Jupiter in Scorpio- Helter Skelter

It is as inhuman to be totally good as it is to be totally evil.“- Anthony Burgess

Effective Dates: October 11th, 2017- November 9th, 2018

Artemis’ Tarot Take for Jupiter in Scorpio (Death, Judgement, 9 of Swords, Strength)-  Welcome to the depths, Heretics. We’ll be traveling through Jupiter in Scorpio this year, and it will be like rummaging through the bottom of the ancient blue with a submarine meeting all sorts of creepy crawlies that bring out the underbelly of our existence. Scorpio is a black hole, ready to crush your bones and spit you out the other side, forcing you into a new universe born out of gnashing pain. It is fusion, pieces of you and pieces of your environment, to create something evolved – something more. Something capable to withstand the harshness of the world; this year will make a survivor out of you. We will be dealing with polarities at a higher state, and the melding and destruction of these polarities as they realize their dance is a sexual one, ready to birth a new layer of understanding of the world; creating something new thus destroying themselves in the process. You will see a lot of territory claiming, a lot of stinging battles. People will want nothing but the cutting truth, and there will be a sort of poetic darkness surrounding everything.  The darkness will seep in, and some will see it as a consuming monster and others will choose to see it as a womb and become reborn. We will all face the death of our former selves in some dramatic fashion, and the death of a lot of things that must go to the vultures.

Bring it down, Heretics, go deep, deep down this year and you will discover gold. That alchemical gold. That knowledge that you can survive anything. That you are capable. That you can transmute and evolve. You must trust in your instincts that have been instilled in your DNA since our ancestors crawled on their bellies on the cold, harsh earth. Scorpio is about the paradox of truth and mysteries, for the closer we look at either the more we see the other. Scorpio/Plutonic individuals are plugged in, whether they try to drown it out or not. They are in two planes instantaneously, the dark mother speaking to them through dreams and strange intuitive hunches. They have the best understanding of survival skill than any other zodiac sign. They instinctively understand power, it’s dynamics, and how one can manifest it. They can literally feel power crackling over their skin, noticing a change in vibration in the room so profoundly they need to seclude themselves at regular intervals. Scorpio can become a hermit, exploring the inner depths like a shaman. Magic will be heightened and so will our exploration of the chilling. All of those ideas and themes that bring the hairs on your neck standing up – that existential horror – yup, that will become far more potent this year.

This year we will slow dive into the very water nature of reality itself and see how it morphs. This is the season of death and transcending this world. This is a time when we will be able to look down on ourselves like eagles soaring high in the sky, sharp eyes to see all the pieces on the surface.  We will see ourselves as a mirror for the universe, and it back at us. Scorpio is a very shamanic sign, like it’s other water siblings Cancer and Pisces. The triplets can pierce into the veil and create from it, and your magic will increase during this time as well. There will be a far greater drive for true stories, stories of trauma, psychological stories, sex stories… Jupiter is the storyteller, after all, and when he moves into a new sign, the stories change. In Jupiter in Libra we told love stories, stories about partnership, stories about arch nemesis and open rivals, stories about negotiation and justice.  Lots of political talking with lots of secretive actions and lots of cries for justice. We were far more concealing of the dirty underbelly of civilization. Now we will shout the truth and burn the world with fire. With Saturn moving into Capricorn on the solstice, the combination of these two planets will spread state secrets, enhance power plays between countries, and destroy institutions that have stood for a very long time. You will be witnessing death in your life and the collective as a prevalent theme in stories told.

Anxiety and depression will threaten us during this season, but if it is channeled as a creative force and not ignored great magic will come from it. In the end, we will overcome all of the intense shadow work of this year if we choose to hold each other up. Together we can tame back the beasts in each other, and also force one another to look at things when we are unwilling and scared. We cannot fear this year. Fear is the mind killer. Fear will keep us from drowning and courage will allow us to be reborn. We must have the courage to face our inner depths like a detective – a metaphysician, so to speak. We must transmute our pain, merge it with something else, killing it in the process and creating something that will evolve us.

Persephone goes through the underworld and comes out a queen because she is stripped of all the bullshit that holds her back. Don’t think this Jupiter will be kind to you if you stray off course. He is one fond of severity. You must show your true colors, no matter who you are, as death will be the theme that runs through the course of this year. One also does not become a queen if they allow others to trample all over them and take their gift of life. A queen understands power, and understands the necessity of boundaries. What we allow inside of our psychic space becomes a part of us; food, lovers, ideas, stories. These things transform us, but we must invite them in to do so. Yes, like vampires. What or who will you invite to transform with you? How will your transformation take place?  However this happens to happen, please let your instincts be the guide. We are all born with a map deep inside of us, and we must trust in it’s directions when they are given to us. This is a gift from our ancestors, and this year they will tell us our tales and how we have some unfinished family business to attend to. People will be forced to see the mundane as what it is at a hyper extended rate now. Can you not feel it, Heretics?  The world is dying. And something new is being born.

Helios’ Astrological Angle for Jupiter in Scorpio– Brace yourselves Heretics- we’re heading back into Hell, with the King of Heaven. As he descends, we realize more and more what truly matters. This transit will put us back into survivor mode, and we will feel as though we are being assaulted on all sides. Jupiter in Scorpio is the type of transit that doesn’t so much as happen as it busts down your door with a fire ax saying “Here’s Jupiter!” with crazy eyes. Jupiter in Libra wanted peace, harmony, and the safety for those in your immediate life- He is willing to swallow all sorts of indignities and slights to “keep the peace” and “go along”- Jupiter in Scorpio is the straw that breaks the camels’ back. He has had ENOUGH of playing nice and is fed up with holding his tongue, and so have you. This transit values authenticity above ALL else. While Jupiter was in Libra, we cloaked ourselves in comfortable lies and half-truths to shield us from the harsh realities we have to face every day, in a sort of willful ignorance- “It isn’t happening to me, so it isn’t happening” mentality. That is not going to be enough anymore. It is going to start invading your fragile utopia, and then you will be forced to deal with what it is that you are running from.

You will find the world stripping away all that you cling to, all that you hide behind. When you come face to face with that which you fear, you will be forced to make a choice- fight or flight. If you are patient, and do not act out of instinct alone, then you will realize what you fear, what makes you want to fight or run away- is your Self. You are scared of who you are, who you are becoming. This transit will be a revelation, in that it will shed light and bring to the surface aspects of your Self that you have long since buried, or seek to keep under wraps. There will be no running away now, that time is long past. Now you have to live with the truth of who you are and who you have become. Another crucial factor for this year is Power. This will be the year that you need to get up and reclaim your power for yourself. You have given up a lot of yourself, and have taken so many hits, you are just used to taking it on the chin- NO MORE. Now it’s time to sit up and start hitting back. You will have help in this, with Saturn moving into Capricorn this winter, and Chiron FINALLY getting out of whiny mopey Pisces and into kick-ass Aries, but Jupiter in Scorpio is the first round.

You must stop letting intolerable situations continue, where you are powerless to change anything in your life and have no say in anything. You always have a say- even if your only other call is just walking away. Do not allow your attachments in any situation to hold you back, no matter how much it hurts. One trend I am already seeing is the practice of mind-shifting. Mind-shifting is the Pickup Artist name for the practice of pretending and acting like you are someone else for the desired effect. In Pickup, it is usually used to portray yourself as more interesting or attractive to your prospective mates. The only way it works, however, is to go further than just acting and playing a role; You have to truly open yourself up to the character that you are portraying, and think like them, act how they would act, not how you would. In acting this is similar to Method acting, but it goes deeper than that. I am seeing people seeking to shed their entire personality in favor of who they want to be, shaping themselves from within, in a transformative process- and that is very Scorpionic. Experiment with this; Craft your perfect self, however you define that- and then live as that version of you would live. You will not be the same person you are today when you finish this transit- but I can promise you that you will be more whole, more healed and more YOU at the end of it. What this will not be is comfortable for you. This transit will drag you out of your comfort zone, kicking and screaming, and there is no stopping it. You will not be able to turn him away, he is adamant and unyielding. Don’t fight him, let him lead you through the darkness and back into the light.

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  • Androphile says:

    Spot on. You chose the date too. Quite impressed. Ive been Hella excited about this one.

  • Shane Keys says:

    Awesome insights guys! Hahaha …you guys are bang on the money as usually, for the next package of transformational change in the next 12 months! :-)))

    A great read!

    Cheers – Shane

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