Juno Direct- The Other Woman

A wife who discomforts you with the truth is better than a mistress who massages you with lies.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Effective Dates: August 27th- December 17th

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Juno Direct (4 of Cups, King of Wands, Strength)-  Welcome one, welcome all, to the circus that is relationships. It’s messy show where you willingly place your head in the mouth of a lion to show everyone just what guts of steel you have. Ugh, love makes us do dumb as shit things, and the lack of it makes us desperate raving fools clawing hungrily at any affection thrown our way.  We become a fury when our love is scorned or our lover is whisked away by another. And like the goddess Hera, who is Juno’s namesake, when scorned we show our dark side.

While Juno is in Capricorn, you may feel that there is a sort of choke hold on you. Last time we checked in with Juno, she was in retrograde (Rx) back when we had Venus Rx as well (oh lordt that was a strange time full of fuckboy midnight messages and breakups galore). So our green eyed darling is direct once again, and those of you who took the time to work on your own shadow in your relationships are probably going to prosper immensely; you know what you are looking for, you know what you want, and if it collides with what your relationship is, you worked out a solution (and that solution could most definitely be “ending it.)  This behavior shows the decisiveness and strength that the sign Capricorn craves. We had to face the facts that relationships are in fact work, but sometimes shit is broken beyond fixing or isn’t the right part for the job, so to speak. Your relationship is a partnership, and if goals aren’t being accomplished together and if your needs aren’t being satisfied then why the fuck are you holding on?  Capricorn doesn’t care about sentiment, and this transit will wreck you if you are sticking around because things used to be glorious. No, no, no, things need to be glorious and creatively (and sexually) on fire now, so find out what the missing ingredient is.

The 4 of Cups is of great importance in this reading.  There is a sense of control, complacency, especially with Juno in Capricorn energy being around. You think that your relationship needs to be established in a certain way and you stop taking risks. You stop trying to profess your love (why would you need to when you two have dated for 5 years or whatever it may be). It seems more exciting to flirt with others and let your relationship solidify like a rock, stabilizing emotions when emotions need room to breathe and live (like water). Love without risk is the meaning behind this card, and it is reminding you that you have settled the fires in your relationship and aren’t looking at your lover with interest and curiosity any longer. The restriction may be in place because you are afraid of losing your partner. You don’t try new things in bed, you don’t try new places, you don’t break your routine, and you wonder why you are so fucking bored.

Your need and your partner’s need, for love isn’t being fulfilled if you keep your love like a figurine in a museum. Take a risk. Evolve so that they can evolve with you. Change your style, change your hobbies and incorporate them in this change. If you both aren’t growing together, you both die together, and then other avenues of escape become far more interesting. You will bore of your mistresses just like you bored of your partner. The loveliness of the other woman (or man’s) affection will fade and you will be introduced to reasons why you can’t fucking stand them. Dig deep and figure out why you are escaping instead of breathing life into something that wants to be alive. Find out why you are wasting your energy elsewhere. Sometimes it’s because the relationship needs to die, you need to escape, and you can’t figure out any other way. You must dig deep and find that all the energy you are exerting keeping your failing relationship alive can be used to help yourself grow and meet someone else who will want to grow with you. If you try to breathe fire into your relationship and your partner is refusing, that may be the real wake up call you are waiting for. If you are escaping from your relationship because your partner is trying to reveal truths to you that you cannot handle, just remember that the blindness of new love with the other can only hide your flaws for so long. You’ll always fall back down, and not everyone will fight by your side when that happens. In short, love is complicated, but honestly, we are all at fault for that…

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Juno Direct– Okay, fine, we’re doing this then. Currently, I am trying to get over a breakup but my ex won’t leave and is guilting me into taking their abusive ass back; and one of my parents is about to get a divorce, right before another family members wedding, and they already have a new partner lined up. So sure, let’s talk relationships. Why not. *Shoots desperate shot of tequila, shakily takes drag on cigarette*

Well, we have sure had a ride when it comes to relationships this past year, haven’t we? First, we had the endless Venus retrograde, and almost immediately after we had Juno go retrograde after going into Capricorn, ensuring that we would get about a full year of her in the signs of bonds, restrictions, and vows. More importantly, we have felt the chafe of those bonds and we have strained to get out from under them. At the end of the day, we crave acceptance and completion in our partners, and when we are not finding that within them, we feel compelled to move on. At least in an ideal world, that is the case…

What happens when we have a partner who meets some of our needs, but not all of them? What if they are the only person in the world who sees you for who you are and who you could be, and offers you a life with them- but it still feels wrong? What if all they have to offer is their love? Is it enough? You then have to start taking stock of your needs, and ranking them- but how do you decide between someone who you’d like to build a life with and someone who makes your knees weak and floods your basement if they are different people? When one inspires you to advance your life and actualize your latent potential is frequently insecure and sabotages your relationship, only to come crawling back to subtly hint that it was your fault while begging you to come back to them? How do you reconcile the irreconcilable differences?

We do not live in a Disney movie- we are compelled to search for perfect matches with imperfect partners. Juno aims to teach us that perfect is not something that we just stumble into- perfect takes WORK. One thing that we have total control over in our lives (in the western world, I mean. Arranged marriages are still a thing and they’re horrifying to me) is who we choose to be with and build a life with. That, out of so many things beyond our control, is the one thing we get to choose. We have to choose wisely, and take our time. The worst possible thing you could do is jump from relationship to relationship because you cannot abide your own company.

Speaking of choices, any action we choose to take has consequences. If, for example, you choose to break up a family to avoid paying for a wedding of a child you welcomed into your life and took over the role of parent to and went off to Vegas with your new partner before the ink was dry on your divorce papers to get hitched for the third time, that would cause you to become alienated by the very people you claim to be making your decisions for- Just as a hypothetical example mind you. Make your decisions for yourself, do not hide behind others as your conscience’s shield. If you feel compelled to make major changes in your life for your own happiness, then by all means- DO IT. Do not, however, risk your entire future on a transient happiness with someone you barely know. If you’ve been reading about my past history (and my numerous failures in love) then you know I am the last person to make this warning BUT I’M MAKING IT ANYWAY. The guy who has literally had to hide in a basement during a hookup at 3am and then got fed up with waiting so he walked out of completely random couple’s front door while hearing the sounds of screams and a relationship ending, is saying NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE TAKING STUPID CHANCES. Wait and calculate.

Now is the time to truly seek out your happiness in love- even if all that you find is in the mirror. Search it out, and cultivate love within yourself so you know what it feels like. Love attracts love, like a magnet. Choose to follow it’s pull.

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  • Jaime Chambers says:

    I want you to know that I felt every bit of that. I know it may not seem like it (especially when you’re in the midst) but your courageous and inspiring share of what may seem like tragedies are your absolute triumph.
    You really do have a voice, brother, and it roars but it also sings and resonates in even the darkest souls.
    I really do love you both and have learned so much here.
    I hope this all turns around and soon.
    Blessings, Dear Ones.

  • Shane Keys says:

    Thanks guys! Always appreciated! 🙂

    It’s funny, because I believe we vibrationally attract our relationships to us. Whoever that is, or they are, all of them – those people coming at us, are a reflection of ourselves in terms of our own soul growth. Those souls, are the keys to our happier, stronger more complete selves assuming we learn the growth lessons by looking in the mirror they offer.

    What we reject or judge in those mirrors, we are rejecting or judging some aspect in ourselves.

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