Pluto Retrograde- The Empty

“The universe is transformation; life is opinion.” – Marcus Aurelius

Effective Dates: April 20th- September 29th 2017

 Helios– What’s the point to it all? Seriously, when you get right down to it, why are we here? Why bother? More importantly, does any of it matter? None of us ask to be born, it just happens to us- We don’t get a say in our genetics, attractions, families, status, or challenges. Life is random; if you’re lucky you have some sex, and then you die. Sure, your mileage may vary, but that’s about it. Our only true reason for existence is to take oxygen and convert it into carbon dioxide through respiration, and we get no choice in that. We get precious few choices in this life, and it seems as though they are just petty appeasement in the face of all that we get no say in. Heretics, welcome to your Pluto transit: We’ve been waiting for you.

Death looms behind us all, like a shadow of some far-off colossus, dwarfing us with it’s presence. In the face of an unstoppable force, what can we do, we flickering candles in the void? These are the kinds of questions Pluto asks us when he comes to darken our doorsteps, and man is he about to. You always know when you’re under a Pluto transit- it always feels like the very earth itself has opened up to swallow you whole. This time however, it feels like… more.

Pluto is hard for almost all of us, because Pluto- the planet of Death, Sex, and Transformation- Is a part of us that is completely outside of our control. Pluto is a point of pure emotion, and facing such a raw, uncontrolled part of ourselves terrifies a lot of people. It always feels like a huge, gaping chasm opening up in front of you, roiling and boiling, and filled with eldritch horrors lurking just beneath the surface. Pluto is all that we fear, the horrors that we carry within us. He is the monster we can always become, the part of ourselves that we are always running from and looking over our shoulder for.

Pluto can also be the best friend you ever had. I always talk about how you can’t fight Pluto, and you can’t- Not without any success anyway. Pluto is an unstoppable force, and he will get what he wants for you with your help or with your struggle, either way. However, if you work with him instead of fighting him at every turn, then you get a seat at the table- a say in your own transformation. Of course, the fear can keep you from seeing this, what with that big gaping chasm that wants to swallow you whole and all… but what if I told you that there was nothing to fear?

Yes, the big gaping chasm is terrifying, but not when you realize it’s actually a pit of pure potential. This is otherwise known as the primordial force of Chaos– Anything can happen when you use it, but you have to have the cojones to actually step up and ask for it. If you are willing to dive into the pits of Hell, then and only then will you find the power to get what you want. This is not like the other times you have gone into the underworld, Heretics- This is a deep dive, right to the lowest point. It is terrifying to even consider as you stand on the edge of the cliff, but Pluto whispers one more question in your ear- “How far are you willing to go for me?

I know it feels far easier to just abandon hope and cut out your heart so that you don’t have to be in pain anymore. Shutting down seems so much more preferable than what you feel. You don’t want to fight anymore, and you don’t want to hurt. Walking into the darkness that you think you deserve just feels like the right thing to do- better to be a wretch among demons than angels, no?

 Artemis- (Cards: The Moon [XVIII], The Fountain [∞], Strength [XI])-  I’m going to be talking big themes here, because the outer planets care very little for our personal lives – especially Pluto way out there straddling oblivion.  What we call “Pluto” doesn’t give a fuck about your paradigm.  He doesn’t give a damn about your opinions or your beliefs or any other way you decorate reality.  We all cling to mass consensus, hoping that the greater society will pull us away from this primal energy; this creeping understanding of our own mortality and the immense, crushing power of the universe.  We know we cannot control it, but we sure as hell attempt to.  And if that fails, we desperately try and hide it from view.  We allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking that if we follow society’s prescribed formula that we will be safe from this looming, savage monster.   We become numb to the terror that is fed to us each day – hoping that we can become desensitized to death, violence, suffering, and inevitable transformation.  They bombard the televisions with blood and misery 24/7, and our watered down modern religions echo their sentiments with veiled ideas of peace and light all the while cradling heavy themes of this undercurrent of undiscriminating violence.

The Moon. These images of terror are an undercurrent in our reality. They call it “the underworld” because it always sits just under the conscious mind, threatening to emerge like zombie hands – grasping at your attempts to escape and swallowing you into a pit of despair time and time again. Ominous much? Well, Pluto is ominous as fuck. He is the elephant in the room. He is that dread that creeps over your shoulder no matter how pleasant a situation may be. He reminds you that you are mortal, that you will rot on the very earth on which you stand, and that this very moment, like all moments, is absolutely temporary. We try and capture experiences on camera, on paper with ink, or any myriad of ways, and hope that somehow we can last forever. We think passing on our memory to others by doing “good” and “epic” or even “notorious” deeds may accomplish this, but even Hitler/Alexander the Great/Gandhi/Aristotle will one day fade to nothing. The primordial chaos creates, but so too must it destroy to learn from it’s own personal karma (Kali Ma).

The Fountain. The universe, like the sun (as above so below), beats like a heart. Expand, contract, birth, re-birth, and then an explosion – the death, the return to void. Eventually, the universe will return to itself, possibly to start the cycle of creation all over again. Each moment we are dying and being renewed by the infinite well of the universe – the thing that we call “primordial chaos.” Chaos feels terrifying because it is completely, and utterly, uncontrollable. Our attempts to control it, to encapsulate it and dissect it, are met with fierce resistance. What we don’t realize is that these very attempts to control chaos are reflections for the chaos on itself. We, creation, are a lucid mirror for the primordial chaos. In Astrology, Pluto in your chart shows you how you will reckon with this force – how you will reflect the universe onto itself and how you will come to realize what the true reality is. Pluto is judgement – apocalypse in the true sense of the word, an “unveiling.” This is why the We are the veil itself, Heretics, and to see what we truly are, we must suspend our ego. The only way to do this is through death, after a life of intense reflection. Pluto is our preparation for the underworld, and only through passing it’s karmic lessons for us this lifetime will we be able to vanish into the chaos in peace. Chaos must reckon with itself, and we are it’s vehicle for doing so.     

Strength. Crowley calls the Strength card “Lust” and it has been referred to as “The Power” in a lot of tarot decks. It is commonly depicted as a delicate woman overpowering a massive lion. This is a metaphor for learning to live with our own beast nature in a “civilized” society. Venus retrograde in Aries couples with this Pluto Retrograde, Heretics, meaning we have our weapon of choice – our wild nature come to make itself known again. We waste too much energy trying to suppress our animal instincts when we can be using them to our advantage. Your animal side is what tells you when you have opportunity, when you have danger, when you can smell the love and lust or even hate off another’s skin. Our beast nature is Pluto, and we must exercise it, not exorcise it, for exorcising it would destroy us in the process. This transit seems to be all about getting in touch with the dirt of the world and learning to flow with it, like a wild river, and drawing from it’s power instead of blocking it out.  The primordial chaos is an integral part of us that we can never separate from, no matter how hard we try to tie bows around it’s neck and dictate manners to it. Without this ravishing wildness, the universe couldn’t create and thus couldn’t actually see itself for what it truly is.

Harness this energy, Heretics, and remember that an infinite power resides inside of you that no one can exorcise, no matter how much they blind you with hypnotism and propaganda. Do not forget your power. Do not forget your origins. Do not forget the millions of years of instinct that got us all to this point. This is our preparation for taking back our world, and we must not fear – we must not falter – do not attempt to smother your passion just because it is something society deems invaluable – for if we cannot harness our inner chaos, we cannot move mountains and crush the faulty systems in place in society like Pluto in Capricorn demands.          

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    Wow me and the wife are working on opening up our relationship! This is time to do some great work..i feel so much potential.

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