Eros and Psyche in Libra: Honeymoon

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

Effective Dates: August 16th- September 22nd (Eros) August 21st- November 22nd (Psyche)

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Eros and Psyche in Libra– UGHHHHH NO GIVE ME THE ECLIPSE. I mean, come on, a doubling up on Love drama? IN LIBRA?!? No. Sorry. This is canceled. Fake news…..

FINE. Yes, the God of Passion and his wife, the Goddess of Relationships, are meeting up in the sign of romantic, pastel-colored rosy bullshit. While this would normally feel like a relief and a welcome distraction, unfortunately with all the nonsense we have going on in the skies, it feels more like an obligation and a chore. Or that might be my bitterness, chronic singleness and cold, dead heart shining through. Who knows.

Anyway, this (in theory) should make all matters with relating to each other easier, yes? *looks outside for a second, sees everything on fire* Perhaps not. Libra has one of the best zodiac PR teams. The sign is one of balance, not ease, and balance takes WORK- While Libra loves to try and act like work is not a thing that they have had to do. When everything is going well, then it’s fine, no problems- But when things go wrong, Libra will frequently not know how to handle it, ignoring or cutting off the problem, burying it until it goes out of control and then causing severe mental breakdowns with Libra crying in the corner.

So what does that mean for Eros and Psyche? Faced with a challenge such as we are; in terms of barely tolerating each other, trying to just get along without the very real threat of a civil war looming over our heads- these two dive into the merde to try and get everyone talking again (or at least ignoring each other so that we can get on with our lives). But is it even possible to bring together what has been so wholly ripped asunder, with the divisions between men never more apparent? Being that we have Mercury Retrograde making it nearly impossible to communicate with each other on the most basic level, set against the backdrop of the eclipses, I would say not yet- But Eros and Psyche show that we want to bridge the gap. No one really wants any of what is happening to continue.

While I doubt peace has much of a chance at this stage, Eros and Psyche remind us that our enemy is another person, a human just like us and not a monster. If we remember that, and try to reach those who walk the path of war with that in mind, we might avoid the worst futures that we see. The more we villify and divide each other, the more likely we are to see them come to life. Find a way to reach the scared, broken person lashing out in confusion and fear, and you might find that they are more willing to come back out of the darkness than you might think.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Eros and Psyche in Libra (5 of Pentacles, Justice, 2 of Wands)-  What better way to hide out this eclipse than inside someone else? We are a bit starved, aren’t we? Love nourishes us, and erotic love is the grass fed butter of life. It’s been rough, with these two in Virgo, as we nitpick our lovers a part and let anxiety get in the way of our closeness. Virgo has a way of domesticating love and creating a split between doing what we want and being a proper lady. We saw the cracks and imperfections in love. Love is of service, a ripping open of yourself and diving into the darkest pits of your partner with bravery.

What now that we are in Libra with both of these lovers? We are finally at a place where we are willing to admit our humanity, our fragility in the face of a perfect god like Love. We don’t feel worthy to embrace what it is trying to give us, freely of it’s own volition. That is where we made our mistake. We are all worthy of being seen as an equal by another – by our mirror in the form of flesh and eyes and hands that touch us in ways that make us quiver from the soul out.

Libra wishes to have true justice with a partner, and this means no one is held up on some sort of pedestal while the other is the servant. That is more Virgo’s game, either being the whipping boy or the dominatrix, but Libra wants to be with someone just as worthy of her as she is of them. Why is that? Because we believe we can only truly be seen by someone who is equal enough to be a viable mirror for us. How can you crack deeper into your psyche (soul) without their love (eros) as an instrument? There are so many people out there who are not on the same resonance as us, and this transit of these two lovers will beg us to be with someone who can seesaw with us instead of tip the scales in one way or the other.

We need someone who can traverse our mental maze and help illuminate our godhood, the immortality that is our soul, not someone who keeps us in the drama of the mortal realm. Just like Psyche, we are rejected by lovers who cannot handle us, who can not dance with our chaos, and that is not a bad thing… it only leads us to the place where we will find our equal, if we are brave enough to follow – to get out there and listen to the voice within. For some of us, that road is long, but only because in the end it’ll be worth all of the madness you have gone through to meet your equal. If you hadn’t been pushed to open up to your emotions by one lover, challenged to stand up for  yourself by another, encouraged to be your unabashed self by another still, you wouldn’t be ready for your serendipitous meeting with the one who will challenge you still… that partner in crime who wont let you make love with them in the dark – the one that wants to see your face, in all it’s glory.

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Hahaha – “erotic love is the grass fed butter of life.” love it! Ain’t that the truth! XD

    Great read guys, love the deeper insights! Appreciated as always! :)))

    Cheers – Shane

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