Full Moon in Pisces- My Madonna

Finding new life through the profound acceptance of death is the paradoxical solution.  In paradox, we stand at the threshold of life’s resurgence.  Holding fast the divergent reigns of painful dissonance, we enter realms of deeper healing.Cedrus Monte

Artemis’ Tarot Take for the Full Moon in Pisces-  We come to this Pisces Full Moon with the northwest on fire, flooding in the south, a madman playing with bombs and a clown taunting him, and a massive storm bearing down on our eastern front.  The largest storm ever recorded and the largest wild fire in a century are engulfing our country as this Lunation comes to a head. Do you all remember that Solar Eclipse that just swooped across the U.S.A. two weeks ago?  This is the swell of that wave. We have a Pisces full moon with multiple planets in Virgo, so this is dark feminine territory; her tendrils of water pushing us into engulfment. While we have ignored the dangers, drunk on our gluttony, she has begun to come out from the murky depths. We had our warnings, and unfortunately, the majority of us laughed. This is the see-saw of life, Heretics, and Pisces rules over karma. To cross this dangerous bridge, we must be ready to pay our toll.

Helios’ Astrological Angle for the Full Moon in Pisces– Jeez, way to bring up the mood, Artemis! She’s not wrong though, y’all- this one is some powerful juju coming at us. It brings up a question though- When the world burns and everything seems to be spinning out of control, what can we do, down on the ground and in the trenches? Do we give up any semblance of what was considered a “normal” life, or do we try to bury our heads in the sand and be willfully oblivious to anything outside of our immediate monkey-sphere, everyone else be damned? How can we do anything when our attention is dragged a million different ways to a million different problems, all of which are daunting and nigh unsolvable? I dont know a one of us out there who isn’t struggling with this question in one way or another. Some of us are lucky enough that we will die off before anything is required of them or any judgement comes down upon them, and still more will die off as collateral damage in the disasters to come. These are facts, and they cannot be avoided any longer, however unpleasant they might be- we are living in a new normal.

The Sun (
Knight of Wands) & Moon (Ace of Swords), Venus (Wheel of Fortune), Neptune (Ace of Pentacles), and Pluto (Queen of Swords)- Neurosis is common when too many planets are sitting in Virgo, but this can also magnify our issues in useful ways; we can finally begin correcting ourselves and our devotion to our craft. There are a lot of people who cannot handle this type of energy and snap like brittle bones. Their ego is so fragile that any magnification of their perceived flaws will rock them into an unstable state. There are also those who fall into deep neurosis when they witness profound events instead of assimilating them into their life. There is a humbling on both of these fronts that an inflexible ego cannot survive. Some people just don’t want to be humbled and would rather continue on their path even through madness (and fucking bat-shit they will get, swinging from one extreme to the other so that they don’t have to land again). This, we call, the Dark Night of the Soul, and it is an experience of profound darkness that comes when one is blinded by a revelation. I warn you of this because the Pisces full moon is a revelation, plain and simple, and one that will bring you closer to both your reality and your spirituality so you very much might end up 5 bottles in sleeping your bathtub. Revelations often hurt, as devotion always calls for suffering. You are being asked if you will accept the way things are and work with them, or if you will continue to live in a dreamscape and essentially become fodder. This Full Moon is a bitch slap back into reality through profound spirituality and destruction – a grounding (Neptune as Ace of Pentacles) and a reaping of truth from the depths (Pluto as Queen of Swords). Will you realize that it is with love that you keep getting reminded to come back down to earth?

When we look at the water signs we see birth (Cancer), death (Scorpio), and the other side, whatever that is (Pisces). Pisces is beyond death. We have come face to face with forces that are larger than us, and we must accept that and transform when we are called to or fight against it into madness (the dark side of Pisces). Things will die, and yet life carries on. Worlds are swallowed up whole, and new ones bubble up and rise from the depths. Mutable signs call us to transform, and with water, it is through emotional drowning (yay). For those of you with addictions, this full moon may send you over the edge. Running won’t come without its repercussions. This moon will chase you with a chainsaw through the cornfield, and it’s not even Scorpio season yet. When you admit to your problems, you will be renewed with a life like never before. You will know that you are not beyond repair, and with destruction comes the ability to build something better and stronger in its wake. It is like a wound that scabs over, a scar that makes the skin less brittle. There is a profoundly spiritual experience to be had here if you are open to it.

The Sun & Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto
– Okay so, first of all, ew. Look at this lineup- Gross! But this moment in time is very Venus-Neptune, with us all being inundated with drama and emotion, and not knowing what in the hell we should do with it. That brings us to Pluto, the danger of unexpressed emotion and repressed rage- Eventually, it consumes us from the inside out if we don’t find a way to channel it. If we could all go into the woods by ourselves and scream for a week straight, I would heartily recommend it. That is rarely an option though, so the rest of us are forced to deal, I suppose.

Your best strategy for this Lunation is (and I truly cannot believe that I’m saying this…) to pull a Taylor Swift. That’s right. First off, this would be at the top of the list if I was still doing the Zeitgeist playlists. Specifically, there is a moment in her latest video where she is in a room with all of the personas she has embodied over the years and the latest version stands at the top of the pile, and she proceeds to throw the others to their deaths. That is exactly what you need to do to yourself. Virgo season is all about stripping down who you are and revealing the truth underneath the fiction. It’s ironic that the most relevant Virgo moment comes from the quintessential embodiment of all things Libra, but those are the times we live in.

The thing is, this is no longer a crazy, unthinkable thing for you. We are all out there shedding our skins in one way or another, so that we can grow and become even greater. This is a necessary survival tactic, and it is one you are now seeing as a relief, not having to drag that dead weight around anymore and be stuck within its too-tight boundaries. Repeat after me: “I do not have to play by anyone’s rules but my own, and I am free to live my life as I see fit”. Make it your mantra, and make the snake shedding its skin your spirit animal, and you’ll be just fine.

Minor Planets used: Pallas Athene, Teharonhiawako, Mors-Somnus, Altjira, Deucalion, Eurydike, Narcissus, Sphinx, Echeclus

Mercury (
7 of Wands), Mars (3 of Pentacles), Uranus (7 of Cups), and Chiron (The Fool)- The most infected wounds are going to be the ones that this full moon wishes to wash. Unfortunately, disinfecting is painful.  In order to heal, we have to have the insight. We fear being wrong because being wrong may bring death, but once you have accepted death as inevitable you can have the courage to rise above it. Confidence in your skills comes from the practice of them, then you can believe enough in yourself to actually try. Mercury is finally direct, and his retrograde gave you the mental review you needed in order to approach our next challenge. Your decision to start working on your devotion to your path will become heightened by Mercury’s motion into diligent Virgo. Yes, getting anywhere requires work and dedication, and you will be reminded of this more than once by getting smacked with reality slap after reality slap until you make moves. Remember, Mars is in Virgo as well and making cutting remarks.

How can your time be better spent? How can you ground yourself in reality instead of floating away into Facebook scrolling hypnosis? Getting going is the hard part, trust me, I know (immovable Mars in Taurus here). But you have to give yourself the guts to actually try to take steps toward your aspirations. What are you going to do with the realizations we were handed over Leo season? Creating more dissonance isn’t going to settle the storm that is coming, it’s just going to get you even more disoriented. You have to have a clear head and balance your checkbook, your health and your devotional work. Dissonance is what got us in this mess in the first place. There is no perfection or utopia, only constant transformation. Virgo provides the structure while Pisces reminds us that all structures can be shattered. We must realize we are a part of something larger than us, something that moves with it’s own intentions, and we must learn how to become vessels for it. We must listen to mother nature when she speaks, and we must respond to our intuition when it urges us that we are on the wrong path. Depression and desperation  may follow this moon if you do not accept the power and the paradox of life. When you are being called to let a part of yourself die, you’ve got to let it die.

Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Chiron– So there’s a lot to unpack here- Mercury is direct, Mars has switched to Virgo, and Chiron is recently retro with Uranus. As I have said in the individual articles, each one of these are major mental shifts, and wakeup calls, but together? It’s like smelling salts for ennui-stricken southern belles in the 1800s, or coke in the 70s-… well now, I guess. It’s basically cocaine. And much like cocaine, it is very easy for this to be way too much for you, and overwhelm. The great thing is, Mars in Virgo helps shield you from some of the more extreme effects of these transits and allowing us to really focus on improving ourselves and our position in the world.

The even better thing is while you might feel guilty about focusing on yourself first normally, in Virgo season not only is it totally viable, but it is your best strategy. No one else is going to make it work for you, you must put forth the effort yourself to get to where it is you want to be- And now that Mercury is direct, you need to get it moving! Quit vacillating, pick a direction, and make it work. Take a realistic look at your options and choose the best/ most attainable that you have to work with. Get it together!

Minor Planets used: Typhon, Quaoar, Rhadamanthus, Pholus, Bienor, Sappho, Arachne, Ophelia, Atropos, Hybris, Achilles, Siva, Icarus, Hephaistos, Isis, Kassandra, Persephone, Phaethon

Jupiter (
The Chariot) and Saturn (7 of Pentacles)-  Jupiter in Libra is coming to an end, and in a month’s time we will enter a darker and colder world. Get use to the feeling of drowning, because Jupiter in Scorpio will bring with it the immensity of our collective shadow. You made your “soulmate” alliances and broke alliances that needed to break before they broke you during this year long transit. You ended relationships that were hindering you, not balancing you, and thus you found your partners in crime. You saw yourself reflected in others in ways you could have never imagined, and now you are being called to explore deeper, richer philosophies and worlds ahead of us.  There is no way to evacuate from this one. We are stuck, ready to bear down the storm that is at our gates. But we have allies!  And we must not forget this, and in the depths, although it is lonely, we will know that we are truly never alone. Winter 2017 and the year of 2018 will be some dark astro, so we have to dig our heels into the reality of our situation and get to problem solving (Saturn as 7 of Pentales). We have to fully cultivate things to life, and sitting around commenting on how beautiful a garden is isn’t going to make the crops grow. True, gritty, dirty work is what brings the cornucopia. These are our last few months of Saturn in Sagittarius before we must face the bone crushing 2 and a half years of Saturn in Capricorn.  So become water, allow yourself to escape through any chasms you can find, and go with the flow no matter how dangerous our landscape may get. If you freak out, you will drown. You must remain sharp and also go with the flow, which is a hard balance to keep – but this moon will be a great lesson for that. You will most likely fall into a hopeless depression during this time, and, I mean, how the fuck can I blame you? Our world is literally on fire and underwater and we have mad kings ruler over us. What is a soul to do? Fight like hell, I suppose, until our very last breath. I hear drowning is the worst sort of death, and I’m not having any of that.

Jupiter and Saturn– Okay so let’s tackle the main issues of the lunation. First off, what I have been seeing is a lot of people stuck in the Victim/Abuser dynamic, and that will be reaching its head with this Lunation. Whichever side of the dynamic you find yourself on, someone is going to get fed up and will walk away from it. Note that it can honestly be either of you. When the one who gets out actually does, they will feel irrational guilt, and feel compelled to go back to the dynamic. This is natural, but do not go back, even if it breaks your heart. You need and deserve to be treated properly, and you need to get to a place where you are comfortable with yourself to do that. The codependent victim/abuser dynamic comes about from a deep-seated dislike of who you are, regardless of your role in it. What you need is time by yourself to recover and heal, and to rediscover who you are. Facing yourself as you are instead of the image you have cultivated for yourself in your mind’s eye will be difficult, but you cannot get through this time without doing it.

Another thing I must address is a deeper sense, one of actual happiness and contentment, in the face of all the chaos we face. This is not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. Earlier I asked how we are to really live in this new normal that almost never makes any sense. The answer is, of course you squeeze every ounce of joy you can from this shitty life and never apologize for being happy, even if others are in pain! This does not mean forget about the pain of others, but in fact, it means that since you are doing well enough to not be hurting as badly, that you help all the more that you can. It doesn’t mean do less, it means to do more- And you will find that the more you help those who are in need of it, the better you feel. Look, I know it has been a while since we have felt happiness and it seems weird and uncomfortable, but you are allowed- and encouraged- to feel happy, and to feel human. While this is especially true during Virgo season, it doesn’t stop being true, even in say, Cap or Leo season. If you can do more, DO MORE. Just because things are tough for us, that doesn’t mean we have to be miserable at all times while it happens. Embrace it, and take it as a sign that you are on the right track.

Minor Planets used: Ceres, Haumea, Eris, Chaos, Ixion, Borasisi, Sila-Nunam, Cyllarus, Hekate, Toro, Bacchus, Damocles, Hebe, Apophis