Centaur Spotlight: Asbolus

Helios– What would you do if you could see the future? Would you tell everyone you know? What if you saw something terrible ahead, could you tell them? Would you take action to try and change the future? How could you live with the secrets that you knew? Well, Asbolus has been there, and he is here to help.

The Astronomy– 8405 Asbolus is a centaur orbiting in the Outer Solar System between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune. It was discovered on 5 April 1995. It measures approximately 80 kilometers in diameter. Asbolus is currently classified as a SN centaur since Saturn is considered to control the perihelion and Neptune controls the aphelion. It currently has a perihelion of 6.8 AU, so is also influenced by Jupiter. Centaurs with a perihelion less than 6.6 AU are very strongly influenced by Jupiter and for classification purposes are considered to have a perihelion under the control of Jupiter. In about ten thousand years, clones of the orbit of Asbolus suggest that its perihelion classification may come under the control of Jupiter. No resolved images of it have ever been made, but in 1998 spectral analysis of its composition by the Hubble Space Telescope revealed a fresh impact crater on its surface, less than 10 million years old.

The Myth– In Greek mythology, Asbolus was a centaur. He was a Seer,or an augur. He was a diviner who read omens in the flight of birds. He foresaw the Centaurs’ battle against the Lapiths at Pirithous’ wedding, and attempted to prevent them from attending, but he failed. He is mentioned in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, “…Asbolus the prophet who had warned, Though no one heard him, all his friends; To give way, not to fight [the Lapithae]. He cried to Nessus, “You need not run; you shall be saved till that fine day Hercules’ arrow strikes your back.

He appears again when Heracles came to visit the centaur Pholus. Pholus opened a jug of wine for him which belonged to all the Centaurs; Asbolus saw Pholus do this and brought the other Centaurs, who, as it was proved by Pirithous’ wedding, were unused to the drink. It resulted in a bloodbath in which Pholus and Chiron, as well as Nessus, met their deaths at Heracles’ hands. It is said that Asbolus himself was crucified by Heracles’ arrows.

Why He Matters– Out of all the Centaurs, Asbolus is the most mysterious to me. Whenever I try and understand him, it’s like I hit a wall, or more accurately a veil. Asbolus shrouds himself in his secrets, and gives little up. Other astrologers who have studied him in greater detail have made the conclusion that he is serious, humorless and acerbic; But why? All the other centaurs are bawdy, riotous and indulgent- Why isn’t Asbolus? Well, as a seer he had a duty. He felt the full weight of his knowledge of the future, and it crushed him, as it does to many who do that kind of work. He had a reputation for never being wrong either- Imagine the burden that is to bear! Always being right, always knowing what comes next while at the same time being powerless to stop or change it, and never being able to talk to anyone about it? God, its a miracle that he didn’t go insane!

In his ending though, his true colors are revealed- when the smell of the wine that Pholus (coming next month) permeates the air, his sight is blocked and he loses himself in the moment. He leads the charge to get the wine from Pholus and give it to all the centaurs and acts on his passions. His dour nature was a reaction to his pain, protecting himself from the obligation that his foreknowledge had become and the secrets that he had to keep. In the wine he saw a way out- a way to be rid of what he viewed as a curse, which set him apart from his brothers and cut him off from any sense of belonging. He craved his self-undoing; The wine, and his death, freed him in the end.

In the chart he represents a point of burden, whatever shape that may be will be revealed by house. He may indicate psychic talent, leading to mediumship or augury, but I am not one who likes to make those types of claims. He most certainly indicates knowledge, the type of knowledge that has to be kept secret due to its danger. Asbolus-heavy charts may have a strong predeliction for drink, taken to its extreme possibly alcoholism or drug use for escapism.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 8405, for Asbolus. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Asbolus affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Steven says:

    Hi, i enjoyed this column. Im still in research mode, and I try to go deep to get to the good stuff. It will take me a while before things sink in. But I tend to disbelieve many writers who seem to be telling the story from their book, “How I think it should be” instead of “This is what experience taught me”. As i begin to collect many writing samples for a future book, I am often tempted to write about the ideas and advice which turned out to be bullshit. Theres quite a bit that falls into ths bs category. I appreciate your care in choosing your words.

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