Mercury & Venus into Aries: Love on the Run

Effective Dates: March 7th- May 14th (Mercury; Retrograde dates March 23rd-April 12th) March 7th- April 1st (Venus)

Helios on Mercury and Venus moving into Aries together– Right, I’m currently writing this from a place of hurt, frustration, and pain. That’s going to be coloring my take on the future, and I can’t help that; It’s also making me incredibly curt, and I don’t feel like giving a clever intro this time. Sorry. Luckily that pain gave me exactly the insight I needed to understand what this transit is trying to tell us.

The old, crusty astrologers of the past labeled Venus in Aries as a “malefic”, or negative position. Personally, I think it is high time to reject that idea and the veneration of the elders as these untouchable paragons of wisdom. In their day, women were expected to be married off and have children- ideas of independence and views of women as more than just objects would have been unheard of to them, except in extremely rare situations. They venerated the feminine ruler Venus in the passive, peacemaking sign of Libra and denounced the aggressive, passionate side of Aries.  They were smart for their time, but this is the 21st century now- We can start celebrating the feminine when she shows up as a badass instead of a pretty face. 

While Venus in Aries can be considered a selfish placement, what in the hell is wrong with being selfish? I am sure that you know exactly how bad it can go if you put everyone you love in your life above yourself- You end up alone, miserable and with no way to take care of yourself. In fact, during Venus’ trip through Pisces, you have seen how the people in your life can be malicious and manipulative towards you, even if they have the best of intentions. The knowledge will crush you, and hang like a noose from your neck, as you start to see just how your need for acceptance, for love, has left you open to manipulation from those who promised what you need but left you with only emptiness. This is a good thing though, as you know now exactly what your trigger is that is so visible to everyone else- it is no longer a blind spot that can be exploited. This transit is the time when you say… no, SCREAM “Enough is enough!”, cut off any and everyone that tries to steer you toward aims that are not your own, and give yourself the love and acceptance that you crave from everyone else. I know that this has been said before, and you have kind of taken it to heart for a while, but not really- this time, you really understand this concept, and it just clicks for you. You’re ready to make a change, for good.

Helping you with that is Mercury, who, as you can see, will be retrograding. I will warn you now, his retrograde will be in Aries, and that will be a chaotic transit for you. You probably have been feeling it for the last few weeks, honestly- his Shadow looms largest when he’s being a dramatic edgelord and going retrograde. While this would normally be concerning, you really need this chaos to happen; You have been stuck in a rut, and are slowly atrophying. Your life is suffering because you are not living it anymore– you are hiding away so that you don’t have to face anything dangerous or unpleasant. Well, buckle up buttercup, because unpleasantness will be dropping itself on your doorstep. It will be up to you to manage the shocks and revelations that pick you up, turn you on your head and drop you out of your comfort zone.

Mercury Retrograde is going to help you to stop putting up with the bullshit that you have let go for far too long (look to the house you have Aries for more on that!) and fair warning- you WILL snap. This transit will push you to your breaking point if you haven’t already reached it. Know this- you don’t owe anyone an interaction (unless it’s your bank, you might owe them…) and if you are feeling pressured by having to “keep up appearances” aka being fake, that facade will break now. There will be repercussions, but right now you need to focus on yourself. Do not be selfish, but be self-centered. For god’s sakes, stand the fuck up for yourself now- do not allow any disrespect to be brought on your name, because at the end of the day all we have is our reputations and what we stood up for.

Stand for something. Might as well make it yourself.

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