Venus in Leo- Heart of Gold

“Your self esteem wont come from body parts. You need to step away from the mirror every once in a while, and look for another reflection, like the one in the eyes of the people who love and admire you.” – Stacy London

Effective Date: August 27th- September 21st

Helios on Venus in Leo– Here we go again… Another Fire Venus and we’re still recovering from that damn retrograde! It’s still relevant, because with the planet of Love, Comfort and Security about to go into Leo all those lessons are about to get resurrected. That’s right, class is back in session, Heretics!

As I write this I’m literally going through a breakup so that will color my take on this somewhat. It just so happens that this breakup is being caused by major Leo issues, so its fucking relevant. Anyway- Venus has been in Cancer, making the priority “Just getting along”, and getting through the days. Picking your battles and all that. Well no more- Now Venus demands that you stand up for yourself and not allow anyone to bulldoze over you just because you have feelings for them. No sir, now its time to make sure that YOUR needs are met, regardless of anyone else.

It’s trite advice, but you cannot bend over backwards trying to please everyone all the damn time. You have to make sure you are secure and comfortable first, and then you will be in a stronger position to help others if you so choose. That is essentially the fundamental argument between “Lightworkers” and “Darkworkers” (such as they are): Strengthen others or strengthen yourself. Of course its foolish because the distinction is academic and both essentially want the same thing, but that’s a discussion for another post. It’s ironic but Venus in Leo comes from a Darkworker point of view.

Remember, we just had an eclipse in Leo, and that is still a live wire. Venus moving over it will only energize it further and make its lessons and issues more pronounced. What you need is to build yourself a damn backbone, nut up and get the work done. You have been moping, hiding, and vacillating long enough. Take a deep breath, make some decisions and dive in. Accept the consequences of them, and that they might not all be pleasant. You will need to close the door on some possible futures right now, and while that can be scary it is well worth it. Not all of those futures were good, and you need to start cutting out the wrong ones so that you can get to the right one sooner. Or actually, not the right one, because there really is no “right”. Just better and worse for you. Some things that sound or feel good might actually be terrible for you, and some things that may initially scare you are actually worth exploring.

Most importantly, this transit will challenge you to truly cultivate your confidence. Yes, you truly need it again. You had plenty of time tearing down your ego and facing the demons in your reflection- Now its time to see the good in you, which is going to be much, much harder. This goes hand in hand with independence- embrace it while you can! Freedom is a great gift, but it can be too much for some. Sometimes we jump from one partner to another, seeking validation in different stranger’s beds, but we need to find it within ourselves. Dig deep for the Leonine gold, guys- Venus always has a secret stash somewhere.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Venus in Leo (
The Chariot, 3 of Swords, 2 of Cups)- Jesus, Venus can’t catch a break… We have been slowly simmering in our love lives since the retrograde, and now we get a blast of bad bitch energy. It seems Venus may be recovering from some fuckboys and needs to light some shit on fire (I’d watch out for that, an angry Venus is more terrifying that Mars at times). Slow cooking makes for some delicious dishes, so it’s time to submerge ourselves into the liquid fire and see what comes of it.

Virgo season is all about correcting our shit, making sure our ducks are in order, and coming out strong enough to make it through autumn and winter. With both Mars and Venus in Leo, and a gigantic Eclipse in Leo, we have a focus on personal magnetism and ego power. Ego is the vehicle that moves us through the world, but it must be melded together just right with your dark and light sides (the Chariot). If there is a peppering more of either, the balance is lost (and you’ll lose your footing in Libra season, the fulcrum of the year). You must have mercy and you must have the ability to chop off a head or two when the times call for it. It is hard to make the proper distinction, but when you know what you want, the decision becomes easier to make; you wont be so weak in the midst of misty eyes if you know the relationship is rotting your soul. This energy will also give those of you in loving relationships some solar plexus fire. There is nothing sexier than seeing your partner light up with passion about the things they love, and Venus in Leo brings back the heart in our work. It also brings back tremendous amounts of romance – the kind where you see each other as individuals equals and play your conquering game together (and hello, don’t forget Eros and Psyche just entered Libra!) Venus in Leo’s are tremendously loyal lovers because they do not commit to just anyone. They commit to those they think are worthy, and they will bleed and kill for them if need be.  This is a very “hunter” like Venus, a predator that goes for what they want with fury and passion. Remember why you chose the people you chose in your life, and keep in mind why certain people left…

During this transit, you will have to address the garbage (3 of swords). With Venus getting pummeled since her Babylonian stage over the spring, you’ve had your plate full with everything and anything and you’ve allowed your heart to get buried under a boulder. Venus wants to pump some lovin’ back into your body, get you excited about life and art and love and romance again. She wants you to recite your pain into your poetry, squeeze your hurt onto the canvas, and dance yourself clean. She wants you to take pride in what you do, and take pride in those you roll with. In order to do this, you are going to need to detox. You are going to need to purge all of the bullshit you have been keeping inside and repressing. In order to shine, you need to clean the grime. It’s going to hurt to talk it out and let people know how they have hurt you, or admit how you have hurt them, but that is the only way you can remove the cage from your heart and let it grow and truly connect.

WARNING WARNING – Trust me, Heretics, this is the time. We have some scary as fuck astro coming up after the next month, so if you don’t take this time to cleanse yourself and feel pride in yourself again, you are going to crumble and it wont be pretty… For those of you hanging by a thread right now, there is obviously something you are missing. You are roaring at the universe asking it to do things for you when you don’t actually do shit for yourself. You see yourself as above others, cleaner than others, even if you recite that “we are all equals.” Your words aren’t matching your actions, and you aren’t LISTENING. You are letting your ego swallow you whole, and this Leo energy is either going to shove you further into this self delusion or you are going to finally crack and see what true pride is all about. True pride is based on honesty and mutual reception. It is standing your ground but also evaluating yourself without mercy when you are told you are most definitely wrong. Pride actually goes hand in hand with humility. You have attached yourself to a false sense of ego, some pretty dressed up bullshit to costume the void in your soul. If you don’t love yourself, honey, aint nobody gunna love you. The only way to true union is to be an individual unto yourself – someone who can stand alone and stand proud and powerful yet receptive to others (2 of cups).

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Awesome read guys! Bring it on I say! Self love is huge! It’s nonnegotiable in order to heal properly and then be solid at helping others with healthy boundaries intact! You can’t be a good light worker unless you’ve done the dark work within! Period! Why? Because people lack the foundations that dark work brings to truly be able to sustain support of others by have healthy boundaries and respect for themselves. Not doing so, results in them burning out!

    Rock on guys! :))) xo

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