Full Moon Cancer- The Wild Hunt

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Helios on the Full Moon in Cancer– Guess what bitches? I’m not dead after all! Yes, I had one of those Dark nights of the soul, and it’s not exactly over, but that isn’t going to stop me anymore. Much to the chagrin of my enemies and haters, I LIVE- Back just in time to blow the doors off of 2018 and make an entrance for the ages.

Let’s get to it shall we? There’s much more work to be done.

 The Sun & Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune
– Okay, so diving right in; You need to draw a line in the sand for who you were last year and who you are going to be this year. This is not a gentle, slow change- this is a hard stop. You have had plenty of time to make the changes necessary to make this easy on you, but you didn’t fully take the opportunities that you were given and now you’re stuck in this mess. So how do you get out of it and soar into a better year? To figure that out, I need you to answer one simple question:

What do you want?

No, really- When it comes down to it and you are alone in the dark with your fears, insecurities and dark thoughts… What is it that you really, truly want from your life? YOU, not your partner or spouse, your parents or your boss. What is it that you want out of your life? You have to answer that, for good. No more stumbling in the dark- 2018 is going to demand clarity, focus, stamina and a will made of absolute iron. This past year has taken so much away from you, and it HURTS, I know. God, do I know- But you cannot stop to cry now, there is too much to do and too much at stake for you now. You must keep going. 

(Minor Planets used: Mors-Somnus, Teharonhiawako, Orcus, Quaoar, Amycus, Elatus, Rhiphonos, Urania, Terpsichore, Atropos, Persephone, Hybris)

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto– 
Now this Lunation is known as the Wolf Moon. Everyone always wants to go the “Lone wolf” angle, but in truth, wolves are incredibly social animals and need a pack to function. The lone ones are the ones driven from the pack, for one reason or another. For the pack’s health, and for their survival, they must be left behind. This will be the theme of this lunation, to examine your pack and decide who stays and who goes. You must become the Alpha of your own life, of your own story and your own destiny. If you have been going it alone too much yourself, shunned from your pack, it is time for you to pick yourself up and find a new pack. You may not be the Alpha in that pack, but you will belong. It will be up to you which will be more important. 

This will not be a kind moon, it will be a savage one. The Cancer full moon is always tough emotionally, as it moves into the sign we feel deeper, and our emotions are more insistent- They take us over. We feel everything more deeply, whether that is love, lust, betrayal, or loneliness. When we are hurt during this time, it sears our heart and soul- but we must not allow that pain to stop us in our tracks, or we will freeze and die to the harsh winter winds. Nature has no need for mercy, and this is never more apparent than in Capricorn season. We must not allow sentiment to cloud our vision. This year we are called to be more ruthless, more savage, and less willing to accept the unacceptable in the name of politeness. What cannot be tolerated must be destroyed, and wrongs must be stopped and avenged. Those you thought were of your pack but then stabbed you in the back must be left out in the cold. If you bring them near you, you will only get hurt again. No more being a fool. No more begging toxic people to stay, or fighting for their place in your life. Release them from your life and you release yourself from torment. Let go.

(Minor Planets used: Arawn, Praamzius, Deucalion, Ceres, Psyche, Lachesis, Achilles, Icarus, Chariklo)

Uranus and Chiron– 
Last year, you got back in tune with your emotions, with your heart (for better or for worse) and this lunation will be the culmination of that. This is a breaking point for you, when you have finally had enough of being strong and just collapse into a heap, letting out a primal scream from the depths of your soul because there is nothing else left. You feel burnt out and DONE, without seeing any reason to keep going. You’re in pain, and you don’t want to acknowledge it to give it any more power- so you just let it fester in the background, an open wound gnawing at you.

You’re still trying to seperate your emotional state from your experiences, and you’re fighting a losing battle. This is a Cancer moon after all, and it cannot just be rationalized away- You need to actually FEEL it. When you try to escape from the turmoil within you, it feels like you are being chased by wolves and are running for you life. No rest, no stopping, because if you stop then the emotions will overtake you. The longer you run, the harder it will be to face your demons. Once you finally collapse from the exhaustion and feel them gnawing, clawing and choking you, threatening to drag you down into the abyss- then and only then will you find the peace you crave. This is not the blissful stillness of restful death- no this is the anxious peace of acceptance. Once you are overtaken by your emotions then you will be faced with the question- “What now?”. In that moment of surrender, you will feel the drive, the push, the revivification that you need. Allow your emotions to swell within you, feeling them wholly and fully, and let them power you up. Use this as your fuel to overcome everything in your way. The key to surviving this Moon is to un-civilize yourself, and become the Berserker- wild and free. Take what you fear to feel into yourself and make it your armor. Fear is illusory, how could anything ever hurt you when you are living wholly centered in yourself, standing tall in your power? Do not shrink from yourself and there is nothing you cannot achieve.

(Minor Planets used: Vesta, Sappho, Pandora, Nemesis)

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