Saturn Retrograde- The Forge

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz

Effective Dates: April 6th-August 26th 2017

Helios Astrological Angle on Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius– They say that a man often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. I always had a problem with that aphorism, though- If you had the foresight to know where you were going, wouldn’t you also have the foresight to know if your avoidant behavior would get you somewhere different? Either way, there is some truth to it, and with Saturn going Retrograde it’s up to us to find that truth.

So what is the truth of that pithy statement? Well, the only time it is applicable is when you know your future, and it scares the living hell out of you. That fear messes with your head, and makes it so all you can focus on is avoiding the fate you reject. You make bad choices, and get desperate. You allow more and more compromise to get as far away from that future as you can, letting yourself slip into someone unrecognizable. By following the road away from the destiny you fear, you go down the path to see yourself become a villain. Consider the Star Wars prequels (*vomits* Sorry, sorry… that happens every time I consider the prequels)- They show the slide of Anakin Skywalker into darkness due to his fear of losing himself and the woman he loves. Or imprints on as a kid and then manipulates into a kind of Stockholm Syndrome love through the Force, depending on who you ask. Anyway, because he is so focused on his fear and doing whatever he can to avoid his fate, he allows a tyrant to gain power, his entire way of life is destroyed, and his galaxy is enslaved after he fought for a decade against that same tyranny. That is of course a ridiculous and dramatic exaggeration of this (because Hayden Christensen is a scenery chewing primadonna and a sentient ficus tree would have given a less wooden performance), but acting out of fear is how we ended up with Donald Trump in charge of the nukes, so maybe you might want to be trepidatious here.

Luckily, Saturn Retrograde gives us the very thing we seek so desperately: A chance to change our future. He does this by demanding that we submit to him and step into the fires of Pluto, to be remade and hammered out- To be reforged without our fear of the future. The only way to do this is to accept the future that we fear as valid, and face it. This will require bravery that you don’t think that you have, but as always, you are stronger than you think. This type of surrender feels like death, until you are within the flames, and then you discover the truth- it is only a death so that you can be reborn. Once this process is over, you regain the vitality that you thought was gone forever; But this can only happen after you give in. If you try and fight it, you lose valuable time that could be spent on improving and honing you. You are the masterwork of the cosmos, my friend- now let the artist bring you forth from potential to perfection.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Saturn in Retrograde in Sagittarius- (Cards:
Ace of Pentacles, The Chariot, The Devil, Ten of Cups)  We need a hero, Heretics.  We need a hero who will gallop into the fray, impale the enemy with a gleaming lance, and raise our banners of rebellion once more.  That hero inside of you will be forged and tempered during Saturn in Saggo Rx time, creating the perfect set of trials for you to go through that will craft you into a sturdy, viscous weapon ready for Saturn in Capricorn (on it’s way and bringing me and Helios’ Saturn returns with it!).  This Saturn wants to make sure you have the bravery it is going to take to dismantle the fucking system once Saturn decides to move into Capricorn.  Saturn in Saggo has attempted to enlighten us.  This is the “awakening” period we have all been clamoring about.  We are literally living smack dab in the middle of it, and each and every one of you is having epiphanies about your path + have been pushed and pulled toward your tribe and your true purpose.  The real question, though, is if you are going to be brave enough to get through the final retrograde of Saturn in Saggo.  Are you going to be a daring Knight, ready to merge your dark and light side into a complete warrior of spirit, or are you going to crumble under lack of faith in both yourself and your fellow human beings?

They have been blinding us, Heretics.  They have been feeding our communities drugs, they have been looping our minds with media, they have been suppressing our issues with empty comedy and propaganda at every turn.  Why?  Because they know if we were to wake up there would be blood to pay.  “It’s not so funny when the rabbit has the gun,” a Sagittarius friend of mine said this morning.  They have been suppressing our ability to see who we really are, what we are really capable of, and have placed us in a machine with a prescribed job and no real satisfaction in sight.  Why do you think escapism is such a huge issue with human beings?  Because we are traumatized from living in a world where we have forgotten our path, forgotten our connection to nature, forgotten that we are also beasts of the land (which Sagittarius never forgets).

Curiously, we don’t question the new values placed before us because now we are birthed into a system outside of our natural rhythms.  Fluorescent bulbs and the gleam from metal tools immediately blind us upon our entry, beginning our culturally induced schizophrenia.  This eerie emotion that exists in our hearts, that keeps us from ever feeling truly at home in our existence, is the denial of our instincts.  They do not fit into the axioms we are given, so we suppress them and they come out in violent, screaming ways.  These are post-industrial times, and like factory farmed pigs living in sick symbiosis with our brutal masters, we are unsure if we can survive in the “cruel, cruel world” without their guidance.  Who will feed us if not industry?  Who will tell us who we are, instruct us what to do with our time, teach us how to love, or educate us about the world?  We don’t need their fucking guidance.  Their guidance is false, and goes against all of our instincts.  Does your life feel “right” to you, or is their a craving deep in your soul for something more real, vaster, all encompassing?  Surely living by the skin of our teeth and toiling at a job that is essentially meaningless isn’t what we have been placed on this earth to do!  Why do we continuously accept the systems and pain through them?  Why do we never realize that the ambiguous essence of our idea of  “Truth” shows it is no longer self-evident?

What Saturn in Sagittarius is attempting to teach is that there is only one thing we should follow – and that is the divine guidance.  The divine guidance is written in our very DNA and it tells us, via our instincts, that something is very fucking wrong here.  It is time to refine yourself, to bring yourself to spiritual awareness and follow your path at all costs.  We cannot keep getting sucked back into the loops they have created for us.  We must come together – rally the troops and bring this machine down.  We must build the weapons we need to set the spirits free.  And then, in Saturn in Capricorn, we learn how to take down the system, brick by brick, and begin devising what is truly needed in Saturn in Aquarius.

This Saturn in Saggo transit was meant to bring a wave of enlightenment back into the masses, and we are more aware than we have ever been about the corruption that has engulfed our world.  Our job during this retrograde is to figure out our own shit, work tirelessly to get on the path we know we have been avoiding at all costs (because we know how fucking hard it is), and emerge ready to give this revolution the momentum it is desperately craving.  We have the fuel – it’s time to build the mechanism – and then once Saturn goes direct – to trigger that fucking mechanism and watch the fireworks as wisdom floods into the minds of the populace.  Remember, people will be inspired to follow their path if you live your life like a shining beacon of hope.  This is how you truly forge a revolution of spirit.  This is how you set souls free – by setting yourself free, by believing in your path and having that unshakable Sagittarius spirit.  Do not shy away from  your duty, Heretics, for Saturn always finds a way to punish you for not doing what you are suppose to do.  He is the King of Karma, after all.  And, in the end, everyone always pays what they are due – don’t rack up your spiritual debt too high.     

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