Eros in Taurus- Indulgent

“All life is a jest, Imhotep – and it is death who laughs last. Do you not hear it at every feast? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die.” – Agatha Christie, Death Comes as the End

Effective Dates: February 26th- April 2nd, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Eros in Taurus– Ahhhh, Eros in Taurus; Now this ingress I can get behind! The god of Passion into randy Taurus? What more could you want?! Let me answer that- (hush now; Im speaking for you) well, quite a bit actually.

While Eros in Aries is great, (yes I am biased, its my placement and one of my favorites), He can come off as desperate, and his love in Aries is a naive and puerile puppy love. Eros in Aries is about the first days of love, when everything is great and you and your lover want nothing more to be in each others company, making out on street corners and generally disgusting the rest of us. Eros in Taurus represents the phase of romance when you get more used to each other, and the shine wears off a bit but you still want to be together. It’s the time when you let the pretenses drop with each other, allowing the bonds to deepen; You can fart in front of each other, are okay wearing schlub clothes and not dressing up just to see each other. It’s when you stop missing social engagements to bang each other’s brains out and start missing them because you are five episodes deep into a Netflix binge.

Eros in Taurus is concerned most with getting their needs met- because life is too damn short to be with someone who doesn’t fuck you right! Look, unless they know how to do that thing with their tongue and those fingers in that spot at the same time while the lemur is…. The details aren’t important. During this transit you will make your needs a priority, and be focused on their fulfillment; Whether someone else helps you with that or you do it your damn self, because Taurus is nothing if not stubborn as all hell.

Those of you who are of the single persuasion, whether temporarily or as a lifetime pattern, will feel the pull to partner up. I get it, it’s spring(ish) and you’re surrounded by people who are partnered and happy, who are just adorable as all hell and it pisses you off that you aren’t in their shoes. It’s trite, but love isn’t something that you can force, trust me I have tried! You have to let it find you, and go through a lot of the wrong people. You have to be on your own for a while before the right partner comes along sometimes. Sometimes, you are scared of the right partner, so you don’t put yourself out there; No risk that way. You cannot have it both ways, though-  You have to risk rejection if you want to find your One. Secret relationships are for political mistresses and Rentboys.

The true goal of Eros in Taurus is to explore pleasure- He wants to drink fully from the cup of life and taste every delight it has to offer. We live such a sensory-driven life that most of us have all the pleasure we want literally right at our fingertips; We can order food, wine, a massage or a good fuck, all from our phones. Yet that paradoxically takes us further from what we want. The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio, and they crave the depths of connection and understanding. Scorpio wants to be truly known in love, they want to be seen, scars and all. At the end of the day, chasing easy tail isn’t going to satisfy you for long; You need to find the real thing, no matter how much you lie to yourself. You want something that can grow, something with potential. Taurus wants to build, the sign rules over the growth of all things, especially love. In relationships we grow, both from each other and together. That is the gift of this transit, if you are willing to accept it.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Eros in Taurus- (Cards: 6 of Cups, 2 of Cups, The Empress)

When will we realize that we are truly living in the Garden of Eden?  The fall was merely a change of perception.  I mean, we get glimpses of it, from time to time, when we allow ourselves to be completely engulfed in the moment.  When we are in the throes of anything, we wish to completely indulge in it.  To savor it to the very last drop.  And these may very well be our last days of ease, Heretics, so this transit is making itself evident just in time.  This is my natal position for Eros, and the energy is very familiar to me and extremely comforting.  Taurus knows how to live, in the moment, right here in this flesh based world.  We are so lucky to be able to live in a body where we can feel all of these things.  Why not take advantage while we can?  Why not anchor in our body – be in our bodies – while everything is chaotically shifting into a new paradigm?

In your personal life, indulgence is how you relieve stress.  When life has you bogged down, it’s moments of pleasure that keep our fires going.  Why do you think people make decadent meals when they are having a hard time?  Why do you think passionate sex makes you forget about the whole wide world?  Being in the moment is when we feel true joy; when we actually step into our extatic infinite nature.  We are suppose to be here – now – not living in the future or the past in illusory mental realms.  Why do you think falling in love with someone makes your life so fucking exciting?  Because, for a time, we are actually living in the now and experiencing life through our bodies fully, completely, obsessively.  If we stay in our bodies and experience the now, then we will see just how simple and lovely and delicious life can be.  The moments you remember are the intimate and comfortable times with those you love, with activities that give you release, and a sense of jovial fun in life.

With both Mars and Venus in Aries, and Eros now moving into Taurus, sex will become far more prominent in everyone’s lives – even the people who aren’t having it will have it on their minds.  This could be troublesome for people who have relationships that are already on the rocks.  With this Venus in Aries about to go retrograde, weak relationships are dropping like flies.  Either Jupiter in Libra is helping people find their people or it is shedding the flimsy relationships we are getting into simply because of the passionate energy around us.  Don’t confuse passionate moments for longevity.  Eros in Taurus not only craves sensory pleasure, it also craves dedication (Taurus gets off on dedication), so it will go hand in hand quite nicely with this Venus retrograde that is happening (plus the Psyche retrograde we have going on + Juno in Capricorn).  We are either finding dedicated, life long relationships right now or getting a healthy dose of “get the fuck out of this weak ass relationship.”  We know what we want.  We want Eden on Earth, and if the partner we are with can’t supply it – Venus going retrograde will surely destroy any relationship that is there because we have “settled.”

This transit will make us crave the type of sex where you want to lose yourself in your partner and the sheets forever, because it will feel so fucking good and real and solid compared to the chaotic, mutable Piscean world around us.  Love – erotic love at that – is where we are going to find stability, so if you don’t have a partner who can “go there” with you, you’re going to be itching to find them.  So use your love making as an anchor – explore the little pleasantries in life together because you truly are living in the Garden of Eden.  All you have to do is actually look.  We have been so desensitized, told what it is that is “perfect” and what we should crave.  During this transit you wont be able to settle for any of that fake shit anymore.

You will want dedicated, passionate, soul lifting love that helps you power through the rough transits coming our way, and you wont settle for garbage shallow interactions while Eros is in Taurus.  Venus in Aries will also be bringing the passion back into your life, and giving those of you who need it the umph to hack off your empty relationships.  Go with it – we are being pushed to do this for a reason.  In the end, all we want is to indulge in the world we have been placed in; to really experience meat of life before we move beyond these bodies.  Take advantage of what you have been given – the pleasures of the flesh.

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