Full Moon in Taurus- Forbidden Fruit

Adam was but human—this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple’s sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent.-Mark Twain

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the Full Moon in Taurus– It is midnight in the Garden of Eden. The darkness envelops everything, and you get the sense that there are monsters lurking just beyond where you can see. Your eyes adjust to the dark somewhat, but it is clear that this is no paradise. The daylight hides the true face of the fallow forest, the wild savagery of the night is revealed. You walk through, cautiously and in a state of heightened anxiety- all you want is to get to the safety of the other side, but you are alone, isolated and vulnerable. Can you make it through this night in one piece?

The Sun & Moon, Neptune, and Pluto– This is a Moon on a mission, Heretics. You have NOT been doing what you need to- and don’t give me that whinging about “trying”. You know your missions, and you have yet to make any headway. Well, that changes NOW- Y’all are gonna get over some bullshit now. I’ve been telling you, make your choices or they will be made for you. Well, now its passed your deadline. This lunation is going to throw you into a fantasy land, a la Alice Through the Looking Glass or the weird tunnel scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- You know the one. You see, this surreal fantasy world is meant to help you cope with the fact that we are in the underworld. Yet all is not lost- because you aren’t dead yet.

You are in the world of demons, devils, and ghosts, and as such, they rule over you. They will hound your every step, your dreams and not allow you any rest. These haunts are your own fears, what you are running from and cannot abide within yourself. As such, you cannot ever escape them (Hell is only so big, after all); You have to face your demons. How this works is different than usual: you will be forced to see your worst qualities on display, time and time again (that part you are used to, admittedly) but once you get there, you are challenged to relive how you hurt others, usually without even realizing it. From there, you will relive how others have casually and carelessly hurt YOU. You will be left alone with your pain and hurt then, sobbing to yourself on the floor after having had all your defenses and walls bypassed, striking right to your core. 

Only then can the work begin.

(Minor Planets: Teharonhiawako, DeucalionOrcus, Ceres, Juno, HygeiaHebe, Lachesis, Siwa, Magdalena, Hybris, Memoria, Apophis)

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus– This is not the time to wonder why, this is the time to do and die. You are going to be tempted to analyze everything about your hurt now, all that you feel- There has to be a reason for it, right? A deeper cause, a root? That way, there can be a solution, a cure. Well, unfortunately, there is no cure. You just learn to live with your rot, your necrotic soul. Right now, all you can do is sit with it- your challenge now is to feel, not to cure or pass judgment. Wallow in your filth, and make it yours.

Once you do this, you are free from the judgments of others, who seek to destroy you. If you do not allow judgment into your sphere, then you are immune to it from outside. Once you free yourself from projected morality and ethics, you can find your own and live by that code. Strip off the layers of bullshit and get back to your core.

(Minor Planets: Eris, Sedna, Ixion, Haumea, Vesta, Psyche, Isis, Heracles, Bienor)

Mars and Jupiter– So for real… what do you DO with any of this? Well, if you need a distraction from the uncomfortable work in the Mercury section, how about you find yourself a reason to live? Because god knows you need one right now. Your ego has taken many hits lately, and you have experienced nothing but frustration, delay, and failure. So why don’t you just end it all? What’s the point of bothering to continue?

No? What do you mean, No?

Oh… there’s still an aggressive little spark in you, one still-burning ember, more out of stubbornness than anything else. Nurture the fuck out of it, and turn it back into a roaring fire inside your heart. Let it bring you back to life, so that you don’t end up being one of the ones raking you over the coals. There are enough demons out there to do that for you.

(Minor Planets: Varuna, 1992 QB1, Elatus, Thereus, Okyrhoe, Amycus, Nessus, Hylonome, Eros, Pandora, Niobe, Klotho, Asclepius, Iris, Hekate)

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