North Node into Leo, South Node into Aquarius- Advent

Effective Date: April 29th, 2017- November 17th 2018

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the North Node into Leo and South Node into Aquarius– Jeez, what an intro line. That has to be the longest one yet! Okay, so what are the Nodes, and why should you care about what they are doing? Great question! First off, they’re not real. Well, inasmuch as you couldn’t get on a spaceship and travel to the Nodes and explore a planet. No, the Nodes are the points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the imaginary band that the Sun travels from our viewpoint on earth, and what gives us our zodiac, and all of astrology) and they are what allow us to have eclipses.

So that is them in an astronomical sense, but in an astrological usage, the Nodes are an indicator- When it is in the natal chart it tends to be viewed as a Karma/Dharma path indicator: What you are moving away from (South Node) and what you are trying to become (North Node). While this has merit, this view is oversimplistic. Karma is an overall worthless topic to worry about when it comes to Astrology. Before you ragequit on me, let me tell you why this is: Karma is a hugely popular buzzword in the spiritual community, but fatalism has never really been part of what I do. In fact, my whole impetus has been about breaking out of your fate. Karma tells us that our future is set, and we have no way of knowing it or seeing it coming, much less avoiding it. Sure, Jyotish allows for some knowledge of it, but it’s quite frankly mostly guesswork. Now, Karma has a twin to it, one that rarely gets discussed- Dharma. No, I don’t mean the weird mid-90s sitcom: Dharma is essentially the concept of “Living rightly”, and that means different things to different people. We all have our codes, morals, and ethics, shaped by our unique lives. There is no one size fits all, because we are all so different. Karma tends to be a corrective force, one that comes up when one has strayed away from their Dharma. Karma is meant to get you back on your path, or a reward for sticking to it. Therefore, Karma will not mess with you if you are following your Dharma. In this light, we see that it would be better to call these two a “soul impetus” than allowing the dogmatic Karma to take over the entire conversation.

So what does that mean for this year, when the Nodes will be in the Leo-Aquarius axis (they are always a paired set, 180 degrees apart)? Well, it means that the next 18 months will be some sweet, sweet relief. We have all been struggling under the Virgo-Pisces nodes, and quite frankly we are sick and tired of doing no more than just surviving- and just barely at that! The Leo North Node will make having a reason to live a priority and bring some joy back to your life. We all need a reason to live, we need hope- And that has been sorely lacking for most of us. We are nihilistic, depressed and borderline suicidal. We have given up, by and large. The Nodes tell us that this year is going to be all about rejecting our tendency to want to “Check out” on life, disconnecting us and keeping us from seeing all the good that we have in front of us. This is going to be a resurgence of hope for a lot of us, and it frankly couldn’t come at a better time.

Of course, it isn’t all sunshine and roses. This will also be an ego challenge, because cmon, its Leo. If a bunch of us all come back to life and rebuild ourselves from the scraps and ashes we are left with after repeatedly walking through purifying fire, then all those egos will inevitably clash with each other. What will be required is Taurean patience (another part of the fixed axis) and willingness to reject the darker parts of our nature to get what we feel is ours (Scorpio). Now, in the most popular movie of the time of writing this, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the main antagonist is Ego, who is literally a living planet. Sometimes the gestalt gives you a neon sign…. Ego as an adversary is a usual trope, but it can also be an inaccurate one. You also have to avoid the trap of rejecting all things that pertain to the ego as “Bad” or “Wrong” just because you want to be an immaculate avatar of love and light, above such petty human traits or whatever bullshit that SpiritScience is spewing these days. No, we have to embrace the ego, but not allow it to get out of control. Ego is a wonderful tool, but it can be a monster within you. The key is to embrace the Aquarius as well, which will absolutely smack down any ego that tries to break out of its cage. The movie is an incredible outline of the Leo-Aqua process, with themes of Fathers & Sons, inspiration, the tendency to go too far after one is broken, sanity built out of insane parts, and a hero who sacrifices something amazing to do the right thing. Go see it if you want to understand how this process plays out- But in this case, Ego is Aquarius and the hero is Leo (Now I know Artemis is going to be pissed off when she sees that!). Aqua is what has gone too far, and the balance must be restored by nourishing and restoring the Leo within, the light inside us all.

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