Mercury Retrograde in Virgo- Artisan

“Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.” T. S. Eliot

Effective Dates: August 13th- September 5th, 2017 (In Shadow til September 20th)

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (The Chariot, 3 of Swords, The Star)-  Well, you know, that’s how the universe functions – in a state of utter and total shitting on you. But hey, aren’t you suppose to use the master’s tools against him? And in this case, use the chaos of Mercury Retrograde to our advantage… SO, prepare – get your shit in order before this retrograde. That means plans B, C, and D, because you are going to be a hot mess, emo bundle of self-doubt. Prepare for an adventure into realms you feared stepping into because well, you are fragile.

I mean, we all kinda are. This Leo season is attempting to instill a sort of pride in us, but we are all running around like Chicken Little, or Jon Snow, talking about how the world is ending and how everything is looking at petty childish squabble instead or preparation for doom (we can thank Uranus being Retrograde for that one). The trick here is to figure out how to use the knowledge that the world is a shit pile to strike a fire inside of you that makes you act with confidence. Who gives a fuck what others think if they are just a part of the problem? This retrograde is going to make that difficult – but as everything that makes things difficult, use it as a barbell to train some confidence in you, no matter how terrifying the enemy.

You’re going to have to be ready for second guessing becoming second nature. Depending on what house this retrograde is wrecking havoc in with your natal chart, you’re going to be going through a maddening mental review. There is somewhere that you have been weak, that you haven’t served yourself and have allowed that portion of your life to atrophy in some way. A place where you should be a learned scholar but have settled into old patterns once again… Mercury Rx always paves the way for a rewind and re-do, and you desperately need one in this portion of your life. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste because you were too lazy to pull together all the details.

We all know you know. You know exactly where your talents lie, but you lie to yourself that somehow you aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, or whatever the hell to polish your talents. The thing is, during Mercury retrograde, you will have an opportunity at creativity like never before. You can breathe life into something that is musty and stuck, oiling the gears and the creative fire of life. There is a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo happening while this retrograde is awakening us in new ways, meaning there is no shortage of light being cast on you. Now, you are either going to sulk in shame and guilt, nervous anxiety and typical Christian self-flagellation or are you going to utilize your resources and not fuck up this second chance at awakening into a new level of your craft?

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury Retrograde– Ye gods, as if we don’t have enough fuckery to deal with, let alone retrogrades in the sky… Oh well; Tack it on to the inevitable to-do list, because if there is one thing Mercury in Virgo loves its’ fucking lists- and when he goes Retrograde they might just save your life. During Mercury Retro, especially in Virgo, it’s like all of our heads just become stuffed with cotton balls instead of brains. We lose track of everything, and as a result, progress grinds down to a screeching halt, sputtered on by only those suited to these times who feel like bumbling idiots the rest of the time and the prepared.

So how does one prepare for this time? Well, your standard rules still apply- No signing any contracts, no big purchases (especially electronics!) and no burning your house down to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest (you’ll get sick of it in about a month, trust). Instead, try to make sure all of your bills are paid out at least a week in advance if you can, square up any outstanding debts, reconnect with friends that you have dropped out of touch with, take a different route to work and maybe walking? Also, if that New Years resolution didn’t pan out again, maybe switch up your diet to something more healthy so that you can look hot for Halloween! Not a fad diet or anorexia though, definitely not at this time.

What’s more, this one is going to be heavily influenced by its opposition to Neptune in Pisces, further clouding… everything. Anything you think is clear, a simple yes or no, hold off on, because something will come up that REALLY messes it up for you. Any old issues that you thought were done and over can absolutely resurface right now, and you need to learn their goddamn lessons already before it kills you. Do not take back your broke-ass, busted-ass, cheatin’ ass ex, just because he is there and you’re lonely and depressed. Keep your nose to your grind, and just stay away from everyone if you can. While I have been saying for just about every transit avoid the urge to retreat into your own world? NOW is the time where you actually do it, and just try out being a hermit for a while. Stay out of the limelight, be in the gym daily, and hone your edge sharper.

While this transit is terrible for almost everything, there is one field where it can’t be beaten: Magic. With Neptune in opposition, and him being in Pisces, this is when you can do some real, legit, reaching through the veil that separates the worlds and getting a good hold of whatever it is that’s on the other side. During this transit, while everything crashes and burns around you in your mundane life, you will have access to the true chaotic universal forces of creation. This will be your last, best chance to change your path before it solidifies when Saturn moves into Capricorn. This is one of those times where you need to Walk like you can See, which is a real deep cut back to my days as the Astrogeek. We will be on the other side of this crazy, chaotic, and truly singular time before you know it- but are you truly ready to go back to normal? Is it really better than THIS *makes dramatic, sweeping gesture with both arms outraised*? The magic of this time is that ANYTHING can happen, anyone can do anything, there are no limits beyond what you allow! Why would you want to go back to the rules? You have had this time, now this is the last call before you wake up from the dream, the last chance to make any changes before it goes to print. Make sure what you are walking into is the right thing for you. Let Mercury show, by dragging you back to what you don’t want, one last time.

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Love it!! Thanks guys!!! Thumbs up! 🙂

    This is when the ship finally comes in with me waiting and sunning myself on the docks! The ship is like the refloated titanic given a second chance through my use of energetic alchemy. Hehehe the trick for me is to ignore that he, being the Titanic, hit a nasty iceberg and actual sunk to the bottom of the cold ocean and pretend like nothing has happened. Of course I will be looking past the nightmare of the illusion of what was, for his sake and mine, and I will be welcoming him home like a P&O Cruises ship “Britannia” returning to port. Smiling and waving like absolutely nothing has happened! Then the real magic begins. :)))

    Cheers – Shane

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