Chiron Retrograde- Snake Oil

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.” -Robert Gary Lee

Effective Dates: July 1st- December 5th 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Chiron Retrograde– Well Heretics, it’s been a LONG-ass road, but I can finally say, with nothing but relief and joy, that this is the LAST Chiron Retrograde that we get before he moves into Aries next year. That’s right, it is almost over. Like any good retrograde however, we need to look back before we can move forward, and this is true of Chiron most of all. It’s like the bastard operates best at his worst, or what would traditionally be his worst… maybe it’s our worst, and he only gets a chance to shine when we are broken enough to get out of our own way… Who knows?

Anyways, think back to 2011, when Chiron first entered Pisces. Feels like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? Hell, I wasn’t even able to drink legally back then… But at that point I was on the other side of a perscription drug addiction, had been a borderline alcholholic for 5 years, and was getting wrapped up in the cult that was Spirit Science (not to mention dating one of its members, prompting my most ridiculous first date ever). Fun times. I was an idiot of a kid, and I wasted years of my life running from my pain and the consequences of my actions. Chiron in Pisces brought all all of that right into my face, forcing me to stop running and wise up real quick, decades too late. Now, that story is not unique- Chiron has done this to all of us during his romp through Pisces, in one way or another. Why though? Why does he do this, why bother?

In the myths, Chiron was the teacher of the greatest heroes. Heracles, Achilles, Perseus, Asclepius, Ajax, Jason… just to name a few. Chiron does all that he does so that he can add your name to his long list of pupils. Yes, he is a harsh teacher and his lessons often hurt, but think back- is it really Chiron doing the hurting? I know in my case Chiron was a disciplinarian, but only because I was an idiot. I knew better than to do most of the bad things that I did, but I did so anyway, because I was chasing pleasure and chose my instinctual animal self, unconcerned beyond first-order needs. Stay alive, eat and fuck, that was essentially my life. Do the minimum, get by, and let the future figure itself out. I look back through my old posts on Chiron, and the process of unfolding is all over them. It was a painful growth for me, and I am by no means done, but progress has been made (most of the time with me kicking and screaming the whole way….)

During this retrograde, Chiron is going to throw all sorts of distractions at you; He knows your weaknesses, and this is a test- One that he desprately wants you to pass. He will open your eyes to wonders, give you promises of magic, and most cruelly- return to you a semblance of hope. Chiron will try to get you to believe that what he gives you is the key to your happiness, and will make you whole. You must reject everything, and trust me it’ll be hard. He will wave everything that your black little heart desires under your nose, but as we learned during the endless Venus Retrograde, getting what we want is hardly ever in our best interest. Chiron dictates that we need to transcend our bestial needs and become something more. We must move beyond the ephemeral things that bring us happiness and seek out a state of joy within ourselves, even in spite of the insane and chaotic life we all lead.

Chiron’s temptations will scream out for your attention, trying to pull your gaze away from your path. Thing is, you’ve done this before, you know the score. Chiron has thrown everything he has at you, and you have failed spectacularly, more times than you care to count. This time you just need to remember the lessons from your failures, and not fail. That’s it! He wants you to graduate and move on to your next level of growth, because i’ll tell you what- school is almost out, kiddies, kiddos, cadets and cadavers. Pretty soon you are going to have to leave Mt. Pelion and you are going to have to take what you learned out into the world and be the Hero that he has nurtured for so long.

Get ready kids, this ride ain’t over yet!

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  • Llisaisa says:

    I’m ready for round 3 of this retrograde on my sun in Pisces boom!

  • Shane Keys says:

    Thank you Helios! Always appreciated! Yup Chiron is a tough bugger! One which we all struggle with in terms of his lessons for most of our adult life, certainly up to 50 at least anyway! 🙂

    But once we master our Chiron wounds we are rough diamonds that are true gems to those around us in this World! :)))

    Thanks for the personal depth in your post! Love your honesty of soul and vulnerability mister! Rock on!!! 😉

    Cheers – Shane xo

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