New Moon in Leo- Flare

“Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” – John Lennon

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Leo– Welcome to Eclipse Season, Heretics. Y’all aren’t ready for this Lunation, or these Eclipses, and it breaks my heart to tell you that. You have been putting in the work and making sacrifices to actually make solid changes- I know. It isn’t enough though, and the blame is not all on you for that. You can only do as good as what you have at your disposal. What we have is the setup for the climax- Hell, this is foreplay, technically. What was brewing with the last moon makes its first appearance now, and will come to a head in the first eclipse, forcing us to deal with it in the second. That second one, the first one visible in the United States in over a century, will be major. That one has power with it. It brings a storm in its wake, and I just hope it isn’t green clouds of nuclear fallout…

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Leo- 
So here is our practice run before the big shows, Heretics. This lunation is asking for honesty, bravery, and a belief in yourself that you may have long ago cast away. It’s easy to have given up on the world by now, especially in the horrific state it is in and the inevitable declination of our civilization as we know it. But in this fall, this is where the heroes are truly born and made. This is where we find out who rises to the challenge, and who withers away as an extra on the set, a parable for all others to see what inaction truly does to the soul.

 The Sun, Moon, and Mars– This Moon is New in name only, and truthfully it feels more like a Full Moon. The air is pregnant with anticipation, and we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to skirt around the issues this Moon will bring up, as they will be as a Hydra to you– whenever you deal with one, three more pop up. What it all boils down to, however, is that you MUST stop carrying around your pain in secret- hiding it from everyone and refusing to let anyone in past your walls. It is weighing you down, and you carry it around like a rotting tooth that you refuse to pull because you like how it hurts! This Moon is your first chance to be brave. This is your moment to rip that tooth out of your skull before it gets pulled out of you with rusty pliers. Yes, that is evocative imagery because I’M TRYING TO MAKE YOU LISTEN FOR ONCE. This is important and I know it will be difficult for so many of you out there, but it has to be done, one way or the other. Choose it, own it, make it yours- or it will be chosen for you and will happen to you instead.

This Moon is more than that though- it is also a chance for you to get over your damn pride for once, and ask for the help that you so desperately need. You cannot go this road alone- You need someone to watch your back, preferably several someones. Cut the macho bullshit, you are not invincible and you sure as shit don’t know what you’re doing- If you weren’t trying to delude yourself you could see that. Wake up and see your reality for what it is, and just how royally fucked you are. Don’t shrink from the ugliness of it, and if you are lucky, there will be something you can do to fix it before it’s too late. That is what this Moon truly wants you to know- and this is just the prelude.

Minor Planets used: Varuna, Logos, Salacia, Huya, Thereus, Elatus, Siwa, Sisyphus, Hopi

The Sun (4 of Pentacles), The Moon (Justice), and Mars (6 of Cups)-  
The cards say “pleasure” (Crowley’s name for the 6 of Cups) and a healthy dose of meltdowns to pair that heat. With Leo, we always get an element of drama as individuals are projecting their personas to a magnified degree during the season of The Sun (Leo’s ruling planet). This new moon is an attitude adjuster (Justice card) aka, perhaps, it is an opportunity to get some real personality editing going on; assimilating your personality toward your true will.  What do you want to be, deep down at your core, Heretics? What is the fuel of your cause? Your persona is a weapon for getting you there. That is the whole 5th House in Astrology (ruled by Leo and the Sun). It is about what you project into the world that represents a part of your make-up; children, art, personality, romance.

Have you ever run into anyone with a sense of pure magnetism? Why do you think that is? Most likely, because they are projecting from their very core – powerfully, knowing that they are present and no one can shame them from their existence. There is definitely such a thing as false ego, Heretics, and that may create a fireworks effect. But if you stick around long enough, you will see the smoke clear and the ash sitting in its place. When you project from your core, there is no running out of fuel. Try and figure out the difference, and experiment with this difference in the coming Leo season. What ignites this magnetism? The blood and fire of bravery. And look here, folks, we have Mars mixed up in the middle of this New Moon, demanding courage. Project your true self, in your art, in your persona – which itself is an art-form… The more deluded your idea of the self, the more deluded and frightening your persona.  Your ego is there to protect you, to navigate you, not to delude you into a trap.

Mercury, Uranus, and Chiron– Okay, so what can you actually DO about/with any of this? Are you just doomed to wallow in self-loathing and despair because the task before you is just too insurmountable? HELL NO. This is LEO season, after all goddamnit! You are so much bigger than you are living right now- Why do you hide away from the world in shame? Are you really so broken, so without merit that you have to go into a self-imposed exile for some offense that no one else knows about? Here’s a crazy idea- start living like you have something to lose. You have to stop hiding the light that you hold within you, no matter who might try to come and take it away from you. Be as a bonfire on a dark summer night- Warm, bright, and inviting. Be what you need from the world for others, become a community unto yourself. THAT is how you find the tribe you feel that you are missing, that you cannot move forward without.

Minor Planets used: Rhadamanthus, Sedna, Typhon, Quaoar, Pholus, Rhiphonos, Iris, Pandora, Eurydike, Achilles, Nemesis

Mercury (3 of Pentacles), Uranus (3 of Wands), and Chiron (Page of Swords)-
 It’s all fake, folks, the glitter the glam the perfection that is fed to us each day. It’s all a bunch of rubbish. We are all as broken as the person next to us, and there is truly no such thing as fully being healed from traumas. We just learn to adapt, even though we are frightened, even though we have doubt and pain, we learn to take a leap instead. Your pain is your master until you decide to muster up the fire to escape, to fight it, and to live with the fact that it may hunt you down your entire life. But wouldn’t you rather have that bit of freedom and exploration than live in hell for a minute longer?  It is time to speak your mind, Heretics, and if that involves having a stiff drink beforehand so be it.  Muster up the courage to meet with the person you have been needing to meet with, apologize to the individuals that played a huge part in your growth, re-connect with family that has fallen away. Cut away the unhealthy ego so that the healthy, true pride can begin to manifest – pride in your actual work, your actual word, not some fantasized perceived garbage.  Again, remember, we are all broken, so there is always a place for us to meet minds and hearts.

Venus and Saturn– So what this boils down to is a question of NEED. What is it that you don’t have that you still need in order to finally pull the trigger and light this candle? What are you waiting on? I bet you can figure out a way around it, resourceful sonofabitch that you are. So why are you still stuck in neutral? If this makes you uncomfortable, you’re in luck because there’s hope for you- If not, you’re still deluding yourself. The biggest culprit for this is your grief. You have been in mourning for something, something long since gone. You have been sobbing over an empty grave for so long, you have forgotten to take care of anything else. Just because you have experienced great loss does not mean that you have to die as well, before your time. I doubt you even remember who or what you are grieving over anymore.

You need to get up, let go, and move on. What is done is done, and what is lost is lost. Giving it more of your time cannot bring it back from the dead- You must learn to live without it. You have a future to live for, whether you realize it or not.

Minor Planets used: Sila-Nunam, Haumea, Borasisi, Psyche, Niobe, Panacea, Heracles, Sphinx

Venus (Hangman) and Saturn (2 of Cups)-  
It’s true, vision is a bit clearer right now. Especially vision concerning the heart. More ego talk…  Hangman is a good reference to giving away your ego in order to see the other side, and true structure – the truth of the matter – is found when people honestly speak what is inside their hearts to one another (2 of Cups for Saturn).  Sometimes we think that if we give in and admit our wrongdoing that we will somehow be destroyed. This isn’t the case at all. If you live in a world of lies, those lies morph you slowly but surely into a monster you wouldn’t choose to be. This is how skeletons build in closets; secrets upon secrets hidden away as you pretend you had no real part in any wrong doing. That you were merely a victim of circumstance!  All situations take two to tango, so figure out what your role was in the prison that you live in now. Admitting to this brings you one step closer to freedom, true freedom, where you see the world for how it really is instead of merely as you wish it could be. Wishing it “could be” is why we stay in horrible situations, friendships, relationships and so forth.  This applies to the micro as well as the macro; the state of the world is not something that only certain people have control over… it is all of us. We all choose to play along or not play along.

Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto– What an omen this is- we move into Eclipse season with the Three Brothers in harmony. I’m honestly not sure if that is a good omen or a bad one, but it’s certainly not one to discount. There are hidden dangers we cannot plan for, and they lurk around every corner. Trust is in short supply, and it is the most important commodity that we have, worth more than gold. You fear that everyone is wearing two faces around you, that every friend is secretly plotting to take you down- and this is not just you being paranoid. The penny in the air has to drop some time, and you are trying to figure out which side it’s going to land on so you can come out on top. The problem is, if you start trying to plan around other people’s plans, which may or may not exist, you end up taking away from your own aims and goals, wasting an opportunity that you are given. Whether or not it is nice, this moon is pure raw power, and power can be used. It calls out to you, seductive and gleaming with promise. It is an oily, greasy and dark kind of power though- the kind that can stain your soul if you’re not careful.

There is one way out of the quagmire this situation can become, however- That situation hinges on one thing: Everyone trying to be the top dog, coming out on top. If you are willing to abandon your aims, goals, and instead just walk away, then you are free. Can you really walk away, now? After all that you have gone through to get here? Just… lay it down and abandon it, after all this time? Whether or not you can, know that this is your best chance at breaking the cycle.

Minor Planets used: Ceto, Praamzius, Teharonhiawako, Mors-Somnus, Asbolus, Icarus, Phaethon, Askalaphus, Kassandra, Isis, Arachne

Jupiter (8 of Cups), Neptune (Ace of Swords), and Pluto (3 of Swords)-  There’s nowhere to run, Heretics. You are about to get caught red handed in something or other. And, you know, this wont be so bad. Living in the lie, as we have seen, is the worst part of the experience. Joy comes from walking away (Jupiter as 8 of Cups), and a cutting away at illusion with pure truth (Ace of Swords as Neptune).  Pain will be our transformation – and yes, lighting yourself on fire to turn what once was into ash is never a pleasant experience. This new moon is your signal flare, your warning of the next two lunations to come that will rock our world. The eclipses will be the first seen in the Americas since its inception, and right over the star Regulus – the king maker- which seems ominous to say the least. In order to step into this fire and come out the other side, you are going to need to cast away your guilt, your fear, and your Cancer season woe’s behind you. You’re all cried out, and now we need some bravery.  Pluto wont let you out of the underworld without you fully exposing every part of yourself, and the only reason you are hanging back is because there is something that scares the shit out of you enough for you to stay in such a horrible limbo. You want to get out, don’t you?  You cry and lament and pound your fists about getting out all the time, so why don’t you just LOOK? Dig deep and honestly speak what that is this new moon and you’ll be ready for the next two monstrous lunations ahead…

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Love it!!! Awesome write-up guys! Hahaha let’s just say the soul knows the truth already. She knows patterning behind the lie of the illusion! She is ready to crown her King and let him reign gloriously if he deeply trusts who she is! Fear is the only enemy! The “chains” of the enemy – is continuing to buy into the illusion.

    Rock on Oracles! :)))

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