Full Moon in Aries- Eruption

The lava of the volcano shot up hot from under the sea
One thing leads to another and you made an island of me.” – Fiona Apple, Werewolf

Effective Date: October 5, 2017

Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Full Moon in Aries-  
Here we are, animals in the cage of society raging to tear out of our stiff structures and blind courtesy. This is Libra season, and through this Venusian sign, we learn to compromise and diplomacy. Libra is our cultural face, “civilization,” he is a way for us all to cooperate together and learn true justice. But Aries, he acts on impulse and instinct. He is the pure power and blood of Mars and has a true lust for life. He is the animal side that we wish to hide away behind civilization, so we lie about him and keep it all hush hush. “Nope, there’s nothing wrong, not here, everything is fine, look over there, a lovely distraction!” Libra, needing to please everyone, sets up Machiavellian traps. But one day, because some scapegoat moves the earth, we all realize the animals that we truly are and must come face to face with our shadow side, and the blabbering of civilization falls deaf to our ears. We are awoken, and we finally snap, because if we cage our truest self away for too long we erupt.

 The Sun & Moon, Mercury, and Neptune– This Moon is going to be a tough one. For starters, there will be a palpable, yet vague sense of anxiety for you, the sense that you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. This will be extremely distracting, making it hard to do anything but quake in your boots and keep looking over your shoulder. Your gut reaction will be to run away from your stressors, but you need to remember that courage is defined by our actions, not our fears. We can choose to face down what scares us, and make it blink first- if we are bold enough. If you get down to the root of it, what you really fear is making a choice and setting yourself on a path- you fear missing out on something better. This is counter-productive because while you waffle and refuse to commit, you are missing out on the good that you could be making for yourself right now, trapping yourself in a situation that only holds you back. The longer you wait to make your move, the harder it will be to actually make one. If you wait too long though, the choice will be made for you, and I promise that you will hate the feeling of being railroaded into a path that you didn’t choose for yourself.

The other challenge that you face with this Moon is the intense feeling of isolation it brings. There’s no sugarcoating it- you feel alone; like no one understands you and that no one gives a damn if you live or die. I swear to you that is not the case. Your mind is lying to you. If you feel you don’t matter and aren’t doing anything that makes any difference in the world, then get up and start doing something that matters. Make the world take notice of you. Reach out to the people you care about, and do something nice for them. Show them that you give a shit about them- even if its just a phone call or taking them out to lunch. Shore up your network and invest in your social currency. Do this and the feeling of aloneness will disappear near-instantly. Added bonus- you lose the feeling of helplessness at the same time!

Minor Planets usedAltjiraOrcusPallas AtheneJunoVestaPsycheNiobeTerpsichorePersephone

VenusMarsSaturn, and Pluto– With this crew, you can’t win for losing! Emotions are running high and hot, and it seems that there is no way to have an interaction without it blowing up in your face. I know, you’re not TRYING to start a fight, but everything you say will sound like an attack to the listener. We are all way too ready to defend our points of view, even if it turns into a fight to the death- Anyone who doesn’t see things your way is expendable. This will lead to a lot of hurt feelings, and probably some rifts that become incredibly hard to heal. The worst part of it is that you are coming from a good place, but so is the other side (hopefully)- and neither of you is really wrong, per se. The issue is one of morality- you feel compelled to act in a way that aligns with your heart.

This is not a do or die time, at least not one mandated by the stars- Please don’t turn it into one because you are too unwilling to cross the lines you draw in the sand.

Minor Planets usedErisCetoDeucalionEcheclusPandora, Askalaphus, Asclepius, Eurydike, Damocles, Toro

JupiterUranusChiron– And the hits keep coming and they don’t stop comin’… What you want is authenticity, more than anything else in the world. You want fulfillment, and to know that you are doing the right thing. I cannot give you any of that, but you can find it for yourself- if you are willing to risk it all to get it. The issue is that you are burnt out- Nothing feels right anymore. Your life has become a prison and you need to plan a breakout. This will be difficult, as you are comfortable and attached to your life- but it is that same comfort that is killing you. You need a new challenge, new mountains to climb and horizons to explore. Your restlessness will eat at you until you act on it.

What you are truly looking for is meaning, a reason to be alive- a mission. To do that, you need to first be brave enough to hold up a mirror to yourself and examine your life. You have changed, in ways that are indelible. You must face who you have become with honesty and carve yourself out a new life like you are a sculpture trying to free yourself from inside the marble because the sculptor doesn’t get you. Every chip away brings you closer to freedom, and the open air. You will only be able to breathe when all that doesn’t fit you is ripped away.

Get to work, Heretics.

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