Mars in Virgo- Synthetic

Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close

Effective Dates: September 6th- October 23rd, 2017

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars in Virgo– Unpopular opinion, I know, but MARS IN VIRGO IS THE BEST! I legit love this transit, because while Mars in Aries gives you that piss & vinegar confidence of being drunk off of testosterone all day, Mars in Virgo gives you less outset energy but far more mental clarity. The red planet of War, Force, Aggression and Masculinity moving into Virgo is one thing I look forward to all year, because it is a time when no matter what else is going on in the sky, you take a deep breath, make a list and get your shit done. As a flighty Gemini with some seriously mutable placements, like my natal Mars in Pisces, this is incredibly useful- if not vital. In fact, this is just about the only time I can even use my soggy-ass Mars in Pisces, aka the least actionable part of my chart. Damn burnout….

This transit will honestly feel like a complete and total shift for you, and one that is long overdue this year. We have kind of been operating in the mode of late Winter/ early Spring, and now we are about to mentally leap into Fall/Winter. That’s the magic of mutable signs! They’re like a mental wakeup call, clearing out all the cobwebs and waking you up to what is right in front of you. What is really important will stand out like a neon sign during this transit.

Mars in Virgo is known for its hyper-critical nature, however, unlike Venus in Virgo, Mars is rarely too much on you. Instead of being soul-crushing and grinding you into the dirt like Saturn or Pluto does, Mars has the great gift of allowing you to DO something with your unease- For example if you think you are too fat, Mars in Virgo lets you face it, accept it, and start a new workout and diet regimen. If you have no money all the time, Mars in Virgo helps you sit down and actually do a budget you can stick to. This transit is incredibly useful as it allows you to make practical changes based on problems of impracticality. Wherever you are not functioning at your peak in your life, draw up a battle plan and attack it. Seek out advice from those who are doing well in the areas you are not, and you will find that they will more than likely be happy to share what they know, and more importantly their journey to get there.

Take this as a dry run for Saturn in Cap, and start getting your house in order. This is where the ant from Aesops fables starts hoarding food for the winter. Put in the work now so that you can take care of yourself later.

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mars in Virgo (5 of Swords, The Tower, 9 of Pentacles)- We begin this transit with worry (5 of Swords), and end it with Gain (9 of Pentacles), so it will be stressful but fruitful in the end. Of the cards in the tarot that represent change, the 5 of Swords and the Tower are two of the most destructive and imbalanced. This is the kind of destruction that comes from living in such a way that you have completely moved into a tangential path and aren’t even traveling in the same direction any longer.  You are in need for correction, my friends, and Mars in Virgo is just the shift in energy needed to force us all to take a magnifying glass to everything.

You can’t run, you can’t hide, these are the fine details and they are going to prick and prod until you bend to their will. You’re going to be asked to destroy your weak, lazy tendencies. This will prod lazy natal Mars like Pisces, Taurus, etc into action, and set fire to old habits mostly because you will genuinely start feeling disgusted at your habituated tendencies. Where Mars in Leo had us as fiery warriors one minute and lazy cats the next, Mars in Virgo is diligent and industrious. Even if Mars in Virgo is 9 drinks in from the night before, they will have an anxiety attack if they don’t have their world in order. Yep, that’ll be you. You will be called to do your work with the intensity of a whip crack. You will be ushered to be present and poised and reformed. Virgo’s anxiety is at it’s worst when Virgo forgets what it is in servitude to, and you will learn that your dread begins where you have wandered off your path.

This transit is very likely to be littered with people verbally tearing each other (and themselves) a part. I apologize, but the cattiness of Leo season doesn’t end in Virgo (nor does it end in Libra for that matter haha). We will have to wait until the darkness of late fall and Scorpio kicks in before we can start being stark with one another. But for now, we will be on the offensive end with our task list and the things and people we have on them.  And all this right after Mercury decides to go direct on us… prepare for some brain power.

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Awesome guys!!! Thanks for the read! Btw… Helios now I understand why you are attracted to Aries types with a mars in Pisces – opposites attract! ;-D

    Bring this transit on!! Should be good to move things forward with my flame…. with me buttoning any harsh Virgo thoughts on my lips, while letting him have all the space he wants to face his truth that he has been really screaming for, concerning inroads into what he really, really wants! :))) For me precision thinking, for him precision doing! Lol

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