Pallas Athene Retrograde- The Old Ways

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”  -Hermann Hesse

Effective Dates: September 18th- December 17th 2017

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Pallas Retrograde in Taurus (
5 of Cups, 7 of Wands, 5 of Swords)-  It seems we have forgotten that billions of years of knowledge has been passed on via our physical form.  Our ancestors learned, and their children after them, and on and on until we were whispered into existence. Then, somehow, we came to believe that information could only be obtained from some outside authority – a book, a guru, an “expert.” We forget the billions of years of knowledge inside our own flesh, urging us constantly to make certain choices using archaic methods.  Do you feel… uncomfortable?  Perhaps you are being urged outside of your artificial constructs into an organic intelligence.

Pallas is the eyes, the head, intelligence. She was born from the skull of Zeus, aka Jupiter, who rules over philosophy, joy, and a libido run amuck. Aye, but Pallas is his asexual daughter who uses all of her creative fire toward intellectual pursuits instead of the romantic. She is the challenged feminine, the earth’s intelligence, striving to look competent in an artificial and hyper-masculinized world.

And then there is you. You have been striving, yet feeling like a complete failure at this rat race they have put you in. The wolves are constantly at the gate and time seems to be fighting against you, and this sort of stress is relentless and all-consuming. The only peace you have is mind-numbing activities that make you forget about the angry buzzing that is happening in your body. You KNOW something is wrong.. you know that no one is going to escape this game coming out ahead.

Go outside, sit in the grass and watch nature; the way it grows, the time it takes, the laws it seems to behave by… you will find the answers to your questions, you will find rest and peace and inspiration here. The problem is they place us in a world that doesn’t speak to us. Instead of constantly being surrounded by the intelligence of the rest of nature, we place ourselves in sterile boxes and hope somehow logic and persistence will get us out of our living nightmare. You will find the information you are seeking in the wilds.

The earth doesn’t tell us tales of Santa Claus and other such bullshit. The earth is a dark mistress, but such is the way of things. She has been telling us that justice is being served, that soon our tipping of the scales of nature will be responded to. We must dig into the intelligence of the earth itself to figure out how to become symbiotic with our world instead of continuing on as parasites. The earth doesn’t care who you are when you step outside of the collective harmony of the planet. Figure out how to come back in your personal life and how you can push the collective closer to the earth based intelligence. How have you become a drained, lost, depressed, “civilized” slave, and how can you re-wild yourself and feed off of the boundless information and lessons just outside our self-made cages…

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Pallas Retrograde– Well, it’s been a while since we checked in with our girl Pallas, no? She’s been kind of stuck going back and forth through Taurus and Aries this year, showing that we are having problems making sure our wants and needs are met in a way that actually fulfills us. We cannot progress. We have been stuck in the same old loops, ruts and situations, and this retrograde is going to really challenge us to find a way to break out of them. Since Pallas isn’t Mars though, now is the time to take stock and really plan, not to act.

Pallas is a bit of a bipolar goddess- she is the combination of a Titan and an Olympian, a woman who succeeds in the patriarchy, a warrior and a peacemaker, and she is wild and raw while being fully integrated into the system she helps build and run…. Oh my god, she’s Ivanka Trump. Shit. Well, where I was going with that is that Pallas (who I cannot stop seeing as Ivanka now) is going to show you how to make it work, being all of those things at once, and integrating the discordant aspects of your personality.

To know what we have to do, first we need to identify the problem. The thing that you feel that you are missing in your life is vitality, something that truly sets your soul on fire and gives you a reason to live. You are suffering from malaise and lackadaisical attitudes toward your life. Living feels like it is a chore for you right now. You need to withdraw from the mundane to rediscover your mission, your calling.

From there, you have to assess what is wrong in your life, what is preventing you from reaching whatever ideal it is that you are trying to reach. Now, none of us live in a fantasy world where we can just wave a magic wand and reset our lives to something more fun. You are going to have to find areas that are achievable, and those that you will be willing to compromise on in pursuit of more meaningful goals. Compromise and sacrifice are going to be the name of the game here, and this does not have to be a bad thing- Sacrifice of what has passed its time must be released. Offer it up and find new ways to move forward, with courage and passion.

Do this and succeed, while finding fulfilment- Or change nothing and nothing will change for you. The choice is up to you.

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