Centaur Spotlight: Pelion

Helios on Pelion– In this Capricorn season, with all that we have going on, it can feel at times like we are climbing a great mountain, and not getting anywhere. How close are we to the summit? Well, that I can’t answer, but let’s take a closer look at the mountain itself, and what it means for us.

The Astronomy– Pelion is a centaur that was discovered in 1998 and was named after the mountain in Thessaly where the Centaurs were said to live, most notably Chiron. Pelion’s orbit is 89.96 years and has a perihelion of 17.2706346 AU, a little bit further in than Uranus ever gets (18.28 AU), while it’s aphelion is 22.7992952 AU, just a bit further than Uranus gets (20.9 AU). Its eccentricity is 0.1379753, and an inclination of 9.34762.

The Myth– It’s a mountain. Chiron lives there. That’s… about it.

Why He Matters– Okay, so I chose this one because I thought it would be an easy one to knock out of the park. Capricorn season, Mountain centaur? Slam dunk, right? Unfortunately, much like a mountain, it is proving harder to conquer than you might think.

Pelion may not be all that important on its own, however, it is the setting for all the great ancient training montages: Heracles, Achilles, Jason, Ajax, Perseus, Patroclus, and Theseus. The great heroes of the ancient world were dropped off here to learn the ways of manhood and how to become greater than normal men. So in that regard, Pelion can represent adversity that makes us stronger, such as, I don’t know- climbing a mountain? That being said, I would absolutely equate Pelion to the type who actively seeks out dangerous situations and tries to conquer them.

As I’ve come to realize the Centaur’s role in mental health issues, how can we attribute mental health to a mountain? Well, that might be easier than you think; See, Chiron was immortal, and he avoided his brothers and sisters to instead live alone. Sure, he pursued wisdom and cosmic understanding (not exactly easy to do when you are surrounded by rowdy drunk beasts all the time), but trust me, living alone and detached from people…. it changes you. It makes you almost afraid to interact with people after long enough. You push others away until they force themselves on you, like Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only… condition that you could ascribe to Pelion. See, Chiron was half-man, and living on a mountain by yourself was, as we already explored, lonely. Stack that with the all the young heroes dropped off at this doorstep and…. well, they never outright call Chiron a pederast, but he was the iconic teacher-student model that male relationships followed in the ancient world. It had to come from somewhere, and my money is on Chiron. Now, I would say Chiron is far more of an indicator of pedophilia or pedophiliac leanings (along with Hebe and Ganymed) but Pelion is the secondary factors that allow it to fester and to have it actually acted on. One is a tendency, the other would be an opportunity.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 49036, for Pelion. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Pelion affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Aikei says:

    My Pelion is cosied up with Pluto in my 3rd house in Virgo, which is in sextile to Neptune and Mercury (the ruler of my chart). I feel like this clearly relates to the last few years of me being diagnosed and recovering from breast cancer, and what this has meant for me having to learn to speak up for myself as part of my healing, to build relationships where I feel heard and respected, and learning to assert myself, especially with my overbearing mother, who is an extremely intelligent and intimidating woman, and whose shadow I have found very challenging to emerge from! My whole life I’ve felt like I have had to fight to be heard, and I’ve attracted many bullying relationships as a result. It has been a bloody hard ‘mountain to climb’ (understatement!!!) to finally get to a place where I can live my life according to my own aspirations and dreams, without feeling stifled and bullied. Being ill has meant realising that my health depends on listening to and voicing my dreams. Also, this is interesting because I have developed a strong bond with a beautiful Virgo artist/ musician man, who has supported me all the way in my healing, is a constant supportive presence, and is helping me realise my ambitions. We both have Mars in Scorpio and understand each other deeply, as both his mother and best friend died of cancer over the last few years while I have been having treatment. There is a deep soul connection and understanding of the darker side of life between us, except he is in a 15 year long relationship, that means we are both holding back. It certainly feels like there is a mountain between us in fully communicating our feelings for each other, which are intense and unspoken. Fuck, such a huge few years… but your insights continue to be a guiding light for transformation!! Thank you Helios!!

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