Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius- Kingdom Come

“Never forget that the most political thing you can ever do is follow your heart.” -RuPaul

Effective Date: August 7th, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the Lunar Eclipse– Here we go Heretics… Finally, it’s showtime- The Eclipses are here. First up is the Lunar Eclipse. This one will play out on the battlefield of your heart, and we’ll talk more about that below, but what I find fascinating about this eclipse is… This one doesn’t have to be hard. This Eclipse can lead you to your destiny, but I promise that destiny is not what you expect, nor what you think that you want. The title gives that away- Kingdom Come. It is part of a prayer, one drilled into me years ago, but one that evokes humility. Depending on your actions, attitudes and goals you can either see Heaven on Earth with this Eclipse; or you will face Armageddon. Will you serve in Heaven or reign in Hell? And is there really a difference anymore?

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Lunar Eclipse- Oh dear lordt, Heretics, the Great American Eclipses are on the horizon, and this first one is just getting us on deck for the blazing ball of raw energy that is the Total Eclipse in Leo on the 21st of August. Are you ready to be stripped raw? Are you ready to listen when you are told where you should be going and what you should be doing?  The few weeks leading up to this eclipse will have people deciding quite vehemently their next step in their story, and it will be stirring up quite the awakenings in its way. All of us that were able to sludge through the emotional, heart horror that was Cancer season will now be rewarded with what comes from such deep, intense introspection. Those of us that didn’t give up will be given a chance to start something truly profound – the next level in this grand tale. This lunation is all about us – very micro – where the next one will be very, very macro and political. Give yourself strength and draw from this moon or we will all be doormats when the Leo lunation comes roaring. It’s time for us rebels to find a cause.

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Pluto– Eclipses are a tricky thing. The last set I underestimated them, and they rocked me to my core, taking me to a place I never thought I would be. I am still recovering from those, especially the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, but it does feel like this one is moving on from the lessons of those eclipses. As I said above, this Eclipse is Lunar, therefore we are dealing with the currents and waves of emotions. This Eclipse aims to get you unstuck in your life, but most notably in your heart. You see… it’s not an easy life that we live. More often than not, we find ourselves having to numb ourselves to the harsh realities we face, the pain and indignities that we endure- we do this to survive. Unfortunately, you can’t keep doing that- not anymore. This Eclipse is going to crack your heart open like an egg, and show just how brittle the walls that you built up over the years really are. This will hurt, feeling all that pent up emotion all at once. It will flood you, and you can easily get pulled under its waves.

Now, this is not to say that life will suddenly be gumdrops and roses from now on, and that you’ll never get hurt again- No, what this Eclipse tells us is that now, you are finally ready to deal with these pains as they come. While the freezing trick might work for a while, it isn’t sustainable- It’s also childish. You are now strong enough to face the emotions and bring yourself back from the dead. More than that, you are asked to go one step further and actually forgive yourself for… everything. No, you’re not going to want to do this, I understand- But it’s time. This is a breakthrough for you. Forgiving yourself frees you from the prison that you have built to guard your heart. If you can do this, the hardest thing there is to do, then there is nothing that this Eclipse can do to you. What is important to remember for this Eclipse is that it is not dependent on strength or power, nor drive; This one is entirely dependent on how kind you can be to yourself, and how brave you are willing to be. Let it finally soften those hard edges that you use to keep everyone away so that they can never hurt you. Open the doors to your heart and step out into the world.

Minor Planets used: Deucalion, Mors-Somnus, Praamzius, Varda, Asbolus, Echeclus, Circe, Hebe, Persephone, Magdalena, Hybris, Osiris, Itokawa

Sun (4 of Swords), Moon (High Priestess), Jupiter (8 of Cups), and Pluto (Ace of Cups)- I was talking to my girlfriend about these coming great American eclipses over dinner the other night. As we were getting up to leave, two men walk in with shaved heads. One of them had a fresh new tattoo on the back of his scull that read, “Don’t Tread On Me” with a coiled snake, poised to attack. “Libertarian,” I mused, and then the idea that this lunar eclipse is in play with Mars crept up to the forefront of my mind. I got a creepy, crawly feeling up my spine and realized what a mess of projections this moon is going to be. Mars opposite the Moon is highly instinctual, battle ready, poised to feel out the enemies next move at any moment. The problem is, when the Mars/Moon energy has nothing to fight, when there is peace being offered on the table and a joke or two being made, they will pick out the most trivial things to blow up into a conflict. Oppositions are like a seesaw – if we choose one side over the other we lose the balance and end up destroying momentum. You cannot live in your instincts to dominate and assert your ego and you cannot lord over everyone with your emotions during this moon. Those with power will assert it like frightened children, paranoid that everyone around them is readying their forces to usurp the crown. My cards are telling me there needs to be a bolstering, a healing of your ego is vitally important.Tensions are high, especially with a total Eclipse only a few weeks away (oh boy oh boy, wait til you hear about THAT one!), and the god of Chaos (Uranus) is getting ready to station for his retrograde – followed closely behind by a Mercury retrograde.

Head or heart, friend or enemy? People possess us like ideas, and they become a vital part of our ego. Psychic bonds are impossible to severe if we cannot surgically remove every part of the other person, and with every day that passes we integrate ourselves even further – making the entanglement a permanent structure of our lives. We must submit to the fact that they are an integrated part of us forever. This moon is the alchemical melding of mind and heart, that what the heart seeks out is to merge with everything around it; the Leo/Aquarius dichotomy. So stand back, inspect with a bit of chilly detachment, and orchestrate the pieces of your life together without feeling ill that certain people are a part of it. Without those horrible experiences, you wouldn’t have the fissures necessary to let the light in. Now, what do you see, Heretics, when you allow the illumination to happen without huddling away from it in fear?

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune– Listen, the cosmos have seen your efforts, kid. They know what you are going through, why you are doing it, and they are pleased even if you aren’t. Just being willing to sacrifice to do what is right, that’s hard- Very few would ever do it. So know that, even if no one else sees your struggle, know that it is not in vain. That kind of commitment deserves rewarding, and this is it. Honest to god, this is a time of reward for your efforts…. if you have earned them. Look back- You have stayed on this course, committed to your own betterment, with no real promise or reward or acclaim, merely because it was an urge, a stirring of your soul that drove you to strive for more. That is absolutely amazing, and you should be proud of that if nothing else. Unfortunately, I have to bear some hard news: You will need to give up something to progress, something dear to you- an underlying reason and motivation for your continued growth. You have outgrown it and you need something more, something deeper, to take you further. This will occur to you in a quick flash of insight, but you will dismiss it because not only is it ridiculous to suggest you get rid of it, but it is a good thing! I promise though, if you are willing to let this go, you will find yourself so much closer to attaining it. Be brave.

Minor Planets used: Pallas Athene, Vesta, Orcus, Altjira, Teharonhiawako, Chariklo, Pelion, Amycus, Klotho, Hidalgo, Urania

Mercury (Magician), Venus (8 of Wands), Mars (Ace of Swords), and Neptune (9 of Pentacles)- 
This moon is dead poised on relationships. I got a stirring that things back from Venus Retrograde in Aries (Spring time hell) will be returning. Ghosts of the past wanting another knock at you now that Venus is kicked and shoved into the emotional wreck of a sign; Cancer. Stop being so sensitive, says the moon in Aqua, but Venus is back in a feminine water sign after being hardened for almost all of 2017 up until this point. And fuck, she is still getting shitty aspects and is stationed behind the sun while Mars is swooping in front of it. The fact is; you think you have to fight these people but really you just have to expose their raw emotions to themselves. They are begging, looking for a mirror, hoping you will provide it. They are lost in their waters and obviously something about you makes them feel anchored.

The thing is, though, this moon wants us to drop all of the bullshit of 2017 up until now. Hell, it wants us to literally clear the skeletons in our closet since January – and all the emotional bullshit we decided right then to get rid of that somehow kept popping back up like a wack a mole for months to come. I know Venus Rx was a weird time for most of us, bringing back sniveling ex lovers that either made up with us or showed us once again what pieces of shit they were. The stragglers will be coming out around this eclipse, either reconciling and becoming friends or getting the judgement of God. You reap what you sow, and that includes energy you have put into people in the past.

But hell, this moon is also telling us to charge with our ideas and ideals. You have the tools that it is going to take to make your dreams come true – literally manifest them into reality if you put the intention out this full moon. I know it seems like a long shot, but you undervalue your abilities at every turn. How many times do you have to be told that you are good at what you do? Most successful people were run into a wall and kept fighting their way out because giving up on your dreams is as good as death. You are going to get a fresh breath of air after a grueling few months of getting beat every time you try to come up. Remember the motivation of last Leo season? Well, it’s back in full force – this time stronger and wiser than it was last year.

 Saturn, Chiron and Uranus– Holy weirdness… this is the true power behind the Eclipse, and it is one that is… odd. Saturn, Chiron and Uranus alone would be weird, and I would usually make up some kind of shaman reference and call it a day, but look at the lineup below: That is nearly all of the Trans-Neptunians, and when their slow, cold and inhuman energies come together in committee, along with the coldest of the transpersonal planets? You take notice of that. The sense I get is that these guys are… watching. Watching to see what we do, like they are handing the reins of creation over to us, to see what we can do with it. This is most certainly a test, but unlike almost all of the others, this test is one we can pass. The deck isn’t stacked against us to teach us some sort of lesson. No, these guys are not wanting to stand in our way, rather this is a chance for us to truly step up. The only way we can fail this test is to not live up to our potential.

Read the Uranus Retrograde post for more on this, but these times allow us to peel back the veneer on reality and see what is REALLY going on behind the curtain. We can rise now, become as Gods, but that is not truly the way to succeed here. Anything that is even remotely egoic will sink your efforts now, you must approach the power of this Eclipse as one of service, duty, and trust. This is a time for some conscious co-creation with the divine. If we reach beyond what we can perceive, we can experience Truth. That is what this Eclipse is all about, in the end, the truth of our hearts and of who we really are. Are you ready to face it?

Minor Planets used: Borasisi, Ixion, Quaoar, Sedna, Eris, Typhon, Eros, Psyche, Phaethon, Achilles, Niobe

Saturn (5 of Cups), Chiron (Hangman), Uranus (Temperance)-  
Funny that Helios says the gods are watching, waiting, because Hangman and Temperance tell me the same sort of thing. Uranus has let go, reversing his course and allowing us to take full control of our lives and our world. What will we do with it? What will we do when the gods give us permission to make the next move? And, are they really letting us choose for ourselves or do they have some secret plan to fuck our shit up, fam? Saturn has been retrograde for quite some time, demanding that we re-forge ourselves – become harder and sharper. But fuck, you’ve run into some disappointments there, haven’t you? No matter how you try and improve yourself, some bullshit comes in the way.

Here’s the thing, though, Heretics, this is an opening in the sky where the struggles of the past couple of months will go on the wayside. You have actually been getting opportunities whispered into your ear for a while now but have been ignoring them due to your disappointment and depression at that disappointment. The thing is, sometimes the road out isn’t the one we have been dumping all of our effort into. Sometimes the road out is something that we have been putting very little effort into – because it is just something that is naturally workable or passionate in us – yet we don’t believe it is something viable for our future. Shut the hell up and put your faith in it now, Heretics, because the Total Eclipse in Leo is coming in 2 weeks and you are going to get the fire you need to do what you have to do. Sit with yourself, detach, and really think about it… when the dust settles, what is it that you truly love doing? What is it about you that could benefit all of humanity if you improved upon it, shining brightly and standing firmly in it?  Yeah, do that. Start doing that now, and don’t let anything get in your way.

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Totally awesome read guys! So many validating insights into my journey! I deeply know my walk, but I love it when you guys validate things Spirit and my guides have been already drilling me with about – The Kingdom coming for me! Thy will be done (the surrender, trust and flow), on Earth as it is in Heaven (Balance, balance, balance). Why? For mine will be the Kingdom, the Glory, Now and Forever, World without End! True Mastery of the heart self! :)))

    Cheers – Shane xxoo

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