Mars in Taurus- Swords To Plowshares

“Work work work work work” – Rihanna

Effective Dates: March 11th- April 22nd, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars in Taurus– Wake up boys and girls, you’re wasting daylight and there are chores to be done. Mars is moving to a new sign, and that means a change in energy! About time too, because any more Aries and he might have killed us. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re ready because it’s time to WORK.

Some of you might be wondering why in the hell we are doing farm references on this one. Well, originally Mars was a god of the grain, aka of crops and the farm. Now that probably doesn’t explain much, until you think about it- Mars is now a War god. At some point, there was a farm that got raided by bandits, and there was a farmer who was not going to put up with it. At some point, a man who didn’t want to had to take up weapons to defend what was his, to defend what he was building. At some point, blood had to be spilled, thus Mars as we know him was born.

For this transit, we need to invert that myth. We are all too ready for battle- That’s not a criticism, we have had to be with the events of recent years. We were made into soldiers, and we had to fight. Now we face a new challenge: Coming home from the battlefield. We have to adjust into a civilian way of life, and that shift is not an easy one to make- ask anyone who has done it. The loss of a regimented life, the loss of clarity of goal, having to find your own way and not having any orders given to you; These are hard to adjust to.

More importantly you are challenged to find a way to re-purpose what you learned in the conflict of recent years, the turmoil that you went through, and make it worth something on the other side. We will need those skills we learned in the thick of it to help us in building and securing our homestead. In Pisces, we regained our soul, then in Aries we made our moves. In Taurus we have to commit to and build on what we have. We need to work, and this will take dedication, constant effort to get right. One of Taurus’ best gifts is focus: They can get their tasks, put on these mental blinders like horses have to keep them focused on what is ahead and nothing else, and then just go for miles. Taurus’ stamina is legendary, but the struggle is getting them started. It can be a lot, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by what you have to do, but constant effort and not sloughing off during this time creates magic. Work now, play when he gets to Gemini.

Artemis Tarot Take on Mars in Taurus– (Cards: Temperance, 9 of Pentacles, Justice)

Right off the bat patience is asked of us.  Temperance makes an appearance in this reading, indicating to us that we are about to enter a forge; a transcendental state of re-emergence.  We are like caterpillars in a cocoon, instinctively moving ourselves toward metamorphosis.  This is a temper smothering type of transit.  You’ll want to go where you can get some space, lay out your art form (or your food), and work diligently.  You’ll start regaining your patience and you’ll slowly start accumulating your drive.  If you have been floating through Pisces season with millions of ideas with nowhere to go because anxiety and depression are through the roof, then this is your lifeline.

Mars in Taurus is the spirit to keep going even when you feel the staggering weight of all your burdens.  This Mars would do incredibly well during a siege – he would rather starve to death than give you his life to take.  So yes, Mars in Taurus is extraordinarily hard headed.  He is Mars’ energy and drive with the patience of Venusian ruled Taurus, and this makes for Varys from Game of Thrones kind of combination.  He will make his plan, slowly and methodically, and execute it to perfection.  This can lead to issues for Mars in Taurus, where a perpetual pursuit of perfection diminishes their ability to even get out of bed. Once a native of this natal placement realizes the perfection of creation as it is, then they can finally relish in their role as a builder.

Mars in Taurus is here to learn the very nature of flesh and matter itself, and the combination of Mars and Venus gives a tremendous sexual element to this Mars sign.  In the end, this transit wants to be a peace maker and relish in the garden, but there will be a lot of fucking aggravating energy coming our way to shatter this dream.  You must meditate through the storm, and your meditation will be on the earth.  Learn to make something with your hands, delve into a science, start growing things, have long bought of sex on your days off and lay around with each other.  Mars in Taurus is extremely seductive and heavy on the foreplay, so expect a lot more indulgent sexiness in your realm (especially with Venus in Aries in Rx right now).  This is a time to re-charge, to get what you need from the earth to keep moving on.  Mars in Taurus will remind us we are earth beings, and we have a deep karma here.  Most of the time it is extremely difficult for those with this natal placement to begin their work (fear of falling short of the perfection of creation), but once they can find something that sets them on fire enough to get them going – they will get all of the work done and more.

Mars in Taurus at peace is artistic and patient.  He is very meditative and likes to take his time creating things of intricacy.  He understands that it takes time and nurturing for things to bear fruit, and he has a great concern for beauty in all its forms.   But if someone destroys your peace during this transit, they will receive the wrath of Mars in Taurus.  This energy will wait, and wait, and wait – let you make infraction after infraction before finally losing their saintly temper and exploding like a nuclear bomb.  Their anger is savage and if you get them to that point – it is almost assured that you deserved their ballistic rage.  Patience only lasts so long, Heretics.  Mars in Taurus is like meditating Shiva, and if we do not attempt to create balance and cultivate patience in our lives, he will begin his dance of destruction.  This is it, Heretics, it is time to adjust yourself and move deeper with your work.  You’ll have a tremendous new drive to do so  – and no one will be able to break your siege.