Venus in Virgo- Tramp

Oh, I know that she’s disgusted,
cause she’s feeling so abused.
She gets tired of the lust,
but it’s so hard to refuse.”  – Elvis Costello

Effective Dates: September 21st- October 15th

Artemis’ Tarot Take on Venus in Virgo (The Emperor, The Fool, The World)- Well, I guess the new Lana Del Rey album came out just in fucking time; moody, finger pointing angst while chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking negroni cocktails has become a common theme during the death of summer and the skeletal embrace of autumn. You may have thought that your Virgo “corrections” were over with the Sun entering Libra, but we still have 3 planets in Virgo sneaking their perfectionist tendrils into the fragile cracks in our lives. This leaves us morose in Libra season when we are supposed to be living in la-la land, thinking up fantasies, falling in love and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

People are going to grin and shake your hand like they are trustworthy at this time, but really – REALLY – there is a lot of selfishness and manipulation in the air. You know why? Because everyone is stressed the fuck out and they have more on their plate than they can handle and they’d rather watch you drown in shit than let themselves drown in shit. You are going to be negotiating the very things you value most – your home, your love, your time, your life course – because we are all going through a collective paradigm shift at the moment. You may have thought that your life was going a certain way, but the course changes as quickly as you counted your chickens before they hatched. Whenever you think you have a hold on the universe, it comes right back and nips you like a hungry snake.

Things are taken from you, people retreat into hurt hermit life or leave on new adventures without you, the world makes it harder and becomes colder and you are forced to look at yourself in the mirror and blame the only person you can scream at without them fighting back – yourself. It is easy to be mistreated if you have service in your heart. You may want to help others climb out of their rotting hell, but you have to be careful who you lend your assistance to. The ones you know have a good heart and are drowning just a little bit harder than you – REACH OUT WITH LOVE. But the ones who have always masked their selfishness with an air of selflessness, the ones that haven’t proven themselves to you through tough times to be true to their values, let them go. They will be resentful and call you all sorts of hurtful things, but right now you need to take care of yours.

So now focus on your life, yourself, your body, your needs – where should you go from here? What do YOU NEED to feel fulfilled and safe? What do you need to devote yourself to that will give to you in return?  You are going to be asked to sacrifice parts of yourself during this transit, and you need to REFUSE this asking. People are in desperation to correct their lives, and they will use your life force unwittingly to do so. This is a great time to retreat and figure out what you need to set your life on course again. Obstacles will come in your way and you need to figure out exactly what they are keeping you from, why, and if you are truly making the right choice or not. Is this the course you want to take, or is all this bullshit around you just telling you that you need to re-evaluate your values? Perhaps it is time for you to jump into a new paradigm, one that has been begging you to take a chance on it, and see if it will be healthier for your overall well-being or not. Are your relationships serving you just as much as you are serving them, or are you living with vampires that are going to make the hard times coming eat you alive? It is easy to succumb to them because they make your service to them feel so good at times… but really, they are eating your life force and claiming to be the “nice guy.”  Don’t base your decisions on anyone around you. Base it on your needs, because, in the end, you will always be stuck with yourself; in this life and the next.

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Venus in Virgo– So, as with all things Virgo, our girl Venus’ relationship with this sign is a complicated one. Going by traditional rulerships, she is said to be in fall here, or at her worst expression. Venus in Virgo tends to be harsh on herself, with her flaws on full display to herself, glaring out like a beacon. Since she is hardly the most willing to work on herself or her flaws, she passes those insecurities on to us rather than face them.

It is important to remember that while our flaws, pains, and insecurities may loom large in our own psyche they do not necessarily translate to others. In fact, you have gotten so good at hiding them that no one else will be able to tell that anything is bothering you. This leads to you feeling that no one understands or cares about you, which then leads you to isolate yourself from those who actually do give a damn about you and how you are doing. When you do this, the people you isolate from sense this and think that they have done something wrong, or that you have a problem with them. Obviously, this is not always the case, but unless you correct them and are clear in the communication of your needs then what else are they supposed to think?

Another way that this can go wrong is if you try and overcorrect this behavior, and try to lose yourself in the Virgo way of service to others. Since it is Venus though, her idea of service usually takes place in the bedroom… While there is nothing wrong with this on the surface, it does tend to be a reactionary measure to avoiding something within yourself. You cannot find what you are looking for within yourself by seeking to drown yourself in another- take it from someone who has been down that road more times than he can count. While that type of sexual expression can absolutely go down a dark road and get you in trouble, sexual expression in and of itself is completely natural, and wonderful- even if it is outside the bounds of a relationship/marriage, or if it is simply for pleasure. I say this because this transit is notorious for causing tension in this regard, with guilt over one’s choices in and out of the bedroom. This is unnecessary- C’mon, it’s 2017; Let’s move past the puritanical social mores that limited our parents and grandparents. Seek freedom in your own definition of what is right for you sexually- Live by your own rules and screw anyone that tries to make you live by theirs.

Okay, so it’s clearly not all great with this transit, but there is no such thing as a truly “bad” transit (or placement, but that’s another argument altogether) Venus in Virgo is a time for you to truly get into a good relationship with yourself, more than it is for you to reach out and find the love you are looking for in another. In some ways, you need to essentially forget the love aspect of Venus, or rather you need to give the love that you are seeking to yourself right now. Take this time to really explore who you are, and find reasons to truly fall in love with who you are. While you will hate parts of yourself right now, do not reject them: Accept them as part of who you are at this moment, and then work on refining them and bringing them more in line with who you want to become. In fact, any type of self-help or self-work is incredibly potent right now and is truly in line with this transit. Approach the work from a place of peace, and not of desperation, and you will do just fine. Find the love you need within yourself.