New Moon in Aries- Crossfire

“Nothing is given to man on earth – struggle is built into the nature of life, and conflict is possible – the hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen.”Andrew Bernstein

Effective Date:  March 27, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Aries– FINALLY! We are in Aries season and I couldn’t be more ready for it. Jesus, this is not easy astro though…. This Moon will be like we are walking on a bed of hot coals, and if we get burned we die. Of course, people firewalk all the time… the key to it is to focus on the destination, and ignore the pain you are feeling. You have to shut it out, and you have to step very quickly- not let your foot touch the coals too long. Step confidently and briskly, and you will feel no pain. Of course, the coals in this case is a plethora of underworld gods and goddesses, all waiting for you to miss your step so that they can drag you down into their depths. They will throw up all kinds of fear illusions to try and trip you up, but they cannot sweep your leg and do it themselves.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Aries-  Good lord, this is like an epic fantasy battle, Heretics, full of wands and swords, two kings and an Emperor with a Tower looming overhead.  And those are just the tarot cards!  A new Astrological year has begun, and with it we are receiving our next mission – right smack dab in the middle of a fire fight.  Will you remain calm enough to fight your way through, or will you be sniped as you are fearfully taking cover?

The Sun, Moon and Venus– This Moon, and Aries season in general, is a challenge to you. You must focus your mind on the business at hand, ignoring all other illusory concerns. You cannot keep half-assing things like you have been since Sagittarius season. Just “trying your hardest” isn’t good enough anymore, regardless of the struggle going on within you- News flash, no one else cares about your internal turmoil, at least not until it affects them as well. View this past winter as a long training session: You have been training under critical condition, with the astro pushing you to what you perceived as your absolute limits, potentially putting you face to even your own death. Under those conditions, with the clarity of the knife’s edge, we are revealed; Both our strengths and our limitations. What you must come to terms with is that the reward you seek must be earned, and no- You have not already earned it yet. Your past works are not enough to earn you future rewards, so you have to stop resting on your laurels. You’re out of cosmic credit, as it were. Its time you bit the bullet and started caring about something with all of your heart and energy, but you can’t care about it fully if you’re always holding yourself back because you’re afraid of it not working out in the end. Concentrate on what is important to you and commit to it all the way; wear it like armor. Let it be the reason you take a breath or get out of bed in the morning. You have come so far, and it is not time to quit now.

This Aries season demands that you have a core of solid steel, but with Venus here the core needs to be wrapped in a soft and beautiful skin- you have to balance strength and softness. Fear is your enemy here, and that must be overcome. The best way to do that? Refuse to take it seriously! Laugh at your fears when they come up, even if it rings hollow- what your fear fears most of all is to be impotent and inconsequential to you. The fears you will be confronted with are phantoms, nothing more. These will be things that you have already faced, and whether you beat them last time or not, you know how to beat them now. What was once a level boss is now just a common monster, and you can take them in your sleep; because in keeping with video game logic, you have grown stronger- You leveled up, and they stayed the same. Swing your sword and conquer your fears for good. (Minor Planets used: Orcus, Makemake, Huya, Logos, Persephone, Hekate, Orius, Crantor, Hylonome, Eurydike, Hybris, Achilles, Panacea, Elatus, Black Moon Lilith, Nodes of the Moon)

The Sun (Emperor), Moon (4 of Wands), Venus (3 of Swords)-  This is major severance right here, Heretics, and it is major severance for your own good.  Venus, the moon, and the Sun will be conjunction after Venus has paid a visit to Uranus/Eris and moved backwards (meaning she will visit them again when she goes direct).  She is about to retreat into Pisces again, meaning all of the worst parts of the Venus Rx are only about to begin.  She goes Cazimi on the day of this New Moon, seated at the highest point of her power before she becomes the Morning Star (aka Lucifer Venus).  We hope you listened to our warning and did what was necessary during the first few, easy weeks of this retrograde.  The Venus in Aries energy at least let us be angry.  It at least fueled us and made us make decisions that were necessary, and it gave us the bravery we needed to kill our darlings.  Now that Venus is hovering only a handful of degrees from Pisces (3 degrees at the start of this new moon), you will feel the emotional backlash of the retrograde.  She is dragging us back into the emotional state we were in back in Venus in Pisces season (meaning, finding the faith through the darkness), and she is going to be far more ruthless this time.  This is the part of the Venus Rx that will offer us the temptations, and it is our job to choose truth no matter how painful it is (3 of Swords).  Because, Heretics, what you are being offered are tests – illusions to see if you are capable of making instinctual decisions.  Mirages to see if you truly realize what your life mission is.  The light gods will not offer you power if they do not see you fit to wield it, and the dark gods will offer it to you just so that you learn your lesson from the pain of miss-wielding it.  If you let yourself fall prey to going back to the way things were, you will suffer tremendously.  This will bring you to a state where you have lost faith in yourself.  You will realize you do not have the strength to overcome your own negative cycles, and you will make the choice to go back to them with open arms instead of living in the difficult present.

It’s like the Matrix when Cypher chooses to go back into the simulated reality because he doesn’t have to suffer anymore there – tempted by good food, sex, and ease.  Life is good and predictable there and he isn’t forced to be a hero.  This combination of planets is demanding you finally make a stand, Heretics, no matter how rough the road ahead of you may be.  It wants you to make the inverse decision that Cypher did.  It wants you to be tempted with all of the wonderful things, but you still make the choice to take the high road – to be the hero.  You know what the right decisions are, and Aries doesn’t lie to you about the bravery necessary to move ahead.  The challenges will always get harder, but you will grow stronger because of them.  The moon reminds you to celebrate regardless of how painful this process has been (4 of Wands).  You have completed a cycle, and you must not back down now.  This is the part in the story where you come back and take charge.  The 4 of Wands is also known as the little universe card, showing you that a great cycle has now come to a close.  This Aries New Moon is the official closure of 2016’s cleansing by fire energy, and the intense shadow work that accompanied us since Scorpio season.  What are the lessons you have learned about yourself – about your weaknesses and where you find strength?  It’s time to channel those things.  This is no time to rest, or you’ll be destroyed by the pressure of what’s ahead.  You must let the past go, because this is the portal to the new astrological year and we have plenty coming that will need your full attention.  This moon demands  you to be present and to celebrate your accomplishments through the harshness of 2016 and early 2017.   With Venus so intimately involved with this new moon, we are in for a fight over the things we value the most in our lives.  Are you willing to fight for what you love, Heretics?  For what makes you truly who you are?  Or will you give up on your love – for yourself and for your deepest desires – and settle into a life of comfort and complacency?   

Mercury, Saturn and Uranus– Get ready for high-speed processing of whatever old issues you still refuse to get rid of, for some insane reason. Maybe clinging to your pain makes you feel like you are paying your dues, or something, I honestly don’t know. Whatever the reasoning, Chiron is going to make sure that you get this handled NOW. It will feel as though you are being assaulted from all sides on this, but all you need to do to make it stop is just drop what you are trying to cling to, what has had its time pass. Let it go and it ends. You need to see the new path you have ahead of you, but you cannot go down it until you get off of the old one. You’ve already decided that one doesn’t head to where you want to go, so why are you fighting so hard for it? Force of habit? Run of the mill bloody-mindedness? Whatever the reason, you will get woke to it real quick with this Moon. There is a lot of adjustment to be done, so the actual cathartic moment will be swift and merciless and you will be expected to roll with these punches. Get into the new way forward, and save yourself a lot of pain. Keep pace or get left in the dust. (Minor Planets used: Pallas Athene, Ixion, Eris, Sedna, RhadamanthusHaumea, ChironEcheclus, Thereus, Rhiphonos,  Damocles, Asclepius, Askalaphus, Kassandra, Itokawa, Nemesis)

Mercury (6 of Wands), Saturn (King of Swords), Uranus (7 of Swords), Chiron (Death)-  
 Damn, ok guys!  You need to be the motivator even though things may be hard as fuuuuuck all right now.  You need to truly motivate yourself, tell yourself that you are fucking important, and get on with it already.  Chiron (Death card) wants to finally drop some petty pain that has been holding you back from accomplishing what you truly want.  All things die eventually, Heretics, and this definitely includes your pain from the past.  You have been walking around with an open wound in your chest, and it’s time to let the sinew mold around your wound – creating a stronger and more durable structure.  You have been through hell and back, and now it’s time for you to realize that, fuck, you are still standing (Mercury as the 6 of Wands).  You have made it this far.  All victories are temporary, and so are all defeats.  You have clawed your way up the mountain, starved, almost lost all hope, but you are standing here now – at the Spring Equinox.  If you give up now, everything – all that pain you have gone through – will be for nothing.  This is the place where the magic happens, so don’t pass up this Aries energy.  It wants to breathe life into you, but it cannot do that if you do not choose action and forward motion.  Ride the wave, Heretics.  Don’t let people bring you down when you know what you have accomplished -what you have sacrificed to get to where you are.  Don’t let their dead weight carry you down.  If they were worth the ilk, they wouldn’t be in the shit situations they are in.  They would be at peace and in harmony with their environment.  The very fact that they are lashing out at you and your accomplishments is because they are in a tremendous amount of pain about their own failures.  Don’t let other people’s hate for themselves bring down your love for yourself.   

Saturn is breathing down our necks to forge something useful (King of Swords).  He wants you to take all of the mental bullshit you have mulled through, beaten yourself up with, and assessed like crazy and fucking deploy it.  The Kings of the Tarot allow energy to be released, and he is telling you it is time to take up your sword and act.  A ruler doesn’t have the chance to go hide in their room when their people are in trouble.  Think of your life like your kingdom, and Saturn is demanding that you address the hoards at the door.  It is time to kill the child and let the adult be born.  Life is messy and hard and painful, but you will not receive the blissful, elating, ecstasy aspects unless you are willing to fight the bloody monsters.  Then there is Uranus, and he wants to let you know that all the secrets are coming out (7 of Swords).  If you think you can get away with taking advantage of someone, this will be the time all of that bullshit comes out.  There are many energies in the micro and the macro who believe they can win out with brute strength and secrecy, but Uranus (accompanied by Eris) wants to tell them that their plans will be subverted for sure.  Not very many secrets will survive the Venus Rx, and they surely wont survive the plethora of planets (including the sun) that will be illuminated with Uranus’ revolutionary light.  People are getting angrier and angrier about their mistreatment.  Change is knocking on our door, and change wants to tell us that the old order is about to crumble like a Jenga tower.  Secrets come out sooner or later, no matter who you are.  Even state secrets.  Keep vigilant.    

Mars and Neptune– Doooooooom. That is what you fear, anyway. Some sort of vague and undefined sense of dread is permeating your subconscious, and with it your actions. You cannot hesitate just because you cannot see how it is all going to play out- C’mon, you’re so much better than that! Doing anything in this life carries some amount of risk, and you need to have faith that taking that chance will pay off. If you don’t then, you just end up stuck in the same place forever, paralyzed by fear. You need to be willing to lose it all to play the game, but if you accept that, then you can win. Until you are willing to chance it, you will feel stuck, going through the everyday motions and your soul will die a little more each day. Take that chance, do the thing that scares you the most, and watch the magic happen. (Minor Planets used: Juno, Teharonhiawako, Chariklo, Okyrhoe, Astraea, Sisyphus)

Mars (King of Wands) and Neptune (Ace of Wands)-  So we have a Mars in Taurus that has already had a fire lit under his ass.  You have finally been pushed to the point where you have no choice but to act.  That’s perfect, because a Taurus in motion is a Taurus you can work with.  We are not only being called by Saturn to put your philosophizing to work – make it practical and usable in this world and in your life.  We are also being called by Mars to channel our physical and sexual energy into creative pursuits.  This is “motivate the troops and fight in the trenches” sort of energy (King of Wands).  You can’t command your life from a high tower, you must immerse yourself in it and feel the grittiness of your every day.  Hermit season is over, Heretics, and now we must put into action all of those creative ideas that have been incubating through the winter.  You will have all the energy that is necessary, the only thing you have to do is focus is.  Once Mars in Taurus is focused on a goal, it is relentless.  

Neptune is helping with the cause (Ace of Wands).  The divine are the match stick here, and the redemption of the last new moon in Virgo should still be burning in your gut.  Neptune wants  you to be motivated to do the most important things right now – the “real work.”  The work that the gods put your soul on this earth to accomplish.  We all play our part in the grand plan, so what is this “real work” for you?  Well, Heretics, you will finally be getting that breath of fire air needed to set out on  your mission.  It wont be hard, but there is real redemption on the other side.  If you can keep yourself zoned in on your mission, fighting off all the bullshit that slows you down and keeps that Mars in Taurus from it’s runaway train energy, you will truly come to recognize what great power you possess.  Don’t let them lie to you and tell you that you are weak.  There is a universe of strength inside of you – just look at all of the things you have already fought and survived from.

Jupiter and Pluto– Here is where it gets tricky. Yes, both Jupiter and Pluto both want to win, whatever contest they think they are in the running for while the rest of us are not playing anymore, but it matters how they win. You’ll notice that I’ve been talking about ethics quite a bit lately, and these two are a big part of that. The signs they are in, Libra and Capricorn, are both very concerned with The Rules and How Things Should Be Done, and their transits exemplify that- especially now that they are squaring off against each other. On one hand, there is a call to be at your absolute best at all times, and follow the rules to the letter (while letting others do your dirty work for you), sacrificing your maximum gain so that everyone is taken care of; on the other hand you have a palpable desire to ensure that your needs are met above all else, and that your survival is tantamount. There really isn’t much middle ground between the two at the moment, the call is for polarization one way or the other. You must make a choice, and take a stand for yourself, as your honor demands. (Minor Planets used: Vesta, Chaos, Sila-Nunam, Varda, Circe, Toro, Orpheus, Siwa, Tantalus)

Jupiter (The Tower) and Pluto (1o of Swords)-  Love will break the chains.  You must find that deep, resounding love for yourself and let the mental cage you have surrounded yourself with fall.  Pluto wants you to transform even through the pain (1o of Swords).  He is telling you that you have come to the end of a mental cycle, and that if you stay where you are you will only suffer.  But if you choose to move forward, you will be blessed with a grand mental awakening.  You must become like a phoenix, burning your body and life in the process.  To become a hero, you must leave behind all of your attachments to old ideas about yourself.  You can’t get where you need to go by just traveling there in your mind, Heretics.  It is Aries season, you must involve your spirit to be the vehicle.  You must emerge from the cocoon and spread your wings – becoming something unrecognizable.  It was scary going from childhood to adulthood, knowing the demands that were waiting for you.  Life is a series of these emergence, and you will only be laughing at how silly your fear was once you have made the jump.  It is a natural law of the universe to continue to emerge, so fighting it will only bring you despair.  You will realize that all of the things holding you back from your expansion were mere illusions.  You cannot survive off of illusions.  Mirage water will not keep you alive.  If you do not move out and expand, your spirit does die because you become out of sync with the universal rhythm.  (The Tower)

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