New Moon in Gemini- The Starting Line

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Gemini– Can you feel it in the air? The anticipation, the tension… We are all waiting for the shoe to drop, some signal from the universe that NOW is the time, that we can finally GO! This Moon is the threshold between potential and kinetic energy. We crave that catalyst, the gunshot that tells us the race is on!

And boy howdy, are we ever going to get it…

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Gemini- 
During this lunation, you are feeling a bit on edge and disorganized no doubt. You know you have to do something, but what in the holy fuck is it?  Gemini isn’t one to like sitting around and meditating on an answer. They would rather just go ahead and try a million things and see what happens.  Honestly, this isn’t a bad idea. I mean, the “just act” part of it – the just immerse yourself in life and see where the flow takes you. The key here will be digging into your intuition and the gravity of the situation and not just aiming mindlessly. We are being called to act because a lot of fire planets are lighting the goddamn earth on fire right now, and if we sit here we will die in it. So where are you going to run to?  Which direction are you going to take out of this chaotic mess? What are you going to take with you and who are you going to save from the burning rubble? When we run, we always run somewhere familiar… and that is a place that is dear to our hearts, that pulls us like a faint song in the forest.  When you are broken down, where does your faith always burn? In what idea and in what direction?  NOW RUN FOR IT!

The Sun and Moon– What, no entourage? Ye gods, I can’t remember the last time THAT happened… But no, this is a good thing. This is where we have a chance to prove ourselves- to break out of the silence, to pull ahead of the pack. If you are hungry for your shot, this is a great time to really GO FOR IT. Your rivals will trip over themselves and they will sabotage themselves right before they get everything they want. Stick to your path, your Dharma, and you will avoid their fate. During Saturn Retrograde, you do NOT want to be the one who cheats or rides on past successes, letting it go to your head and making you arrogant. You’ve been grinding for a reason, don’t let this be where you slip up. On the other hand, if you have gotten off track and slipped up, but truly want to get back to your path, then this Lunation will get you to where you need to be. Play this one right and it will give you that second wind you’ve been begging for; Play it wrong and it will blow you off into irrelevance like you fear.

(Minor Planets used- Vesta, Psyche, Varuna, Nemesis)

The Sun (Hermit) and Moon (Hangman)- Oh my, shadow play with Gemini… These two are really projecting the archetype of this sign, mirroring each other on different surfaces. Your light side is meeting your dark side and they are finally agreeing to a course of action together. The moon is our black scrying mirror and the sun is our adorned bedroom mirror, each telling the same story but from a different perspective. One isn’t more “wrong” than the other – your beast nature and your cultivated nature – your past and your future, they collide together in your present. You must make it work. There has been a pummeling of your ego going on and this has been for your own good, so you could finally see what you need to see and drop the game you have been playing to keep you from this clarity. Your plans are being thwarted – shit is going wrong because you are going in the wrong direction. This New Moon is in an air sign, it’ll howl and bring storms with it (both metaphorical and literal and especially of the mental variety). You must let go, be like water and melt into the space that has been granted to you. When you don’t know where to go, let gravity carry you. Don’t be afraid to sit in silence and confront yourself during this moon. There are parts of you that aren’t satiated and you must make peace with them before they get out of control and subconsciously sabotage you. This New Moon is situated over the stars Prima Hyadum and Ain – the Bull’s Eye. This is a good time to isolate yourself, meditate, align your intent, and fire before the storm gets in. A single minded attack is what will work here – an obsessive will that is guided by all of your want merging into an explosion of complex passion.  If you don’t know where to go, choose what pulls you most even if it seems to make no real sense to you. Sometimes we don’t really get it until we get there.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune– What in the ever loving fuck. This is NOT what we want as we enter Gemini! Okay, so let’s break this one down. You are trying to make your day-to-day actions match your big, huge goals, and that would be great… if you could only figure out how to do it. You want to create a great future for yourself with a life you actually enjoy, I totally get it… But since you also realize your reality and how difficult it will be to make it happen, not to mention the ever-looming specter of our death as a species and civilization hanging over your head tends to beggar the question of why one would even bother planning for the future, but that’s the whole point! Neptune is the missing piece here, giving you a reason to believe again. You will need to focus on recovering your faith in yourself and in your ability to make the future your own. What would normally be a Fear and Loathing moment becomes a real kick in the face to help get you sober. It’s high time you start acting like the God that you truly are again. You have allowed yourself to be dragged down in the muck for too long- Any more of this nonsense is intolerable. Pull yourself up by the balls and do your job already- Vacation’s over.

Given the politics in play right now, I have to mention that the minor planets are seriously indicating how this drama will play out. There are hidden forces at work here, and not the ones that we think. The blustering and posturing will come to an end, and the sober heads will prevail. Many people will be hurt in the meantime, their baser natures will expose their flaws. This is just the beginning. A scapegoat will be found, and thrown to the wolves. Watch the women. There will be many false prophets (actual men of faith) who come to the aid of the unworthy, trying to shield them with their religion- and they will get nothing for their faith. Sorry for the Nostradamus moment there, but that’s all I can say on the matter  from the outside. Some things are clear, and others are… more complex. But this will all play out in the public sphere, which is why I have it in this section.

(Minor Planets used- Ceres, Lilith, Amycus, Urania, Asbolus, Chariklo, Okyrhoe, Praamzius, Hygeia, Circe, Eurydike, Teharonhiawako, Klotho, Hildago)

Mercury (3 of Wands), Jupiter (Page of Wands), Neptune (High Priestess)-  Feeling the burn, Heretics? These planets, and the North Node in Leo, are setting shit on fucking fire – spiritual fire that is. Zealots in all arenas are coming together to wield their personal philosophies on the earth, and you have a burning desire to actually do something with your creative fire. Anything that doesn’t have direction will remain in the lower chakras – meaning sex and eating and endless hours of video game playing that doesn’t seem to wear out the itch. YOU NEED A FOCUS. You are wasting a good thing, and your wires will be fried if you don’t get that energy out there. Creative pursuits are very important right now, and instead of giving in to debauchery and apathy, you need to reign yourself in with that deep knowledge. You know when something isn’t right – don’t let idiots convince you that wasting your time and money is okay. Don’t let people convince you that drowning your fire and isolating your emotions is okay. Don’t let others tell you that your burning desire is some sort of disorder, or that your single mindedness for your passion is pushing others away.  FUCK NO.

Don’t let people diminish what you really know about yourself and your needs. Burn like a star, baby, and ask yourself, “What do I always have energy to do, no matter how tired I am – what can I always focus on?” and go do that thing. Mars is begging you for nourishment, for some faith after all of the shit you have gone through. Have faith in yourself, in your abilities, because if you don’t then the ideas of those around you will become yours instead of your own flourishing. And get running because the gun just blew and the race has begun and you don’t want to be an asshole on the sidelines when you could be immersed in life completely!  Don’t forget you are an individual and that your life path, your needs and wants, your style and passion is legitimate. Ideologies of the mind squash our hearts, and true will and ideology come from the heart. I can’t stress this enough – do not drown your fire, your emotions, just because they are scary. Let them burn and light the way.

Venus and Pluto– GOOD GOD VENUS IS STILL IN ARIES. I still havent even had my return yet! This is bullshit… Anyways, whenever these two get together, it sparks some deep gestalt-y type of shifts. What this is is an awakening, like when the winter first gives way to the spring. Though not everything that sleeps in the depths should be awakened… There are safeguards to prevent the worst within you from truly taking over, however- Pallas will not let your nightmares do anything more than scare you silly. This is a chance for you to really delve into your shadow side, make peace with it, and reclaim as much as you can. This is a very fertile aspect, reminding us that death nourishes life. Dig in deep, plunge your hands into the dark damp soil, and pull out the treasures hidden within. Not only is it fertile, but there is a magic to this, magic of the land and renewal. Use it, and take the time to really replenish yourself right now. While you are wrapped up in your own renewal, the more banal concerns you have that distract you from your growth will just fall away- Let them. Don’t worry that you are off track or hiding, right now this is the track.

(Minor Planets used- Pallas Athene, Juno, Eros, Cyllarus, Sila-Nunam, Varda, Isis, Apophis, Ceto)

Venus (2 of Cups) and Pluto (The Moon)- Dark desires all over this one. Do I trust Pluto when he is contacting Venus?  Uh, no. Dude is a shady motherfucker, and especially now when he is linked to the moon card. There are some unresolved things coming to the surface, and they will present themselves to you in your life in shadow ways. “But I thought Venus in Retrograde was over?” IT IS, but Pluto wants to give us a final test right now to see if we truly learned our lesson and can fight our dark desires + dark thoughts about our love life. Venus is still in Aries (grrrr), so impulsiveness is our enemy right now. There is a warning here to be careful of obsessive stalkers and perverts and people looking to dominate you instead of love you. Remember what love is really about and reflect on this during this time. Good relationships nourish you and mirror you back clearly. Manipulative ones distort the reflection and try and distort your idea about yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for falling victim to bad patterns and bad people. Everything is circumstantial. We are either lonely or the fill a karmic void in us or they are just almost that thing we have always been looking for or they promised us so much and we really believed they would come through… Don’t beat yourself up for being loving and accepting and open. Just, you know, learn your fucking lessons and look for the signs the next time because there are truly dangerous people and situations out there.  Trust your instincts, they will save you right now.

Mars, Saturn and Uranus– YES- This is what im talking about! This is what we are looking for, so much action  here to work with, even if it feels like you are withdrawn from all of it. Still waters run deep here (true any time miss Sedna is involved!) and there is so much more than what you see. This is a unique opportunity for you to truly move past your old stumbling blocks. You have been spinning your wheels for so long, but now its time to get off the track and into the street. Now this feels wrong at first glance, because Saturn is a jerk right now, but think about it for a second- What is really holding you back right now? Why is it still a factor? Is there a way to overcome or walk away from it? I think you will find that most of those questions reveal your fears and concerns are no more than paper tigers. On that same track, reassess your goals and ambitions: Are they still in line with what your vision of your life? Do you still want the same things that you wanted last year? How has your growth changed your ambitions? The answers to those questions can free you from any lingering obligations and ties that you are struggling to break free of. Do not allow the judgements of others to stop you from making the changes that you need to- assert yourself as an individual and remember that it is your life to live, first and foremost. It is yours to build, yours to destroy, and it is your name on the bills- act like it.

(Minor Planets used- Chiron, Eris, Sedna, Varuna, Ixion, Pandora, Haumea, Rhiphonos, Rhadamanthus, Manwe, Sisyphus, Tantalus, Damocles)

Mars (The Star), Saturn (4 of Cups) and Uranus (Knight of Pentacles)-  Don’t fall victim to manipulation during this lunation. Propaganda has a big edge, but there will be something off keeping you from being completely fooled… You’ve seen this before. Deja vu much? These things have happened in your life before (macro and micro), so don’t let them back into your life just because they feel familiar. Sometimes we are bombarded with similar horrors and we accept it into our lives because we don’t want to keep processing it. When we are confronted with the same sort of events and mistakes over and over again – the same kinds of horrible attitude toward us or fuck ups – we come to accept that “this is just the way things are.”  NOPE.  Things can be different. Things can change. It just requires attention and work. Don’t have apathy here. You must decide to go against this apathy and strike up an interest because you are being confronted with a karmic cycle and with this Mars/Saturn opposition, you are being called to finally take action against these particular cycles. Are you going to walk the talk and admit your faults so that you can fix them, or are you going to make a million excuses as to why you couldn’t have possibly done the thing? You have a choice here – as there is always a choice in an opposition, between hope and apathy, between boredom and healing, between setting out on a great adventure and sitting there forever stuck in the cycles because you are scared shitless to actually act and do something different. Uranus is prodding you to do the work as well, urging with fire and chaos – bringing us back on our path through violent or urgent or spontaneous acts. Do not fear as you walk through the fire and renew yourself. No one does it the right way the first time, but sitting here doing nothing makes us the villains as well.

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