Venus Retrograde in Aries- Babylon

“53. For thy sake shall I stride through the flames of Hell, though my tongue be bitten through.
54. Let me behold thee naked and lusting after me, calling upon my name.
55. Let me receive all thy manhood within my Cup, climax upon climax, joy upon joy.
56. Yea, we shall conquer death and Hell together.
57. And the earth is mine. ” – “Liber 49, The Book of Babalon”, channeled by Jack Parsons

Effective dates:  March 4, 2017 – April 15, 2017 (In Shadow April 15th – May 19th 2017)

 Helios’ Astrological Angle for Venus Retrograde
– So tell me what you want. I mean what you really, really want. I’ll tell you what I want, what I REALLY, REALLY want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna,
I wanna really, really, really wanna be on the other side of this transit already! You can keep the ziga-zig-ah- and did anyone ever figure out what that means? Or will it be another one of the great unsolved mysteries like how the pyramids were built or why we still have a fluorescent orange man-child with a bad toupee who has a nuclear arsenal in his tiny, tiny hands? I guess we’ll never know…

What we are about to know is what it is that we want in our deepest heart of hearts, because Venus Retrograde is not about to hesitate in showing us. Venus in Aries will rip down any facade that you have- She is always on a crusade and seeking a truth, and she approaches that truth like it is a live grenade in her pocket, just waiting to lob out in a crowded market for maximum collateral damage. Anything that is less than 100% authentic in your life will not survive this transit, and that goes double for your love life. So if you are cheating on your partner, leading someone on while you play the field, or living any kind of double life, it will all come to light during this transit. This may sound like a prime opportunity to book the next flight out to Argentina to avoid having to face the music, but if you do, you miss the opportunity to be done with situations that you would rather be extricated from so that you can live a more real and authentic life.

Once your oh-so-carefully built and maintained walls come crashing down, what then? Well Venus sure isn’t done with you yet! No, now it’s time to rehash old love mistakes stories, and see what you have learned from them. Now before you get excited, know that the one or two you’re hoping for are probably not happening- No, these are the 99 others that you still regret, pined for after they broke your heart, or never even got their name. The worse it was, the more likely it will come back to haunt you. Consider anything from 2015 til now fair game. What has changed for you since then? How have you grown? Would you still make the same mistakes that keep you up at night again if you had another shot? That is what Venus wants to know from you.

Venus in Aries loves action, directness and cutting right through the bullshit, but the retrograde stops that dead in its tracks- You may want to pursue that hot guy who swiped right on you, then had two awesome dates with, but then whose brother mysteriously disappeared and afterwards he never returned your calls or messages, but the truth is he probably made the story up and ghosted you for some stupid reason. You have to realize with Venus certain aspects are out of your control, and depend on the other person in the relationship, no matter what form it takes. The Goddess of Love can only do so much. Regardless its an indicator that in at least one way, you are not right for each other, and in the end the point of dating now is more about figuring out if you are wrong for each other as early on as possible so as not to waste everyone’s time. Well, that and a booty call…

I see a lot of other astrojunkies treating this transit lightly- You do so at your own peril. Venus in Aries is dangerous on her best day, and when she’s retrograde even more so, because she is unpredictable. Add in Uranus and Eris egging her on to do body shots and dance on the bar, and hard aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto? Gird your loins people, after this you’ll be begging for the Cardinal Crisis to be back. Not to mention that almost the entire rest of the sky is completely focused on all sorts of love drama, and you have the makings of a decent daytime soap opera!

Venus is acting out and rebelling against anything she can get away with right now, because she is acting from a place of fear- fear that she isn’t (and you aren’t) good enough. She is afraid of playing on a deeper level than she has been, and is afraid that she will be out of her depth. The unknown terrifies her, because she doesn’t know if it is a challenge that she can win, and so she runs from it. Venus in Aries is mortified of looking like a fool– She can play one, but she desperately wants to be taken seriously, as do you. This fear keeps her from taking the leap to get what it is she actually wants. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are giving you the chance to prove what you can do, but you will have to step up to their challenge. At some point the rubber has to meet the road, and that time is now.

Its not all bad though- Venus Retrograde is going to be the spark that reignites your passion for your own life. She is clearing away the dead wood so that it can be used to burn away the old and rotting in your life, what you cannot even see anymore. The fire will illuminate, restore and reinvigorate you. Take it within yourself and allow yourself to be reborn, fresh and new. That is the gift of Venus Retrograde.

 Artemis’ Tarot Take on Venus Retrograde– (Cards: The Fool, High Priestess, 10 of Swords) Mmm, secrets.  There is nothing that tears lovers a part more than secrets.  They are destructive.  Explosive.  There’s nothing like them, and there’s hardly anything more powerful.  The secrets of the universe control our fate.  The secrets of the state control our lives.  The secrets of our lovers control our hearts and minds.  Aye, but this Venus in Retrograde is armed with liberation.  She wants you displeased.  She wants you so torn down that you literally have nowhere else to go but her arms. And then, Heretics, only then will she give you the gift.  The gift of secrets revealed. She will come down with fiery passion.  You will meet her somewhere that you’ve been a million times before, but this time she will be like a burning flame in it’s center.  She may be a young man with blood red hair and the grace of a swan, or an old, elegant woman with a ruby red glass of wine and plenty of time to spare.  She may be a red alert on your phone, or perhaps a red banner streaming on the bottom of a newscast.  She will catch your attention, however she chooses to manifest, and you will know her presence.  And there the secrets will spill forth like water quenching a cup.

During this transit, Venus will move from Evening Star to Morning Star (March 27 exact date of the switch over).  Who else do we call the Morning Star?  Oh, that’s right; Lucifer.  Venus retrograde lasts 40 days and 40 nights, just like the Temptation of Christ by the devil in the desert.  And she will tempt and test you at every turn…  But first it will offer you opportunity.  Opportunity to break free of your confines, of your stagnation, of your mistakes – in both love and finance.  She is giving you one last chance to fucking prove yourself, Heretics.  Aries season is upon us and we have a Uranus/Eris conjunct during this retrograde, meaning expect the unexpected.  Even from yourself.  Until Venus turns into the Morning Star, you will have plenty of opportunity to use this retrograde to your advantage.

And how the fuck do you do that?  Well, Venus in Aries blesses the bold.  She also rules instincts – especially when it comes to love and money.  A person with a natal Venus in Aries knows when they aren’t wanted, and they know when the energy flow of the relationship is trickling.  Because Venus also rules over money, this retrograde will allow you to inspect all of the financial decisions you have been making – giving you a chance to redeem yourself if you have the audacity.  She is asking for a warrior, and a warrior doesn’t back down from a challenge.  This is a Ride or Die bitch, so if you jump on this bandwagon and into the work – be it of the heart or of the coin – without hesitation and over-thinking (Aries hates that), she will bestow you with the very things your soul desires.  But, it comes with a price (just like any deal with the devil).

Once she turns into her hell on heels Morning Star version, if you did the work, you will be tempted to drop all of that work for something else that you truly desire…  But, just like Jesus, it wont be the thing that your soul craves. It may be what your flesh craves, or your pride, or your piece of mind, but it will, in the end, cripple you spiritually.  You can perhaps use this time as a mirror.  Sometimes temptations can jar us out of bad situations.  They make us think – why were we tempted in the first place?  Is there something that is not stable in our lives?  Are we in relationships we don’t really want to be in, or are we merely being prompted to confront an issue in our relationship that will solidify our bond further once addressed? These are great contemplations for this time.

Venus Retrogrades are usually a time for zombie romances – meaning ex’s, both scorned and wanted will be making appearances. You’ll be forced to review these relationships and why they failed (a lesson you still for some fucking reason need to learn)- and sometimes you might fail yourself and get trapped back in these energies.  Keep in mind when they visit; they are the dead coming to relive their past because that’s what the dead fucking do.  These people are merely back to check your fortitude.  Remember – 40 days and 40 nights of temptation in the desert, meaning there will be mirages.  Venus is in detriment when she is in Aries, because the loving moral compass of a planet becomes a wild, debauchery driven fiend ready to jump on the first hot thing that comes along.  You’ll have to fight this as well, because temptations will be behind every corner.  Remember, think with your gut, not your loins and ego, and you’ll make it through this maze of mirrors, Heretics, and when it’s over you’ll realize you have instinctively found some strange shortcut to an oasis.

Jupiter in Libra this year is attempting to help us find our soul mates –in love, business, and friendship. Jupiter is currently retrograding, and Venus will be joining him, shaking up and reviewing the partnerships you have been making and ending since September.  When the planets go into retrograde, the gods turn their backs.  They give you a chance to prove yourself – your faith and courage – in the face of having zero guidance from the divine – only punishment and reward when you hit your mark.  It is up to you now to decide if your decisions were based on your true path or were horrible fucking mistakes that could cost you miles on your road.  Has your deep, romantic relationship been a false alarm meant to test if you can tell the difference – are there secrets deep down you didn’t even know about that are rotting your heart?  Is your business partnership leaking holes like a dam about to give way; secrets rotting your financial life…?  Venus will bestow you with those secrets only if you are bold enough to look.  How do you know if you should look?  And where you should look?  Think with your gut.  Aries demands it.

Some positives?  If you were shy about your creative pursuits before, you definitely wont be now.  You will want to show the world what you can do.  This is an immense time for creative types – especially the introverted kind.  Make art like fucking crazy, because this is your time to get noticed and this is your time to innovate like you have never innovated before.  You will be rethinking any creative projects you have been doing – reviewing and mixing in a little bit of chaos.  Retrogrades are always good for artists, and this retrograde is no different.  Warning though- keep an eye on all your financial transactions during this time because money seems to vanish as if out of nowhere.  This can also mean that money can appear out of fucking nowhere as well.  Set your intentions, and don’t get burnt too bad, Heretics.

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