my friends, is up to you! And today’s TNO!

The Astronomy:
88611 Teharonhiawako is a trans-Neptunian object and a member of the Kuiper belt, measuring about 220 km in diameter. It is a binary object, with a large companion named Sawiskera which at 126 km in diameter is about two-thirds the size of its primary. Teharonhiawako was discovered on August 20, 2001, by the Deep Ecliptic Survey, and Sawiskera was identified a month later. The primary is named after Teharonhiawako, a god of maize in the Iroquois creation myth, while the secondary is named after his evil twin brother Sawiskera. The objects were named in 2007.Sawiskera’s orbit has the following parameters: semi-major-axis—27670 ± 120 km, period—828.76 ± 0.22 days, eccentricity—0.2494 ± 0.0021 and inclination—144.42 ± 0.35°(retrograde). The total system mass is about 2.4 × 1018 kg

The Myth: The Earth was a thought in the mind of the ruler of a great island floating above the clouds. This ruler was called by various names, among them Ha-wen-ni-yu, meaning He who governs or The Ruler. The island is a place of calm where all needs are provided and there is no pain or death. On this island grew a great apple tree where the inhabitants held council. The Ruler said “let us make a new place where another people can grow. Under our council tree is a great sea of clouds which calls out for light.” He ordered the council tree to be uprooted and he looked down into the depths. He had Ata-en-sic, Sky Woman, look down. He heard the voice of the sea calling; he told Ata-en-sic, who was pregnant, to bring it life. He wrapped her in light and dropped her down through the hole.

All the birds and animals who lived in the great cloud sea were panicked. The Duck asked “where can it rest?” “Only the earth can hold it,” replied the Beaver—the oeh-dah from the bottom of our great sea—”I will get some.” The Beaver dove down, but never came up. Then the Duck tried, but its dead body floated to the surface. Many of the other birds and animals tried and failed. Finally the Muskrat returned with some earth in his paws. “It’s heavy”, he said, “who can support it?” The Turtle volunteered, and the earth was placed on top of his shell. When the earth was ready the birds flew up and carried Ata-en-sic on their wings to the Turtle’s back. This is how Hah-nu-nah, the Turtle, came to be the earth bearer. When he moves the sea gets rough and the earth shakes.

Once brought to the surface the oeh-dah grew and became an island. Ata-en-sic heard two voices under her heart and knew her time had come. One voice was calm and quiet, but the other was loud and angry. These were the Do-yo-da-no, The Twins. The good twin, Hah-gweh-di-yu or Teharonhiakwako, was born in the normal way. The evil twin, Hä-qweh-da-ět-gǎh or Sawiskera, forced his way out from under his mother’s arm, killing her.

After the death of Sky Woman the island was shrouded in gloom. Hah-gweh-di-yu shaped the sky and created the sun from his mother’s face saying “you shall rule here where your face will shine forever.” Hä-qweh-da-ět-gǎh, however, set the great darkness in the west to drive down the sun. Hah-gweh-di-yu then took the Moon and Stars from his mother’s breast, and placed them, his sisters, to guard the night sky. He gave his mother’s body to the earth, the Great Mother from whom all life came. Ga-gaah, the Crow, came from the sun land carrying a grain of corn in his ear. Hah-gweh-di-yu planted the corn above his mother’s body, and it became the first grain. Ga-gaah hovers over the corn fields, guarding them from harm but also claiming his share. Hah-gweh-di-yu, corresponding to the Huron spirit Ioskeha, created the first people. He healed disease, defeated demons, and gave many of the Iroquois magical and ceremonial rituals. Another of his gifts was tobacco, which has been used as a central part of the Iroquois religion.

Why He Matters: Well, when we look at Teharonhiawako, we must look at him as a binary- Teharonhiawako and Sawiskera. One good twin, one bad twin. It is essentially an analogue to the Cain and Abel story, the passing of mankind from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle to the hunter style. It helps us explain our urge to destroy. Fittingly, this Trans-Neptunian represents the struggle of good and evil within each of us. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other does. Unfortunately we cannot banish one or the other as Teharonhiawako did, so we have to live with both within us. We must always seek balance, and use the struggle to create and not to destroy ourselves and what is around us.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 88611, for Teharonhiawako. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Teharonhiawako affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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