Psyche and Vesta into Scorpio: Trance

“Engulfment is a moment of hypnosis.” Roland Barthes

Effective Dates: November 16th, 2017- January 15th 2018 (Vesta) November 16th 2017- October 5th 2018 (Psyche)

Helios on Psyche and Vesta into Scorpio– Talk about double trouble! We have the asteroid of relationships (Psyche) synching up with the asteroid of dedication and sacrifice, both entering Scorpio together- the sign of the deepest, most raw and abiding form of intimacy… not to mention the most dangerous. I’m sure I dont have to tell you how this could spell disaster with Jupiter on the warpath in Scorpio as well, leaving no stone unturned as he seeks new sexual conquests in this sign, and Eros playing the pickup artist game in Sagittarius. Duck and cover, because this is going to be a mess, Heretics!

Neither of these asteroid Goddesses are especially well-placed in Scorpio, with Psyche going full Lorena Bobbitt at the first sign of any perceived infidelity in a relationship, and Vesta off in the corner offering blood sacrifices to Moloch or something. Well, she says she is, but she couldn’t bring herself to actually sacrifice a goat, so it’s just a plush toy and dyed corn syrup (she still feels bad about it). When they get together though? They turn into something much, much greater, and it makes for a hell of a transit!

When I was trying to nail down what exactly this meant for us, I saw it going two ways: One, where the transit manifests as a hypnotic, irresistible attraction to someone that is totally wrong for you and you know it, but cannot get away for one reason or another- You are under their spell. Now, this can go well, but nine times out of ten, it just spells disaster. Unequal relationships rarely work, and since it is taking place in Scorpio the urge will be for you to bare your soul, more than you have to anyone else, to this person who honestly doesn’t care to see your scars and true naked spirit. This won’t be enough to stop you though, oh no- see, you will see every slight rejection and attempt to let you down easy as a failure of your own ability to love enough, leading you to double down, and to try and “over-love” someone who isn’t receptive to it. You will only find yourself out of this situation after your heart is broken and you push them away for good. It spells heartbreak that you never truly get over, trust me.

The other way this could go is option Two, where you shun connections and relationships, hermiting yourself away but gaining insight that you could not have found otherwise- the distractions slipping away and becoming meaningless, like the Oracle of Delphi. The one thing that seems to be important is the realization that the Pythia was high, like all the time. She would dose on fumes, hallucinogenic gases that arose from a freak geologic event in the area, allowing her to slip through the veil and see beyond mortal ken if you believe that sort of thing. Regardless of whether or not the Oracle was gifted with prophecy by Apollo, her word was taken as gospel. You may find yourself thrust into a similar role.

With this transit you honestly don’t have much say in the matter of which you end up with, I’m afraid. You just kind of have to deal with the lot you get assigned. Of course, factors such as the placements in your own chart will make some determination, but it is entirely dependent on your circumstances. What these two have in common is that both are indicative of an ephemeral altered state where you lose your senses, or rather go overboard on them. Love too hard or see too much- either way you end up in a trance. Logic flies out the window and all you have is instinct. No matter how you look at it, this lessens you. Luckily, we have quite a bit of Capricorn influence, with Lilith, Saturn and Pluto there to keep us in line. In fact, with wardens like that, you’ll take any excuse to forget that you’re in a prison….


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