New Moon in Capricorn- Zero Hour

“Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” – Unknown

Effective Date: January 16th, 2018

Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Capricorn– Don’t panic- this Lunation is going to be intense, but it’s more of a release of pent-up pressure than anything else. Welcome to Zero Hour, or go time. With this Moon, you make a clean break from 2017 with a middle finger raised, and the new paradigm unique to this year asserts itself. This is where you really take the chance to exhale and let your past die (with a stake in its heart if you have to). You cannot progress while chained to your old thought patterns and behaviors.  After all, as the great philosopher collective known as Semisonic posited, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings’ end“. Truly, their wisdom knew no bounds.

The Sun & Moon, Venus, Mars, Chiron, and Uranus– Well, the good news is that everything is direct-All the big planets, anyway. This hasn’t happened for a good long while, and it’s a great chance to really get out there and make some big things happen. Since Uranus went direct, no doubt that you have been having some crazy new ideas come up on how to change your life, and Mars gives you that crazy edge to actually try. Now I know that for some of you, this is not exactly an inspiring prospect, as you have made bold moves in the past only to find yourself worse off than you started; If you’re not willing to roll the dice on every chance that comes your way though, what is the point of living? Go on, take that risk- just take it smarter than you did last time. Oh, and don’t risk big to avoid doing some hard, dirty work either. Only take a chance if you are doing it for the right reasons. Chiron helps here; really step back and take stock of what didn’t work, and what you learned anyway. Make a plan and do it right this time.

The good thing is that while nothing has abated on the whole sky-is-falling feeling that permeates your thoughts, there is a sense that you have moved beyond critical mass. You have a real sense that something big has shifted, that your contract has ended. You are able to move on now, so take this chance and don’t look back- but it will take some time for you to feel used to the freedom. Do not run back to what seeks to keep you in chains. You have made good progress on your bullshit, and you can move on to self-actualization if you only step up and stop obsessing over what you did wrong- Unless you have a time machine, you can’t exactly change what happened, after all. You can endeavor to make up for it however- that takes a lot more maturity and backbone anyway.

Minor Planets used: Eris, Sedna, Manwë, Pallas Athene, VestaLachesis, Circe, Icarus, Bacchus, Sphinx, Phaëthon,

Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune– So while its all well and good to say that you are free now, and can move on, you have no clue where you actually want to go or what you want to do next. Sure, you have some options and pursuits, but you don’t exactly have your heart invested in any of them if you are being honest. There’s the inevitable sense that you are waiting for something to happen; like the clouds to clear and a neon sign appearing from the heavens with your next set of orders. That’s the thing though- Free men don’t get orders. Your future is up to you to make it, and you have to pick a direction to go. It’s okay for that to scare you a bit, it isnt exactly the clarity that you crave- I get it. There is a safety in someone else making the decisions for you, and guiding you along your path. You don’t have that luxury anymore; it’s time to engage your own brain and think for yourself for once.

Minor Planets used: Lempo, Teharonhiawako, Mors-Somnus, Ceres, Juno, Rhiphonos, Hylonome, Pelion, Aphidas, Amycus, Hybris, Panacea, Asclepius, Heracles, Kassandra, Ophelia, Hidalgo, Askalaphus, Black Moon Lilith,

Jupiter and Pluto– I’ll ask you yet again: WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT OUT OF THIS LIFE? I’m doing it in all caps because you STILL can’t seem to make up your mind and answer that seemingly simple question. C’mon, it’s 2018 now and you have had MORE than enough time. You can’t hide behind the whole “Im-not-in-touch-with-myself-and-don’t-actually-know-my-own-heart” shtick that you have been singing anymore. If you truly aren’t in touch with yourself, you better get to know your heart FAST. There is no more time to wait on it. Every minute you delay that work you are robbing yourself of another minute of true happiness and satisfaction. If you are just hiding behind walls of willful ignorance, however, then the same applies- but it’s just so much sadder. You already know what you want but you aren’t willing to go after your own happiness with all of your might. That tells me what you already know- you have given up on yourself, and are willing to settle for misery, because happiness takes effort. If a little misery now, a little compromise here and there, a little more work and less play will get you where you want to be sooner, WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT?

And then, after you answer that, tell me why you don’t love yourself enough to value your best life.

Minor Planets used: Deucalion, Isis, Diana, Tantalus, Narcissus

Oh, and P.S.- Next up is Eclipse season. Hope you’re ready!

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