New Moon in Virgo- Voodoo Queen

I don’t think that I was trying to entertain the reader more than I was trying to purge myself.” – Curtis Sittenfeld

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Virgo- Do you ever get the feeling that you want to scrub your soul clean?  You peel and you cut and you rip out all the tangled pieces and you still can’t seem to detach yourself from all the bullshit that surrounds you, day in and day out, wearing at your very bones like overzealous sandpaper.  It’s like you’ve been marked from birth, right on the fucking forehead, so that everyone you encounter can see your pain.  They can feel the gloom oozing off of you and the unclean feeling inside has made your skin pale and your clothes dirty and your belongings in disarray. It’s like no matter what you do, you are stuck with whatever sins have attached themselves to you…  Or are you?

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Virgo- Well, here we go again, ma chère- Time for the Virgo checkup. Open wide! Of course, with all the other drama going on, the normal nurse and doctor jokes don’t exactly fit. This one reeks more like an exorcism. The past Full Moon showed us as snakes, molting and shedding our old skins- Now we have to walk out into the world with brand new, but thin and sensitive skin. We are out in the world, alone, raw and vulnerable. How can we protect ourselves? Well, it is time that we take a more aggressive approach, and remove those who would cause us harm from our lives with extreme prejudice. We’ve binged for long enough, Heretics- its time to purge.

The Sun (Ace of Swords) & Moon (Knight of Cups), Venus (Queen of Pentacles), Jupiter (Justice), Uranus (Knight of Swords), and Chiron (3 of Wands)-  Under this moon, the idea of “boundaries” seems to be consistently coming up – and lo and behold, I pull the Queen of Pentacles for Venus. Without boundaries, you become too porous and you allow other people’s gritty, nasty bullshit to penetrate through your delicate skin. You’re obviously the empathic type if you are reaching out to the aid of those around you, but what you need to realize is that injured people can subconsciously behave like vampires (and they’ll make excuse after excuse for their vampiric behavior). We’re all worn the fuck out right now, and the moon is fragile in Virgo – meaning you’re going to want to huddle away and work in your own dream world right now and that is perfectly fine. The world outside is harsh, people are harsher still, and we all need a period of recharging after the intensity of Leo/Virgo season.

We’re all walking around like burnouts right now and people are at their emotional wit’s end. This is where the idea of Hermit Virgo comes in… You need to stow away, do your work in your own space surrounded by things you love in your own order, and REST. If you are pushing yourself too much, giving all you can give to your job, to your friends, to whatever bum on the street that asks you for a cigarette, then you have essentially emptied yourself into a vessel. Now it is time to set strict boundaries and do your own work, study, plan, and set shit into motion for the autumn/winter and fill your empty vessel with what you really need, because this winter is going to be a fucking hard one, folks (just looking at the astrology for it has been giving us shivers). That last Pisces full moon drained the fuck out of the majority of us, and Chaotic bullshit has been coming left and right dislodging us from our path or giving us wild opportunities – one or the other, but are we too fucking tired and drained to take those opportunities?  Rest.  Rest, recharge, and get those fucking vampires out of your life. Honestly, aren’t you sick of having the help you give being thrown back in your face? The ones you care for need to learn how to appreciate you. And you, my friend, need to learn how to appreciate yourself and see yourself as a sovereign being who extends help because they are abundant and capable of doing so. I know, because you have felt so much pain, you want to help ease the pain of others. But sometimes you need to let go for a while so that both you and they can strengthen enough to keep going on the healing path.

The Sun & Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Chiron– Ho boy. So starting off, you will be at an ebb emotionally- joie de vivre will be a foreign concept to you. The goal is to get back to that state, but you will need to take some extreme steps to get back there. To truly get what you want now, I am throwing all my previous advice out the window and telling you to finally hermit. Take this time right now to sequester yourself, and really lock yourself in with your demons. This Astro reminds me of when you do an Ayahuasca ceremony- you have to separate yourself from the mundane world and make a space sacred. Right now, you need to take this practice and apply it to your life- You need to remove yourself from those elements of your life that drain you, those who want to use you and your gifts for their own ends.

The problem with this, as it often is, is attachment. The people who have the potential to hurt us the most are the ones we care the most about. You must not allow them to hurt you any further. To really make this work, you have to be willing to harden your heart and become a badass to people who might think that they are acting in your best interest while their thoughtlessness hurts you- and risk hurting them with your reaction. Ironically, those who have malicious intent towards you will hardly bat an eye- they’ll shrug and move on to their next target because there is always another mark. Take no joy or guilt in severing the connections of those who you know in your heart of hearts that you cannot allow in your life, but do so dispassionately and not maliciously. It is a tough line to straddle but you need to get it right to truly master this Moon.

Even so, that just sets the stage for the work that you need to do- this is a Moon that demands diving deep into yourself, dredging up the oldest and darkest parts of who you are. If you are feeling stuck and unsatisfied with your life, take the time to be by yourself and identify what you feel you are missing or lacking in order to truly feel whole. If you are feeling enraged and irritated at everything, withdraw from your stimulus and figure out what triggers are being pushed on you and what this stems from. You have to go down into the root of the problem, and most likely it will be something so far in your past that you have completely forgotten about it- but you must exorcise these demons before you can truly move on. This moon is both a place to stop to catch your breath, and a new challenge all its own- You need to be both open to the world and ready to stab it in the throat if it comes for you.

Minor Planets: Ceres, Vesta, Eros, Black Moon Lilith, Eris, Sedna, Quaoar, Rhadamanthus, Typhon, Hekate, Achilles, Heracles, Sisyphus, Pholus, Orius

Mercury (The Fool), Mars (10 of Swords), and Neptune (Ace of Pentacles)- Ah, fuck, more indication that we are just fucking worn the fuck out. But, hey, good news. Libra season is coming and with it the element of air. Things will get moving again, and this includes ideas and projects that have been stuck. Right now you have one enemy and one enemy only – yourself. You are going to need to ground the fuck out of your being right now, and that includes killing your illusions that you are somehow not capable of holding onto your burdens anymore. As the Christians say, God only gives us what we are capable of dealing with, and honestly, this is on point. Your experiences are what is going to shape you into a powerhouse figure that can actually make a change in this world. If you only had to deal with easy breezy situations in your lifetime, you would be some rich housewife at the Cape getting trashed off of White Zinf for the second time that day because you have done about 5 minutes of soul growth your entire life. It is the hardship, the struggle, that breeds a hero. The planets are egging you on – “Take a chance, here, we have provided you with chances,” but you keep on doggedly running toward the shit you are habituated to. During this moon, you need to learn to BREAK YOUR HABITS and make new ones. You are feeling drained and run down because what you have been doing has reached its end.

It is time to die.  Create the ritual space for it. This is a perfect New Moon rite. Go home and surround yourself with symbols of all the things you want to change in your life, say goodbye to them one by one, and go bury them in the dirt under the black moon. Mourn, as mourning is nurturing the soul, and begin your new life. Don’t forget, on many levels, you chose this life. You chose this life for a reason that nags and tugs at you during the darkest hours of the night. Move toward that reason, and don’t let go. This is 2017, the year of the Star. Our hope is being decimated so that it can be tested. How far will you keep running toward your pole star before you give up and think you are never getting out of the forest?  How deep is your will to live?  How desperately do you truly want to create change in this world?  That sort of big, dramatic change doesn’t come easy. And it comes with a lot of grueling preparation… Do you think you can lift a 200 lb weight without months and months of training?  Fuck no. So what makes you feel like you can lift the weight of the world without these trials?

Mercury, Mars, and Neptune– The main concern of this Moon is that it has Mars opposite Neptune, and Mercury closely influencing. This means that no matter what you do, you will feel as though you are running into a brick wall, and the harder you try the less successful you are. This will lead to more and more mounting internal frustration, as you question whether you are doing the right thing. Take a step back, re-examine your current actions to determine if they really line up with your wants and needs. If they do not, then adjust accordingly, no matter how difficult it may seem. You may need to allow yourself to give up on something that you have sunk a lot of time and effort into, and you cant let that hold you back from moving forward. Is your effort truly being well-spent? Are you getting what you want out of this? Or is it not really worth the investment you are making? Only you can answer this, but be willing to ask the question, and seriously accept the truth of the answer even if it hurts.

Why do you persist in fighting for what no longer serves you? For what you cant admit that you truly hate? Even if you are the best in the world at it, is it truly worth doing if it hangs around your neck like a weight? Take a minute and imagine your life if you just walked away, how that would feel. Just sit with that for a second. My bet is that it feels like freedom, with a slight tinge of disappointment and regret. Stop keeping yourself prisoner when you hold the keys to your own cell! Just walk out. I promise it will not be the end of the world.

Minor Planets: Psyche, Teharonhiawako, Altjira, Orcus, Chariklo, Circe, Iris, Terpsichore, Tantalus, Asclepius, Requiem

Saturn (Queen of Cups) and Plut0 (Page of Wands)- It’s time to reach right into your psyche and become a metaphysician. What are the ghosts you have been projecting into your life?  Do you, for some reason, believe that there is no spirit in matter, that there is no healing in pain, that there is no point at all to this existence here on this plane?  My friend, you are right. You are a mere insignificant pebble on the surface of a monstrous giant, so that should assure you that you have no fucking idea what is really significant and what isn’t. You may feel that you need some sort of career to fulfill you. Trust me, some of the most successful people in the world become blubbering fools who would shit in buckets and watch movie re-runs day in and day out (just ask Howard Hughs).  Not a single soul on this planet knows how to be “happy” because there is no final state of “happiness.” You need to become acceptant of the cycles of time, of the cycles of your body, of the cycles of your emotions and listen. Happiness, like sadness, comes in waves. We can’t just respect one without respecting the other. Misery pushes creation, and loneliness pushes appreciation.

We decided to leave Eden for a reason because it was a fabrication and we wanted true knowledge. You keep seeking answers to this universe because you, too, do not want to live in a fabrication constructed by society to keep you enslaved in other people’s paradigms. Do not beat yourself up because your successes aren’t measured as such by the brain-dead zombies of general society that laugh at you while you read Nietzche and scoff at you when you talk about how our government rapes and pilages in countries so far away we need a tv screen to acknowledge it.

In short, do not live in lies, and that includes your own personal life. Do not pretend your job is worth it just because it pays well when you know it is killing you every single day. Don’t stay with someone just because you feel like you can’t do any better, and don’t keep friends around just because you don’t know what you would do without them – no matter how much time and energy you have put into them. It is time to think about yourself. It is time to draw upon your own sovereign power and to see just what you can do when you burn the blood sucking leaches off of you, and live unabashed to be yourself. You are a wolf among sheep, now start acting like it.

Saturn and Pluto– Okay so now you really need to get serious. More than anything, you WANT something out of this life, and its time to start proving that you are willing to do what it takes to do it. I know there is a ton going on for you right now, and so what? Life is tough- you have to be tougher. Especially now. Quit your bitching, moaning, and wallowing in self-pity. The planets don’t give a damn if life is hard, and nor does anyone else. They have their own problems to worry about without yours. So stop whining to any sympathetic ear that will listen and pick yourself up by the cojones. It’s high time you get back up and start kicking ass again. It will only get harder from here, so you better make damn sure that you are able to put in the work, or go back home, cry and watch Netflix til you inevitable fade away into irrelevance.

We have too much work to do, and it is too important for anyone who isn’t willing to tear this world apart to make their vision a reality. The choice is yours.

Minor Planets: Pallas Athene, Pandora, Sila-Nunam, Borasisi, Deucalion, Siwa, Damocles, Echeclus, Eurydike, Niobe