Eros in Aquarius: Dr. Strange Love

“My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem. But they don’t really know me.” – Garry Shandling

Effective Dates: February 7th- March 31st 2018

Helios’ Astrological Angle on Eros in Aquarius: Bear with me guys, this one is going to be tough to write. I still struggle with Eros, and matters of the heart in general. In fact, I can only tell this story in a way that it fits in the greater narrative of the moment. You see, you may not think that Eros matters at all, seeing as how we are between eclipses, and feel like the ground has opened up under our feet. Eros moving into Aquarius only is a fragment of the whole, yet… he has a way of slipping in when we weren’t expecting him. He likes to shoot us in the back so that we can’t see him coming.

Okay, that may be true, but it was still a low blow. Let me try again.

Eros into Aquarius doesn’t want to hurt you. Truly, he doesn’t. Trouble is, he’s coming to you when you’re already hurting. You are hurting for love right now, for connection. Somewhere in your life, you are reaching out with your heart, hoping against all evidence that your love will be returned; whether this is the problematic fuckboy with a heart of gold who shows up at your doorstep at 3 am from out of state, the friend you shared a true connection with who betrayed your trust for seemingly no reason after you trusted them with everything, or the family member whose acceptance and honest love is all you have ever wanted in your life- Someone has your heart’s full attention, and it is killing you slowly.

Eros is here to break your heart. I’m so sorry.

You see, the love that you are putting out in the world… They, for one reason or another, cannot return it to you. Your heart aches for them- it clouds your thoughts, and the fantasy of completion you can’t help but focus on is stealing your attention from the now. It will feel like cutting off your own arm, but for your own good, you need to move on from them. After all, the wound is already cauterized- the pain is just in your head at this point. 

This will hurt like a bitch, I won’t lie to you- but that is no excuse to wallow in your pain and self-pity, lashing out at anyone who tries to help you. No, see that is what gets you into every other mess. This time, you’re going to be as selfish as you can be. Refuse to allow the pain that you have endured to make you bitter– be happy that you are moving on from someone who doesn’t love you rather than mourning a half-baked love. Choose your happiness and self-worth over your pain. Embrace the hard truth that they honestly don’t love you the way you loved them, and that is not a failing on you. This opens up literally everyone else on the planet who could return the love you need, rather than you focusing on the one who doesn’t.

Send them off with a smile, and walk off in the other direction. What is in front of you is so much better than what you leave behind, I swear. The trick is remaining hopeful, and loving yourself first. Manage that without wallowing in your self-pity, and I promise you that there is nothing you cannot have.

Love greatly

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One Comment

  • Leonarda says:

    Tutte le volte che scrivi un articolo è come se ci fossimo incontrati e ti racconto la mia vita quello che sto attraversando…e tutte le volte mi emoziono…
    Sono stata tradita da un’amica che era anche il mio datore di lavoro…il capo.Mi sarei tagliata un braccio per lei…ho dato il mio supporto sempre a prescindere dal suo comportamento…
    É verissimo quello che scrivi… aspetto che faccia un passo…l’ho già perdonata…
    vedi la compassione di un pesce..
    Non l’ha fatto il passo quando sono andata via dal lavoro…figuriamoci adesso…
    É dura la delusione ti lacera…, eppure so’ benissimo che devo lasciare andare e andare avanti…
    Grazie Helios delle tue magiche letture…potresti anche chiamarti alias Merlino…Mago Merlino..
    Saluti dall’Italia…Leonarda

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