Pallas Athene in Aries- Warrior Queen

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” – Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Effective Dates: March 30th- June 27th, 2017

Helios– Who run the world? Well, right now, Pallas Athene does! Like so many other planets, the Asteroid Goddess of Battle Strategy, Politics, Cleverness and Craft is heading into Aries- Not a moment too soon either! I don’t know about you guys, but I could sure use the 10,000 volts, straight to the nipples that this transit is going to bring.

At a time when nearly every planet under the Sun is going retrograde, some direct motion is exactly what we need. Being Pallas, she provides what none of the big boys can offer us right now- clarity. These days, that is precious indeed. After her long, long sojourn in Pisces, she is armed with the truth and ready to kick some serious ass. Enough moping about and dreaming of what could have beenit is high time that you stop crying and focus on what is right in front of you in the here and now. She will not allow anything less.

Now, you would think that Athena would be quite comfortable in the war sign of Aries, but you’d be wrong. In fact she is rather uncomfortable here- She is far more interested in strategics and viewing the battle from a distance, better suited to the War Room than the front lines (leave that for rowdy Mars). Although she has no true rulerships, I would say that Aries is actually the sign of her Fall. That’s right, the war goddess is at her worst in the sign of battle and conflict. You see, Pallas actually views any battle you have to fight yourself as a loss from the start– She HATES when she has to do it, and only keeps it as a last resort. That doesn’t keep her from excelling at this sort of combat though- Pallas doesn’t suck at anything besides expressing her emotions.

In Demetra George’s masterwork Asteroid Goddesses, she goes into how our Athena was much more than she is now, originally drawn from the Libyan goddess Neith. As Athena, she became a driving force, and one of the few goddesses given the slightest standing in the patriarchal Hellenic world. In fact, she became indicative of the shift from the Greek’s matriarchal culture into a patriarchal one, marking Athena as the scapegoat for that with the Trial of Orestes. During this trial, as part of her logic on why Orestes was not guilty; she cements the rule of Men by asserting that she was not born of her mother’s womb, but out of her father’s skull- thus the child is a product of the father more than the mother. In so doing she renounced much of her own feminine power (which Apollo gleefully took, the HACK! Stealing the sun chariot first, then Athena’s prophetic powers… *continues to grumble*) and used it to support the masculine force. She gained much, however- Standing within the new order, cerebral power, warrior status, and much more. Other forces, wild feminine creatures called the Furies wanted to rip the poor guy (who was semi-innocent, btw) to shreds, but she placates these creatures by giving them a part in enforcing this new order instead, raising their station.

Male power and female power have struggled against each other throughout time. In Athene, we see a reconciliation of male and female nature. She is a powerful female, but she is viewed as benevolent in part because she uses her power and wisdom to support male authority. She is her father’s daughter, literally: she was born of his skull rather than from the womb of a woman. The beauty of Athene’s vision is her faith that the existence of seemingly opposing forces is a source of strength and hope rather than despair. If we allow her to show us her way instead of judging her for her choices, we can learn much. At the end of the day, Athene was given the highest place under Zeus in Greek culture, so she was able to work much better from the inside, rather than wailing against the new order from the outside as an insignificant rebel. Let her stand by your side and show you the way.

Artemis (4 of Pentacles [power], 5 of Wands [strife], 6 of Pentacles [success])-  Mmm, the art of war.  It is an art form, isn’t it?  Each attack is a brush stroke, and each turn in the tide a crescendo in the symphony.  Pallas Athene sees this.  She is the goddess of strategy, and thus also the goddess of pattern recognition.  And she is telling us that right now we must immerse ourselves in the chaos of the world in order to FEEL the patterns.  Usually it is much easier to step back and observe what is going on before placing our bets and making our next move.  Unfortunately, we do not have this convenience anymore.  Pallas understands that we are in the midst of a battle right now that has flooded over our walls, whether we realize it or not.  Some of us may see this clearly in our lives right now. The borders that we have placed to keep us safe have let in strife, but it is through engaging with that strife that we will be led to success.  Do you trust in yourself?  Do you trust in your knowledge?  Do you trust in your ability to learn as you do – learn as you play – learn as you fight?  Pallas in Aries is asking you to have an agile body, an agile mind, and the flexibility that allows you to change course midway through battle.  You’re going to need it.  If you are the type that freaks the fuck out when your plans get smashed, then you are going to have one fucking hell of a time.

As Helios mentions, Athene is in detriment when she is in Aries – a sign that is far more engaged than her chilly demeanor allows.  She is uncomfortable being forced to pick up a sword and create strategy after every swing instead of placing pieces in a war room and consulting with other intellectuals.  Now she has to trust in the intelligence of her body, of her instincts, which can be terrifying for cerebral people.  But this is where we are, Heretics, in the midst of a crowd of planets clustered in blood soaked Aries.  You have heard us time and time again the past few weeks tell you that you must gear up to act right now.  With so many planets going into retrograde right around the fucking corner (ugh, here comes Saturn + Pluto + Mercury retrograde in the coming days to join Jupiter and Venus), we will be left to our own devices.  We wont have the command and intelligence of the gods to tell us how we can find victory.  Oh no.  The gods are literally leaving us smack dab in the middle of a battle field and watching to make sure that we do this shit right (with Uranus and Neptune left to help us – so intuition and flashes of insight – indicating that we really must dig our heels into the moment and listen very intently).  This can get very dangerous as tempers fly and people begin to be even more frustrated with their stations in life.

Expect past enemies to make moves, especially the enemies you have that are very frustrated with their lot in life right now.  With Uranus/Eris in Aries and Venus in Rx in Aries + Mars in Taurus – they wont be able to chill anymore.  You may not know exactly what to defend, so create a bubble of awareness around you.  This is your war room – your own aura.  You must go with the flow of the energy fields around you right now.  Plug right into the waves of life like an Aries, moving as your gut tells you to do so.  If you feel a situation is dangerous – if you get prickles on the back of your neck about going somewhere or meeting up with someone – heed this.  When people get angry, they lose their head.  This is an extremely likely situation during this transit, but you guys have an advantage, Heretics.  You are aware that you may lose your head in anger – become confronted with an unexpected battle that leaves you acting without thinking.  You must find your peace in battle, warrior, and you must be a zen master ready to throw up a defensive move but with an air of jovial playfulness.  If you lose your playfulness and curiosity, you lose your head and you lose the battle.   

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