Magick Monday- Release

Welcome to Spring everyone!

Even though this is the time of the year all things charge and move forward, this year has a little sunken place stank on it. This huge retrograde season feels a lot like Bad Girls Club on steroids. However, what’s really going on is your inner soul is requesting your immediate presence and attention. I’m going to give you a personal current experience to break down what I really mean.

I was mad, pissed and angry due to betrayal of a lover this week and it was so loud, I withdrew and I dropped back into the abandonment cycle I play after heartbreak. I didn’t even know I was there but, since everything around me was so loud, disrespectful and non-loving, it forced me to go into depression and seek myself and my own heart for the healing. While I was there, I discovered an old box of betrayal and abandonment that had been sitting there years from my very first love. It just so happened that my current lover was an Aquarius just like my very first love! Wow! I thought I had released that betrayal and heart abandonment many years ago. Here I was still there holding it. It was simply waiting on me to first speak my truth and second to release it in forgiveness of self and the energy involved.

This spring is about reflecting before you create. Reflections show you who you really are due to your experiences. When you remember you redefine how you want to proceed. Without the reflections, we feel the world is happening “to” us and not “for” us. When we see that things are happening “to” us, we fall into the sunken place of heartbreak and depression. Some of us don’t make it out, because when we fall into this space, we are told, we are crazy, or that you need to see a doctor for crazy pills immediately. But the truth is, we need to stay there and be supported. Not told to get over it or it will be alright, but just to sit, say and do nothing until your heart resurrects again. We treat depression like its a choice. When the truth is we have ALL been there.

I went through a very hard time last month with depression within my own vibration and since my profession of being a life coach everyone was shocked and said they thought I had it all together. Now, THIS is my belief why most people do not share the heaviness of this subject and often suffer alone. Sharing the truth of emotions and depression is looked at like a disease and people start to see you as being sick. Coaches, counselors, therapists, empaths and people who assist with the evolutions of human life, are at higher risk for depression because of the weight of the world they carry, voluntarily. However, due to the current pressures of society to be normal and always happy, we are forced to ignore our pains and move anyway.

What we need is time to sit in silence and listen to what the heart needs you to feel and see about YOU! Whatever your missions are in life, this time is the space that your inner soul can be heard, and healed through your chaos.

I’m your Goddess Gigi and I thank you for this space and time.

Who AM I? Fun, passionate, sensual, adventurous, in tuned, creative, sexy, and loving are a few things that will begin to describe my energy. Through creating I AM Living Aligned, I learned that it was about my journey of opening up to the world about who I really am. In doing so, I can hold space for those I attract that’s transitioning through the same. I love to share with those I attract my knowledge and downloads of my experiences of simply awaking self! I AM an Activator, Life Alignment Coach, Astrologist, Sex Educator, Liberator, Dream Pusha, Vibrational Healer, Projector, & Class of Yin Creator.

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