Eros in Gemini: Romeo

“Physical attractions are common, but mental connection is rare.” – Unknown

Effective Dates: April 1st- May 5th, 2017

Helios– YES! Finally we get to have some fun! Eros, Asteroid of Passion, Lust and Pleasure is moving into the Sign of Good Times, Fun and Lightheartedness, Gemini… and boy are we in need of some fun! Being stuck in stodgy Taurus was fun for a time for our boy Eros, but he has had enough of seeing the same vistas and plowing the same fields… he wants some new adventures, and so do you! Eros in Gemini represents the phase of romance where you are comfortable with your lover, and you are truly part of each others lives now, doing things together almost every day, and your social circles get in on the action. You go out and do fun things, but instead of being on the prowl for the next piece of ass, you have reliable arm candy, and somehow its more fun. You get to know each other more and more, and you like most of what you see. You start to ask yourself if this is actually going somewhere….

It isn’t all fun and games though- this stage of the romance is where you have your first real fight, and many couples don’t survive this stage in the insane world of 21st century dating. After letting your guard down in the Eros in Taurus stage, and showing your partner the real you, there will be friction. Accusations of lying tend to come up at this point, and they can be devastating. This is always a make-or-break time, and with all the other Astro-drama in the romance department, this is the LAST thing that most of us need.

For those who, like me, are laughably single, Eros in Gemini is actually relatively good news! It comes in time for spring, when everyone gets over their cabin fever and heads outside to go have fun, increasing the possibility for romance a hundredfold. If you are actively looking for love, stop– make having fun your priority right now, and if you’re lucky something will stick to carry you over into Eros in Cancer season. Don’t turn down any chance to get out into the world, and if you haven’t been cultivating a good relationship with yourself now is absolutely the time to do so. For in the immortal words of everyone’s adoptive Drag Mother, the incomparable Rupaul- “If you can’t love yourself, how in the HELL are you gonna love somebody else?” Can I get an Amen from the people?

So what is it that Eros wants from you? Well, in Gemini he wants to be friends first (preferably with benefits) and lovers later. He wants the benefits of having a relationship, but his fear of being hurt in one is paralyzing– he will be there one minute, snuggling on the couch and watching musicals before some spontaneous sexytimes, and disappear the next minute. To make the most out of this one, you have to embrace your mercurial side and do the same. This is way more difficult than it sounds, because this transit almost always brings up a partner who is really, really right for you that you get super into but end up hurting and ruining your chances with.

So how do you have your cake and eat it too? Well, call your nearest Gemini with loose morals and get advice; Failing that, you want to make sure that you NEVER allow your other partners to know about each other- so no bragging or telling them. You want to make them all think that they are your one and only and that you have something special. Obviously this gets exhausting and hard to keep up, so you want to keep whittling down your options as you go- like say there’s a guy who is boring in bed or a girl who has an annoying laugh that gives you a migraine whenever you hear it, then they gotta go. Ghosting is the easiest way to do this. as they almost always get the hint eventually. More than that, you want to make sure you are actually listening to your heart on this one, and only keeping the ones who give your cold, dead heart a twinge. You may also find that a ranking system with points and code names helps.

For the time Eros is in Gemini, let your life take on the quality of the first act of a Rom-Com. Keep things light, airy, and most of all fun- Even if the only lover you have in your life is yourself! Do what you want and what makes YOU happy right now, and let the lovers come to for once. Of course, the communication is key to any Gemini transit, so keep those lines open, and make sure that you are actually putting yourself out there. Yes, it is scary and there is always the chance that you can get hurt, but you have to be willing to take that risk. Besides- it’s not love, its just fun!

Artemis– (Cards: 6 of Wands, The Hierophant, The Magician)  As an individual with a hyper powered 3rd house that is live wire connected to my Venus, I can tell you that there is nothing sexier than sapiosexual Gemini energy. Temporary victory is easy.  It is simple to go out there and bring yourself home a live one, kicking them out of your bed in the morning just in time to make breakfast for yourself and clean your sheets.  Compartmentalization is not some grand accomplishment.  It is literal limitation.  What is difficult is real connection; when all the synapses start to spread information like wild fire and you begin a real, complex dance with another’s mind.

You’ve seen it and I’ve seen it; people spouting off how they are a god in their city because they plowed a few hook-ups and satiated their animal lusts.  Again, temporary victory is easy.  But did they connect?  Did they find the eroticism in how one mind fits like a puzzle piece into another?  That, Heretics, is a deeper, more nourishing eroticism.  That is, when your mind is just as involved in the sex as your body.  When each word they speak drips of wanting and familiarity.  Though your bodies may attempt to open the conversation, it’s your minds that can truly rip back the veil between two conscious beings.  Eros in Gemini energy is coming, and your sex drive will be craving something beyond compartmentalized fucking.  Your body is controlled by your mind, and if you do not entice your lover’s mind you can only get so far with their body.  

Sex without rapport is like a grocery line conversation.  It is merely mumbling about the weather; distraction meant to satiate the present with little regard for the future and complete disinterest in the past.  Your body has needs, Heretics, and we can feel these needs in the pit of our stomach.  We can feel it in the hunger in our heart and the incessant compulsion to fill something that seems to consistently remain empty.  But those weak “conversations” between your body and another’s are like feeding yourself candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and hoping your teeth don’t rot out of your skull.  Eventually the taste of it becomes sickening and you want something more substantial; something that connects to you and your personal pallet and kills the feeling of isolation inside of you.

Mind sex is wrapping every bit of yourself around another.  From here, you immediately learn more about yourself than you could ever have if you remained compartmentalized.  Eros in Gemini is getting wet just looking at another’s bookshelf, losing your breath watching them confound their mind on something they are deeply passionate about, seduction by play on words, and weakness in the knees when they wish to elaborate their point further.  Eros in Gemini wont go home with just anyone.  They want witty banter as foreplay.  They want you to pry them open with just the right combination of words.  They want you to show them just how much you want them, mind and body, so prepare for the mood that urges you toward intellectual intercourse.  This is how you move from the stale boredom of hook up culture to the substance; the fun and fulfillment of real connection.

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