Mars in Libra- Spycraft

“What? No small-talk? No chit-chat? That’s the trouble with the world these days. Nobody takes the time to do a real sinister interrogation. It’s a lost art.”– James Bond, GoldenEye

Effective Dates: October 23rd- December 10th

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars in Libra– Ultor; Mars Ultor. This feels, in a word… unnecessary? Yeah, that’s the word. See, this is just bad timing- It is now Scorpio season, and the Sun is fashionably late to the party, with Jupiter and Mercury already there (and the Moon, but she’s slumming it and on her way out the door already). With all of that Scorpionic current running underneath our interactions, it means that we cannot be seen to go after our goals outright. No, we have to be cautious and assume a unique identity that allows us to say one thing while actively doing another. In short- you need to act like a secret agent.

Now, some of the more… adamant signs among you may call this lying. As a Gemini who is notorious for misrepresenting the truth in one fashion or another (allegedly), I am not the first to call out such things. Humor me for a minute, however- This is not only good sense but the best possible way to deal with this transit. You see, Jupiter JUST moved into Scorpio. We all need some time to adjust and to see what it has in store for us. It is already a bit too overwhelming and potent for most of us, and if we allowed it to take over us we would be raging, wild animals; ruled by our hormones, desires, and baser instincts. It would be like Game of Thrones, only worse.

In fact, I’m going to take that metaphor a bit further, because it works better than I anticipated; To do the rest of this year right, you have to be cunning and play the Great Game. You have to be Cersei Lannister when you want to act like Ramsey Bolton, Tyrion when you want to be Stannis. Now, this does not mean that you ignore your desires or try and suppress them- No, it means that you must push yourself to do more than stab or burn your problems. You have to act like a civilized person, and find a way to manipulate the situation to your advantage. Now, this usually means that you must give up something to get what you need. This is more challenging than it appears at first glance because Jupiter in Scorpio doesn’t want to give up literally anything- one of its fatal flaws. That will only get harder when Saturn moves into Capricorn later this year, making us all even more unyielding.

In short, this transit challenges you to hide your true motives while moving forward with your own designs. You will need to make alliances, compromise, and avoid betrayal- all while maintaining the upper hand, and controlling the game board. Oh, and you are a ticking time bomb of rage and self-destruction with thin skin and an incredibly short fuse. No problem right? I hope not, because this is the easy part. Come Christmas, the stakes get raised and everything becomes so much more difficult…

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Hahaha – love it!!! Love Game of Thrones!!!

    Everything under the sun has its time and purpose – including lying… or should I say deceptiveness (said this Gemini). I mean the prime biblical example of lying, was Jacob! He lied to his father, in order to steal the birthright and Divine blessing from his elder brother Esau! Jacob’s name means “Supplanter” – ie: he supplanted himself into the number spot! :-))). Now not only did he receive the Birthright inheritances, Divine promises and blessings but was recognized in a positive big way by God with his name later on being changed to Israel – which means “A prince who rules with God”. Lol – not bad strategy if done right I say! 😉

    We are the embodiment of light and shadow! Both are necessary and good to perfect the soul and bring balance.

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